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Realm: {{{name}}}
Ruleset: [[{{{ruleset}}}]]
Region: {{{region}}}
Language: {{{language}}}
Time zone: {{{timezone}}}
Date opened: {{{opened}}}

Battlegroup [[Battlegroup:{{{battlegroup}}}|{{{battlegroup}}}]] {{Battlegroup_{{{battlegroup}}}}}

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Notes Edit

  • For a usage example, see User:Rahskala/Sandbox.
    • Battlegroup should be in the format "US 10" or "EU 5". Battlegroup regions are US, EU, CN, and KR.
  • Development/deployment is on hold until the MediaWiki 1.7 upgrade.
  • This is still very much a WIP. Suggestions welcome.
  • Style information (i.e. class="infobox") should be added to the theme instead of being hard-coded inline like this, so that it won't look awful in themes other than the default.

Todo Edit

  • If the ParserFunctions extension were installed, this template could be made much more flexible in terms of optional parameters, so that you wouldn't always have to specify language for example. (anything outside Europe could be determined based on the region)

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