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AllianceNPC 32Rainwen Val'arro
Title Angel of <Chained Angels>
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Level 80
Character class Hunter
Position Trainer. Skinning, Leatherworking
Location Unknown
Status Currently alive, doing her best for the guild she is in and the Alliance.
Relative(s) AutumnRei Valtarro (druidic sister, currently in Teldrassil)

General Info Edit

Appearance Edit

A Kal'dorei, slender yet with a muscular build, pale skinned with long violet hair, which may or may not be up in a half pony tail, depending on her mood. Her facial tatooing would appear to be two long streaks over both of her eyes, which would glow regardless of time of day.

Personality Edit

Oft times, she would be quiet, studying those around her with interest. Being a hunter, she has gotten use to being called many names, though some have done more harm then what she cares to admit. Once gained as a friend though, this huntress is quick to help in any situation, finding such tasks to be a break from the norm.. which for her is being alone.

Background Edit

Family Edit


Rain and Autumn's father is Garanthir Val'tarro, an elder night elf druid and their mother is Reinas Val'tarro, who is also a druid. Both perished with the recent scourge invasion.


AutumnRei Val'tarro - Once a healer, this druid was called to change her path and follow the Feral way of the Wilds. Ever since, she is often seen fighting along side companions in feline form, or protecting them much like a mother bear would her cubs.

Miajasmine Val'tarro - A quiet, reserved Priestess of Elune, Mia has not been seen in a long time, and is feared to have perished with the recent scourge invasion, along with their parents.

Norrathian ExilesEdit

A guild given to Rain when the leader at the time was unable to fulfill her guild commitments. Rain had done her best to keep it going, but after a rash of guild members leaving for more popular guilds, she decided it was time to hang up her hat, and look elsewhere herself.

Chained AngelsEdit

Since Norrathian Exiles, Rain, Autumn, and a few loyal friends have joined forces with Chained Angels, lead currently by Akini. In there, the night elves and their companions were accepted with open arms into the raucous and rowdiness of every day guild life, and have been loving it ever since.

Early Childhood Edit

The Druid and The CatEdit

At a very young age, Rainwen knew she was different from her family. As daughters to druids, Rain and her sister, AutumnRei, left Teldrassil for the Moonglade, and learned about the ways of Malfurion and his mentor, Cenarius. How ever, as her sister was diligent in her lessons, the younger night elf would grow bored, and wander off, seeking instead the small woodland creatures that called the Moonglade as their home. The young night elf's lunch would always be offered to the rabbits of the glade, and after the usual moontime dissappearence, Autumn would find Rain asleep with some small creature curled up against her.

It would only be a chance meeting with the Great Cat Spirit, residing on the southern shores of Lake E'lunara, that would forge the child's being into what she is today. As the night elf sat on the shores, looking across the lake with a fluffy rabbit in her lap, her back was pushed softly. Startled, the green haired elf turned and looked into and through the spirits' eyes. She sat there, half turned and transfixed onto the eyes of Cat Spirit until the incarnate gave her another more noticeable nudge on her arm. The rabbit bounced off of Rain's lap when she slowly moved to stand, and the Cat Spirit, seemingly satisfied, turned and slowly walked off, with Rain curiously following its' tail.

The Cat and the BeastEdit

Down to the deeper sections of the Glade, the Cat Spirit would lead the night elf to the body of a battered beast. An arrow through a broken leathered wing, the small beast screeched in fear of the night elf, backing it's rat like shape as best as it could. Kneeling down, Rain felt tears welling up and spilling past her eyelids as she leaned forward, and offered her hand, palm up, to the beast. Fearing a strike, the beast lunged for her hand, biting down on the finger tips of the night elf, but slowly let go when the elf made no move to pull her hand away, and made no attempt to swing her free hand at his head.

'Talah dorini..' Rain whispered softly to the brokened beast, and them smiled as the rat like creature licked the wounds he had inflicted onto her. She slowly withdrew her hand and patted the Great Cat Spirit. "Please, stay here. I will be right back." and the small elf would run all the way from behind the Stormrage Barrow Dens to Nighthaven, where she gathered a few of her own linen shirts, two bowls, and some apples before returning as fast as her legs could carry her.

Using her own shirts as bandages, a bowl for water for the beast to drink from, apples for him to eat, and the other bowl was used for washing his wounds, the night elf became inseperable with her new beastly friend, and over the next several weeks, the young elf did her best to heal him.

The Beast and The TeacherEdit

Gripping the beast under his clawed feet, the young elf tossed him into the air, laughing brightly and chasing underneath as the beast tried to regain his flying strength, to enthralled has she been with her charge, she had no idea she was being watched that day until a thunderous yet gentle voice spoke out. "What do we have here, thero'shan?" Keeper Remulos slowly approached Rain and her beast, with a very nervous Autumn trailing behind him.

"H-he was injured, Keeper." She stammered out as the startled beast landed in her arms. "Great Cat lead me to him, please do..." not hurt him.. Feeling the fear of his friend, the beast moved from her arms to her shoulder, and hissed fiercely at the approaching Keeper.

Remulos smiled, and held out a woodened taloned hand and simply said. "There is someone I want you to meet, young hunter.. Come along, and bring your friend. He will not be harmed in Nighthaven."

The Present Edit


Fighting CompanionsEdit


Her beloved warp stalker, Tribble, who she had gotten with quite a few of her friends help. Tribble was once named Gezzarak the Huntress, which she had gotten in the Skettis area of Terokkar Forest. Rainwen was often seen with a warp stalker, either white or green, as this beast had become her favorite pet to be with.


A white core hound she had gotten in the Stillpine Hold of Azuremyst Isle.


A violet purple wasp. She has yet to name this pet, not finding a particular name that fits her beastly friend. She obtained this fighting companion in the Sholazar Basin, near the Skyreach Pillar.

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