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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

IconLarge Undead Male Current Quinn' Tonstern

IconLarge BloodElf Male Past Quentin Mondale IconLarge Warlock Advanced Necromancer

Chapter One: Quentin Mondale, High Elven MageEdit

Quinn&#039;Tonstern Alive

Quentin Mondale defended Dalaran before its destruction.

Quentin Mondale was born in Silvermoon, Quel'thalas without the High Elf curse for magic. Quentin Mondale was the last born High Elf before the Night Elf Druids sent the magic-using High Elves to Quel'thalas. His parents were there before any other. He was born without the desire for magic like the other High Elves had.

He achieved renown in the First War among his Elven brothers, including the Druid Furion. When Quentin became 29, he became a mage and served the Alliance in the First War. By the end of the First War, King Terenas dubbed him, Sir Quentin of the Root, for his use of the earth.

When the Second War came, he was second in command with his own army, working with Alleria Windrunner, Rhonin, and Sylvanas Windrunner. During the Second War, Kael'thas Sunstrider gave Quentin Mondale his own army. His army was made with High Elven Archers, Priests, and others. He had such an advanced army that the Horde's leader, Thrall, thought it would be impossible to defeat. By the end of the Second War, only his friends Sylvanas Windrunner and Kael'thas Sunstrider remained.

He made new friends from the Second War due to membership in the Kirin Tor. He joined the mage guild of the Kirin Tor. While in the Kirin Tor, Antonidas, Jaina Proudmoore, and Khadgar had become his friends.

During the Third War, Quentin Mondale did not want to fight Arthas as Arthas strove toward the Sunwell, but Quentin Mondale stood his ground until he eventually retreated from battle. The Third War came along and Arthas wanted the Kirin Tor's help, but Quentin Mondale did not want to fight for the Kirin Tor, because his friend, Kel'Thuzad, betrayed the Kirin Tor and joined the Scourge. He stayed out of the war as Arthas was betraying the kingdom. Soon, Arthas invaded his homeland Quel'thalas, causing Quentin Mondale to stand ready to fight. He stood ready as Arthas breached the front gate. Quentin's army greeted Arthas' army and followed them to the Sunwell. When Arthas breached the Inner Gate and headed into the Sunwell, Quentin Mondale was there to guard it. Unexpectedly, Arthas came with Sylvanas Windrunner's spirit. Heart-recked over the thought of killing his friend, Quentin retreated, leaving his army and the golems which guarded the Sunwell. Returning to Dalarans castle, he swore to keep Antonidas and the Kirin Tor alive.

Quentin Mondale fought to defend Dalaran from Arthas, but died and was resurrected as an Advanced Necromancer. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad attacked the outer castle of Dalaran, and not even Antonidas could keep Arthas from reaching the inner castle. Quentin Mondale, keeping his word, fought to keep the Kirin Tor alive a little longer. Soon, Kel'Thuzad and Arthas met Quentin Mondale near the Book of Medivh, and Quentin Mondale attacked them. The Kirin Tor's remaining army died and Quentin Mondale was the last one remaining. Kel'thuzad remembered him, so he mercifully decided to kill Quentin Mondale peacefully like Antonidas. Kel'thuzad then would would raise his friend, Quentin Mondale, for the Scourge. Using the Book of Medivh, Kel'Thuzad resurrected Quentin Mondale as an Advanced Necromancer like Kel'thuzad himself.

Chapter Two: Mindless Quentin Mondale, NecromancerEdit

Quinn&#039;Tonstern Undead

Quentin Mondale became an Advanced Necromancer who was loyal to Arthas and the Scourge.

Being arose as a Scourge, Quentin Mondale was mentally controlled by the Lich King and disliked what the Lich King commanded him to do. He went to Lordaeron's cities to defeat the remaining humans. Though he was heart broken, he was bound to the Lich King's biding. Helping Mannoroth destroy town after town, he was devastated inside, because he had to destroy his former allies.

Quentin Mondale was torn between which Scourge leaders' order to follow. Arthas called on an army to help him with the destruction of Northern Azeroth, but Tichondrius called for an army to help defeat the enemy, the Night Elves. Quentin Mondale knew that Tichondrius was more his friend than he was to Kel'Thuzad or Arthas, and knew that Tichondrius was stronger, but he knew that he would be thought of badly if he helped destroy the World Tree. He did not care about his reputation. He gathered an army ghouls, and headed to the Barrens.

Mannoroth was pleased with Quentin Mondale's military exploits in the Barrens. Quentin Mondale became general of the Windrunners, and destroyed several camps of Centaurs and Razormanes. Mannoroth then began his plan. When he was poisoning a Fountain of Life, Grom Hellscream and many other Orcs fell to the bloodlust. Grom even considered "Quentin Mondale's army to be very vigorous". Mannoroth was pleased with Quentin Mondale's cooperation with him, and decided that Quentin Mondale should be a general.

However, Arthas called for the Windrunners assistance, because the living Nerubians were attacking his camps, so Quentin Mondale went to Northrend to help Arthas. In Northrend, the Nerubian leader was Oscar Mikergan, was a considered a god. He was defeated by both Arthas and Quentin Mondale, and arose to fight for the Windrunners.

Quentin Mondale was summoned by Archimonde to fight the Blood Elves and High Elves, but he could not battle his former friends. When Archimonde died the next day, Quentin Mondale was sent to help finish of his brothers, the High Elves, and the rising power of the Blood Elves. Though he did not like the idea, he went to help defeat them. Though the Naga were helping the Blood Elves, they were not a match for Quentin Mondale. Kael'thas Sunstrider saw Quentin Mondale, and he said to him, "You betrayer, you have disgraced your brothers' names. We should have never trusted you, I, I should have never trusted you!". Sad at what his friend said, he replied "I have never wanted to betray you, I never wanted to disgrace my own name or my brothers names. I never meant to disgrace your name." He and his army left the next day, and did not fight for six months.

Chapter Three: Quinn' Tonstern, General of the WindrunnersEdit


Quentin Mondale was loyal to Sylvanas Windrunner and Varimathras as a Necromancer. At this time, he was now known as Quinn' Tonstern.

Quentin Mondale returned to find out that Arthas had deafeated the escaping Humans. Though Quentins mind wasn't flowing with the liches thoughts. The Demonic leaders of the Plaguelands told Quentin to meet them.

Later that night, he went to were the Nathrezims were. He meet Sylvanas Windrunner there, and the Dreadlords told the two what was happening. That the Lich Kings power wained and that he was losing power. The two left after wards. Quentin, now called Quinn' Tonstern,he sent some of his Necromancer brothers to "Aid" Arthas. However, Ner'Zuel soon figured out, and Arthas escaped.

Quinn' Tonstern then helped Sylvanas Windrunner with the Burning Legionist armis.

In WoWEdit

Quinn' Tonstern has left the dark ladies corrider, and has not been seen in a while. He was ordered to do official buiseness by the Dark Lady, buiseness that no one can say. It is said that Quinn might of had to head to Naxxramas to stop the armies of Arthas, but that has been Unconfirmed. Others say that Quinn was turned off, this is also Unconfirmed. Tonstern is what he is called on Wow. He has not been seen in the Dark lady Corrider for at least 8 months.

Advanced Necromancer statusEdit

Acording to the Advanced Necromancer status, Quinn' Tonstern (Fictional) might be the seconed highest of the Necromancers, but only if he really did exist. However he does not.

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