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[[Auchindoun]] ([[Auchenai Crypts]]{{·}} [[Mana-Tombs]]{{·}} [[Sethekk Halls]]{{·}} [[Shadow Labyrinth]]){{·}} [[Coilfang Reservoir]] ([[Slave Pens]]{{·}} [[Steamvault]]{{·}} [[Underbog]]){{·}} [[Hellfire Citadel]] ([[Blood Furnace]]{{·}} [[Hellfire Ramparts]]{{·}} [[Shattered Halls]]){{·}} [[Tempest Keep]] ([[Arcatraz]]{{·}} [[Botanica]]{{·}} [[Mechanar]])
'''[[Auchindoun]]''' ([[Auchenai Crypts]]{{·}} [[Mana-Tombs]]{{·}} [[Sethekk Halls]]{{·}} [[Shadow Labyrinth]]){{·}} '''[[Coilfang Reservoir]]''' ([[Slave Pens]]{{·}} [[Steamvault]]{{·}} [[Underbog]]){{·}} '''[[Hellfire Citadel]]''' ([[Blood Furnace]]{{·}} [[Hellfire Ramparts]]{{·}} [[Shattered Halls]]){{·}} '''[[Tempest Keep]]''' ([[Arcatraz]]{{·}} [[Botanica]]{{·}} [[Mechanar]])
Raids: [[Black Temple]]{{·}} [[Serpentshrine Cavern]]{{·}} [[Gruul's Lair]]{{·}} [[Magtheridon's Lair]]{{·}} [[Eye (Tempest Keep)|The Eye]]
'''Raids:''' [[Black Temple]]{{·}} [[Serpentshrine Cavern]]{{·}} [[Gruul's Lair]]{{·}} [[Magtheridon's Lair]]{{·}} [[Eye (Tempest Keep)|The Eye]]

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Auchindoun (Auchenai Crypts · Mana-Tombs · Sethekk Halls · Shadow Labyrinth) · Coilfang Reservoir (Slave Pens · Steamvault · Underbog) · Hellfire Citadel (Blood Furnace · Hellfire Ramparts · Shattered Halls) · Tempest Keep (Arcatraz · Botanica · Mechanar)

Raids: Black Temple · Serpentshrine Cavern · Gruul's Lair · Magtheridon's Lair · The Eye

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