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The History of the Council of DawnEdit


The Council of Dawn began shortly after the Rise of the Horde occurred on Draenor. The mighty druid, Belgoran, received word from Ysera that a terrible evil would be approaching. Honored that he himself was selected to see this vision, he immediately set to work trying to find willing heroes to stem off this vile scourge that threatened the whole of the world. Joined by one of his bretheren, the rogue Ladelindrea, the pair began recruiting more and more of their kin. Nearer to this time, the horde invaded Azeroth setting into motion events which not even the Gods could comprehend. It was at this time that the great dragon aspect appeared before Belgoran again advising him to seek out those that were not of his kin, as the many races of Azeroth possess their own strengths and weaknesses.

Using his skills of stealth, Belgoran was able to gain access to the Eastern Kingdoms through the Steamwheedle Cartel's shipping lanes. Once in the eastern kingdoms, he began searching for those he had seen in the visions. As time passed, all those he had been shown joined him, save for one. A black haired dwarf. One who's eyes shone with the slightest touch of red.

Travelling to the Thelsamar in the north, the druid travelled through the mountains and into the Badlands, where he discovered he was being hunted. Slinking up to the top of a rocky promonitory, Belgoran patiently waited to catch a glimpse of his would-be attacker. Red eyes Red eyes glowed back at him softly from away in the distance. The druid had discovered his quarry.

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