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Backstory Edit

Rakanu was born in the wilderness of Feralas, into a tribeless family of herbalists. He was never given a last name because of this. From a young age, his father told Rakanu tales of the mighty Tauren and their battles against the centaur. Rakanu was fascinated, and from then on he knew he didn't want to simply pick flowers for the rest of his life. A year before Rakanu reached adulthood, he left his home and family in Feralas to pursue his own path of life.

He traveled to the Barrens, and stumbled into a budding druidic tribe known as the Wildmane Tribe. Growing up in the wilderness, accustomed with his own racial instincts, Rakanu had a close connection with nature and was fascinated by the arts of druidism. The Wildmane Tribe took him in as one of their own, and he began his druidic training, taking up the Wildmane name as a consequence. By age 26 he had reached an exceptional level in druidism and was made an official druid for the Wildmane Tribe.

As an effect, when Cairne Bloodhoof and his people reached the Wildmane Tribe about their new allies and their plans of taking back Mulgore from the centaur, Rakanu left for battle. When all was over and Mulgore was back in the hands of the Tauren, Rakanu had proven himself an excellent druid and warrior. He then helped to build Thunderbluff to the marvel it is today, and felt he had accomplished what he was meant to do.

He then traveled back to his homeland of Feralas to tell his birth parents of his success, and if they wanted to, bring them to Thunderbluff. However, upon arrival he found the ruins of his former home burnt to the ground as well as a pendant of the newly formed Alliance. He thought he knew what happened, and then when he found out of the new Alliance stronghold in Feralas, he knew for sure.

Furious he was, just as well as vocal about his hate towards the Alliance. However, upon his return to Thunderbluff and the Wildmane Tribe, some of the elders didn't like how hateful he was towards the Alliance and its members. As much as they knew the Horde and the Alliance had their differences and conflicts, it was still a life that Rakanu was willing to take so unhesitantly. They warned him of this, and he listened for a time, but it was ultimately that burning hatred deep down that led up to him leaving the Wildmane Tribe.

At the age of 30 he left Thunderbluff to live in Orgrimmar where hatreds towards the Alliance were better tolerated. It is there where he learned the ways of alchemy and how he could take something nature had given him, such as a plant, and turn it into something he could use to aid himself. Sometimes more effectively than just druidism.

And now at the age of 32, he headed back to the lands of Mulgore and Thunderbluff after hearing of a new military force of his own people that were preparing for war with the Alliance, eager to join their ranks.

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