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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Future expansion and race ideas Edit

Azeroth New World Map


Expansion Edit

The Emerald Dream/Great Sea 78-90 for both

New Races Edit

Horde: Goblins and Ogres

Alliance: Pandaren and Drakonid of the Red Dragonflight

Nuetral Factions Edit

Wildhammer Scouts: Wildhammer Dwarves who accedentally went through the newly opened Portal in Hinterlands.

Thistlefur refugees: Upon opening of the portal in Ashenvale and the sudden wave of Green Dragonkin that arrived a small band of Furbolgs of the Thistlefur Tribe escaped into the portal and made a basecamp on the other side, tucked into the hills so the corrupted Dragonkin wouldn't be able to find them.

Zanda'atal : "Zandalar Devoted" Is the faction of Trolls residing in Zulzadar. They are currently at war with the "New Cartel" because the New cartel is destroying precious rescources on Zandalar. You may pick between these two factions much like Aldor and Scryer. However you are allowed 2 Switches per character provided by 2 spies in either factions capital.

The New Cartel: Steemwheedle cartel has moved to the great sea. with a base on the goblin island of Kezan, and have a strong influence over what goes on in Undermine. The New Cartel is at war with the "Zandalar Devoted" and "The Venture Co." over supplies.

The Watchers: Cenarius' children known as "The Watchers" Protect Hyjal and the world tree with thier capital at the peak of Hyjal surrounding the world tree. They are much like the Shat'ar and Kirin'tor in previuos expanions. They have a daily to defend teh tree from waves of "Nightmares" that attack the edge of the city every hour on the hour. Malfurion Stormrage and Cenarius Watch over the capital.

New Zones Edit

Hyjal( EDK ): 78-82 This is where the Ashenvale portal will take you. Right as you enter there will be a road on your left taking you tward The watchers capital and one on your left into the mountains leading you to the Thisltefur Refugee's camp. The Capital is called "Emerald Sanctuary" named after the Felwood camp there are portals here to Shatrah, Dalaran, Kezan, Zandalar, and all the capitals. There is also a portal which realm players unlock that takes them to the Nightmare grounds after completing SEVERAL series of quests involving Hyjal, the Chamber of Gal'druun and the thick wilds. He who completes the quests first will be given the title "of the dream" and he who completes it second will be called "of the Sanctuary" all those who complete it afterward will get an Acheivement "Emerald Hero" worth 100 achevement points. The portal is the ONLY WAY INTO the northern most nightmare grounds where the raid is. Upon someone acheiveing it BOTH factions may use it.

Grand Basin( EDK ):80-84 This is the zone of the new Horde Only faction of "First Tauren" They have set up a large wall around what is now the barrens. They quickly allied with the horde and we're immediately impressed by their strength and joined them. This zone is thick with Quillboar and has 1 instance "Razorfen Cavern" the predecessor of Kraul and Downs. Final boss is Agamaggan level 83 elite and GOD of the Quillboar.

Jaharad desert: ( EDK ) 81-85 This is where the evil Qiraj have their foothold in the emerald dream. Many belive they are summoning another Old God into the Dream in their new land. Two instances are featured in this zone. "New Qiraj" Final boss is "Ossirian" has been reborn in the dream and is now leading the assault on the Qiraj's mortal enemies Dragons. Ysera resides here leading assaults on the city. the second is the first 90 raid it is 10 man and has a 25 man version and a 40 man version. this will be where you get tier 10, 10.25 and 10.75 it will be called "Chamber of Gal'druun" Gal'Druun will be the 3rd Old god released into the world. This raid is setup onyxia style with only 4 or 5 trash pulls then 1 HUGE boss fight with around 9 or 10 items dropping per kill in the 25 man version. The Farelas Portal will take you here.

Nightmare Grounds( EDEK ): 88-90 This is where the nightmare originated and has so far made it to roughly The plaguelands,Hillsbrad,Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine or at least there Emerald Dream Counterparts. There is 1 raid here and it is where you get your tier 11, "Sleeping Halls" Has around 6 bosses in an almost Kara format lots of widing passages and medieval looking halls. the first boss is indeed the Headless Horseman. But he is MUCH TOUGHER than on azeroth. he drops tier 11 chests and bracers. The final boss will be named "TRUE NIGHTMARE" he will be elemental, surrounded by 92 elite "Nightmare orbs" and immune to damaging spells and attacks unless you have destroyed an orb within the last 10 seconds, orbs spawn at a rate of about 1 per 30 seconds and the boss upon being pulled summons 10. The orbs do not attack and can only be hit by a Critical hit. Each orb has only 1k health however.

Thick Wilds ( EDEK ): 87-89 This is where the Hinterlands Portal takes you. This is where the Wildhammer Scouts reside. Along with the alliance only faction of "Feral" a faction of Night elves that reside there. Mostly Druids and hunters they have entered the dream and arrived there with the intention of learning recording and retrieving samples of Flora and Fauna.

Flaming pass ( EDEK ): 86-89 this is the Emerald dream counterpart of Searing gorge and Burning Steppes this is where the red dragonkin have set up a foothold here. There is 1 instance here "Blackrock Valey" In the valley and quests relating to it it is explained that the Emerald Dream is always trying to copy the real world and things that come to power there in 5 or 10 years will attempt to come true here. 10 years ago Ragnaros was accendentaly summoned into the world. Because the Dark Irons do not exist in the Dream a corrupted band of the Red Flight is attempting to bring Ragnaros to the elemental plane and create a copy of Blackrick. The final boss is a corrupted red dragon named Falaenas who is attempting to summon ragnaros into the dream.

Great Swamp ( EDEK ): 83-86 The counter part of the wetlands. a vast swamp that stretches from the Wetlands across the east coast all the way down to the Blasted lands and into Stanglethorn in a Long crescent. It It is full of exotic cratures. Much like Un'goro crater, There is one notable encounter here. Where sunken temple is there is an outdoor encounter with "The Creature" the lake is solid black by the powers of the nightmare. He is an outdoor raid boss that 10 tier 10 people should be able to kill with minimal issues.

Great Woods ( EDEK ): 83-86 The counter part of Dun morough in the emerald dream is not cold in fact the climate is much like Elwyyn Forest today. It stretches down from Dun morough all the way to Duskwood, and up into redridge area and south to Deadwind. The Duskwood portal takes you to the southern end of this zone.

Zandalar( GS ): 78-81 This is the home island of the trolls. The boats locations connected to this islands are, Sen'jin village (Requires 70 to take boat.), The Ghostlands (also 70) and Stranglethorn Vale (up near Grom'gol)(also 70) one of the 2 capitals is here Zulzadar. This city is raidable by New Cartel aligned players and the Final boss is King Rastakhan Killing him will permanently align players with the New Cartel also giving them 10000 rep with the New Cartel. First players on Server to beat him will be rewarded with the title "of the Cartel".

Kezan ( GS ): 78-81 This is the home island of the goblins. Boat locations connected to it are in, Ratchet (requires 70) Booty Bay (requires 70) Westfall (Requires 70) and Steemwheedle Port in Tanaris (also 70) The island is host to one of the 2 new capitals, Undermine. Undermine is raidable by those aligned with the "Zanda'atal" and the final boss of this town is Trade Prince Steemwheedle and Trade Prince Gadgetzan. Killing them in thier encounter will permanently align the player with The "Zanda'atal" and the first group of players to do so will be given the title "Hero of Zandalar, (name)". 10000 rep with Zanda'atal will be given to everyone who kills them both.

Plunder Isle: 80-83 This islands boat is in the Bloodsail compound north of booty bay. Here is the entrance to one of the 3 new Battlegrounds. Bloodsail alinged people will now be able to fight alongside other bloodsail admirals in Destroyers (Vehicles that travel on water)... I'll talk more about this in new Battlegrounds. The enitre island is 2 zones Bloodsail Port and a small amount of jungle on the northern end. At teh center of the port is the Inn... mostly a giant tavern.

Tel Abim: 87-90 Island of the unknown. not anymore. 1 boat here from each oceanic capital the whole island is one big jungle with just "Tel abim jungle" to discover. it is filled with uniqe animals, they all live off the one staple of the land Bananas. Twilights hammer has a small camp in the very center of the island and both the alliance and horde have outposts with FP on the north ends, east and west respectively. one instance to go UNDER Tel abim into "Deep Ruins" to thwart teh Twilights hammer cultists there 86-89 final boss is Twilight General (name)

Pandaria:1-30 Capital of the Pandaren this is an Alliance only island, one of 2. Including Kul Tiras. It is where the pandaren start range its just one giant city. with a faction. they give dailies to stop the invading Vyrkul who have sailed south from northrend onto their island and invade every hour on the Half hour. There are 2 boats 1 to Kul Tiras and one to Theramore.

Kul Tiras: 80-85 after the new horde's assault of Kul'Tiras at the end of the third war left the city in ruins. AFter years of rebuilding they have re opened thier servaces to the alliance. however not all horde forces have left the island. And the Kul Tiras navy ( a faction ) will give you dalies to kill off remaining horde forces on the south east end of the island.

Nazjatar: 86-90 Naga capital on the north end. to get here players must take a 1 way flight and grab the FP they get the flight in their Sea Capital. Must be honored plus to make the flight. Final Tier dropping raid of this expansion is on this island. The Final Boss is Queen Azshara and she would drop tier 12.

Broken Isles:83-86 This is a series of islands similar in shape to the Echo isles. on teh large island on the Southwest lies the only instance in this zone, Tomb of Sargeras, it is mostly Demons Naga and the occasional Orc. Final Boss being "Spirit of Gul'dan" who will summon several "Gaurdians of the Eye" at a time and while the gaurdians are up Spirit of Gul'dan will cast DoTs and shadowbolts at random raid members.

Accessing the Dream and Sea Edit

To access the dream one must meet the following criteria level 70+ has to have killed one of the dragons of nightmare in the last 48 hours. and must have gone through the portal in Farelas, Ashenvale,Duskwood, or The Hinterlands. from there you may do as much as you wish there and attempt to kill anything you wish. To get to the Sea. you must be 70+ and must be friendly or above with at least 2 of these, Bloodsail Buccaneers, Booty bay, Sen'jin Village, Stormwind, Silvermoon, Gadgetzan or Gnomeregan. for each of those factions controlls at least 1 major dock.



1st BG. Zanda'atal and New Cartel are warring over the rescources of the "Death Run" its a team deathmatch with 20 Zandala'atal and 20 New Cartel members. in a thin valley with an open area on either end. if the game goes for over 10 minutes Steath, Feign death , Bubbles , vanish , invunerablity shadowmeld and other effects that make you unseeable not easily findable and invinceble will be disactivated. and TRACK abilities will be turned on and all damage done will be increased by 10%. Horde and allaince on the same team will be able to communicate in "Sub-Goblin" if aligned with new cartel and "Sub-Zandalar" if on the Zanda'atal

2nd BG is a 5v5v5v5 Horde BLoodsail ALliance Boodsail Alliance Steemwheedle and horde steemwheedle will be pitted against each other on a small cahin of islands with 4 islands all leading to 1 main island where they will do battle. first dealing with the other faciton ALliance and horde and THEN Dealing with opposite steemwheedle cartel and Bloosail troops.

New Race StartupsEdit


   Goblins: Thrall has finally managed to convince the Trade Princes to send troops into the war.BOOM!  For better or worse...
        Goblin (warriors, Priests, Warlocks, mages, rouges and Death Knights) will now fight alongside their horde allies. 
        Racial mount: War Turtle; Blue Grey Green, and Great War Turtle Green Blue Grey. 
        Racial abilities: Greed is good; Increases cash gained from quests by 5%. Dagger Specialization; increased skill with daggers. Mining Proficiency; +5 skill if you pick up mining. Engineering Proficiency; +5 skill if you pick up engineering.
        Where they start?: All goblins will start at level 1 inside a sealed zone behind booty bay in the moutnains by the time they leave that zone they should be 35 and ready to fight in STV.
    Ogres: Stonemaul join horde now. Old leader dead we want fight! 
         Ogre (Mages, Hunters, Shamans, Warriors, Death Kngihts, and Warlocks) are now with the horde!
         Racial Mount: War Bears; Brown Black and White. Great War bear Black, Grey , Red.
         Racial Abilities: 2h weopon Proficiency; increased skill with 2h weopons. Oooh colorful; Fire damage done increased by 3% Toughness; Stuns Fears and Slows last 3/4 normal time. You Make Me Angry!; click for 10 sec immune to fear +20% damage done and x2 damage taken.
         Where they start?: All Ogres will start in the mountains north of Brakenwall Village at 1 by the time they leave they should be 35 and ready to fight in dustwallow!


     Pandaren: "May the Shodo Pan guide you!
          Pandaren (Rouges, Warriors, Shamans, and Death Knights) are ready and waiting.   
          Racial Mount: Plainstriders
          Racial abilites: Gemcutting proficiency; +5 skill if you pickup gemcutting. All natural; +3% nature damage. Swords proficiency; increased skill with swords. Dual Wield Master; all pandarens can dual wield even weopons for only main hand can be used in off hand and there is no penalty for dual wielding.
          Where they start?: on Pandari of course they should level to 35 on the island before being sent on a boat to Theramore. Where they may fight for the Alliance.

     Drakonid: The red dragonflight has taken enough of the horde. especially after the happenings of the 2nd war. However much the red dragonflight wished to take revenge on the horde Alexstrasza wished to remain neutral. Secretly the Dragonflight sent around 200 drakonids to aid the aliance. When Alexstrasza found out she was furious. But after the drakonids were securely planted in the Alliance military she felt it wrong to remove them entirely. So she allowed it to contniue but put a max on how many Drakonids could aid the alliance however the number just keeps rising.
          Drakonid (Warriors, Mages , Priests, Shamans, Paladins, Hunter, and Death Knight)
          Racial mount:  Drakeadon Whelp; Red orange yellow. War Drakeadon Whelp; Red Green Bronze.
          Racial Abilities: Life Gaurd; Heal over time 20% of total health over 30 sec and regenerates 10% of mana over 60 sec. Red Baron; fire damage has a 10% chance to heal the Drakonid for 5% of health. Fire resistance; plus 10 fire resistance. Flame Breath; Shoots fire in a cone in front of the drakonid dealing X damage where X = 10% of targets Base health and burning doing Y damage over 15 sec where Y=15% of targets health. 10min CD.
          Where they start?: Red Drakonids will start in Grim Batol tucked away in the mountains behind grim batol to be exact. There they will level up to around 35 so they may do battle in Arathi. However the Red Dragonflight will not admit the draknoids are there troops so SOME red dragons may still be hostile especially the Dragonmaw's slaves.

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