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Queldorei's Maelstrom Expansion

This page is fanfiction and its content is just the idea's of what i think would make a fantastic new expansion for World of Warcraft.


The armies of the undead have been defeated and Icecrown lies in ruin. With Arthas out of the picture tensions between the Alliance and Horde are on the rise. The Alliance holds the Horde responsible for the events that transpired at Angrathar, the Horde feel the Alliance struck the first blow by invading Undercity. Skirmishes break out throughout Azeroth and even spill into those still in Outland. But the real threat is starting to rise from the Sea.



As King Wrynn prepares Stormwind for another assult on Undercity, a Kul Tiras ship arrives bringing grave news from Boralus. The emissary explains that the island nation has fallen under Naga attack and requests Stormwinds aid. King Wrynn orders ships from Stormwind to be dispatched to reinforce the nation. Tyrande also sends support from Darnassus after hearing the Naga were the attackers.

Meanwhile the High Elves search for a new home comes to an end with the discovery of an Island just of the east coast of the Thandol Span . However the Elves dont get much time to celebrate before the Naga launch an attack on their new home.


Thrall struggles to keep tempers in check as the Horde see more frequent attacks from the Alliance. Thrall knows Jaina is doing everything she can but he must also do what he must to protect his people. Recently the Brakenwall Ogre clan has settled into their new home of Tel Abim and taken a more active role in Horde affairs, due largely in part by Rexxar's diplomacy. The Ogre's home like many other island's have fallen under seige by the Naga.

New RacesEdit

IconSmall HighElf Male AltIconSmall HighElf Female High elf

High Elves

Faction: Alliance

Faction Leader: Vereesa Windrunner

Starting Zone: Anistarian Isle level 1-13

Racial Capital: Anu'Thalas

Mount: Quel'dorei Steed

Language: Thalassian (Blood Elf language changed to Sindassian)


IconSmall Mage -High Elves may not have given into their magical addictions like the Blood Elves but their command over the Arcane is no less potent.

IconSmall Hunter -Rangers have been a part of High Elf society for as long as they can remember. Their love of nature and its creatures hasn't changed.

IconSmall Priest -Elven Priests were a major boon to the Alliance in recent wars and continue to serve them well today.

IconSmall Paladin -Though their faith in the light has been tested in recent years they have chosen to stay true to the ideals humans taught them in years past instead of taking the Blood Knight path.

IconSmall Rogue -The Elves make excellent scouts and information gatherers. Though not as physicaly powerfull as other races their skills in melee combat can not be questioned.

Racial Abilities:

Magic Resistance- Decrease chance to be hit by spells by 2%

Meditation- 3sec cast. Increase all damage by 2% for 30sec. 5min cooldown.

Bow Specialization- Increase chance to hit with bows by 2%

Power over the Mind- Instant. Decrease Mana/Energy cost of spells by 3% for 15sec. 3min Cooldown.

IconSmall Ogre MaleIconSmall Ogre Male2IconSmall Ogre Female Ogre


Faction: Horde

Faction Leader: Rexxar

Starting Zone: Tel Abim level 1-13

Racial Capital: Bloodstone Village

Mount: Hydra

Language: Ogre


IconSmall Warrior -Ogre are known for their physical strength and savagry.

IconSmall Shaman -Ogre shaman have been around since their days on Draenor and continue to hold seats of power among Ogre clans.

IconSmall Warlock -The legion brang the fel arts to Draenor and through the Orcs taught the Ogre how to use it. Still to this day those teachings are passed down to new Ogre.

IconSmall Mage -Ogre Magi have been around for awhile now and many are quick to over estimate a driven Ogre Magi.

IconSmall Hunter -Though not as swift as other races, Ogre still make excellent hunters

Racial Abilities:

Me Smash- Instant. Slams the target for 80 damage (modified by attack power), knocking them back 10 yards and dazing them for 3seconds. 3min Cooldown

Juggernaut- Instant. Increase all party member damage by 2% for 10 seconds. Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This effect shares a cooldown with other similar effects. 3min Cooldown

Fel exposure- Decrease chance to be hit by fire and shadow magic by 2%

Sticks and Stones- Expertise with Maces and two-handed maces increased by 5

New AreasEdit

Anistarian Isle (Level 1-13)

The island looks much like Quel'Danas with green medows, ivory color trees, small lakes and a few rivers. The High Elves used their magic to form the land to look much like that of their former home Quel'thalas. A few small High Elf villages and outposts lie throughout the island with their capital Anu'Thalas to the north on a small Island. The Island has recently come under Naga attack and the elves struggle to defend their new home against their ancient cousins.

Tel Abim (Level 1-13)

The Stonemaul Ogre's new home, The island is a lush with Tel Abim Bananas and its geography resembles stranglethorn vale. The Ogre have build their new home here and work on defending their fruit rich island from Naga whom want to claim the island for themselves. Bloodstone Village serves as their home city now though they maintain Brakenwall village in Dustwallow Marsh to serve as an outpost for the Horde.

Kul Tiras (Level 79-82)

Kul Tiras looks much like Hillsbrad Foothills with rolling green meadows and sparse evergreen woods. The islands capital Boralus is the last stronghold under Alliance control, It's citizens struggle to keep Naga at bay as they await reinforcements from Stormwind. The Horde have also arrived on the Island but with the intent of ending the nations hostilities towards Durutar.

Zandalar (Level 79-82)

The center of Troll civilizaiton, Zandalar has hosted many gatherings of all Trolls including those from the Jungle Troll Darkspear Tribe. Its people have maintained a magical barrier that keeps the Island from the sea, however recent Naga attacks have weakened its defenses and the Trolls struggle to keep their island from Naga hands. At the request of Vol'Jin the Horde has sent soldiers to help fend off the Naga and hopefully take a step in diplomacy with the islands King Rastakhan.

Gilneas (Level 80-83)

The Greymane Wall is both the nations pride and curse, the wall did protect the nation from the Undead armimes of the Scourge, but with no way in or out another infection quickly spread throughout the nation. Its countrymen quickly feel to the Curse of Arugal and Worgen ran rampant killing those who did not turn. Both the Alliance and the Horde have sent troops to try and contain the Worgen and claim the area for their faction.

Plunder Isle/Kazan (Level 83-86)

Home of the Blood Sail, Plunder Isle has staged an all at war with its neighboring Island Kazan, fleets of ships clash off both Islands coasts as a strugle to control the south sea's draw both the Alliance and Horde eye. Both would benefit by having allies who control that area of Azeroth.

Broken Isles (Level 83-86)

The Islands crawl with Naga forces who seem to be looking for something though no one knows just what. The islands is host to the Tomb of Sargeras, perhaps that is why the Naga swarm the area. And this is why the Horde and Alliance have forced their way onto the islands and set up strongholds. As all three forces clash a dark power builds beneath the islands waters.

Gishan Caverns (Level 85-87)

One of the few places the Naga are not present at, and with good reason. The Gishan Caverns are filled with gargantuan sea creatures as well as Fire and Water Elementals. Volcanic activity has created enormous caverns in the seafloor and the elementals clash for control.

The Maelstrom (Level 88-90)

When the Well of Eternity was destroyed the ancient city of Zin-Azshari was shattered and the majority of the city sunk to the ocean floor. The magical energies released the day of the sundering caused the city to be encased in an underwater bubble that now acts as the home city of the Naga. Here Queen Azshara commands her Naga and works to reopen a portal to Sergeras homeworld. The Alliance and Horde has established small bases here but will it be enough or is it too little too late?

New FactionsEdit

Anu'thalas: The High Elves new island Kingdom, lead by their beloved General Vereesa Windrunner.

Bloodstone Village: The massive Ogre village build on Tal Abim and ruled by the Horde hero Rexxar.

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