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Characters Edit

Character table courtesy of Fandyllic.

Status Server Faction Name Gender Race Class Level Professions Guild Mount
Active Muradin Official alliance mini-icon Zehirli M Night Elf Rogue 46 Herbalist / Alchemist Sons of Liches Striped Nightsaber

Inactive Sargeras Official alliance mini-icon Jystro M Human
IconSmall Human Male
IconSmall Mage
54 Tailor / Enchanter Flip Out Like Ninjas Chestnut Mare Horse
Inactive Kul Tiras Official horde mini-icon Kijystri F Blood Elf Warlock 21 Miner / Jewelcrafter <none> <none>
Inactive Hydraxis Official horde mini-icon Kinlyr M Tauren
IconSmall Tauren Male
IconSmall Warrior
18 Miner / Blacksmith Ragnarok <none>

Character Backgrounds Edit

Jystro Edit

My first played-out mage. I leveled him on Emerald Dream (RP-PvP) as my second major roleplaying character on that server. After I quit WoW and came back some months later, I transferred this guy to Sargeras, giving him his current name, to play with some friends from work. There, I leveled him from 32 to 54 in what is probably still the fastest leveling spree I've had in my life, as well as the longest I've been fixed on one character without touching any others. He then went idle after I started playing on Hydraxis with some school friends (which has since been changed).

Currently, he stands idle.

Kinlyr Edit

My first serious warrior. I have a few school friends playing on Hydraxis; I made him a warrior because they needed a tank in their questing groups. I played on him a little to catch him up to my friends, but server-hopping has left him in no place to be played.

Currently, he stands very idle.

Kijystri Edit

My first Blood Elf. A lot of my school friends had been, by the light, all playing on one server. My main at the time, Jystro, had been progressing quite well, but I decided to borrow some leveling time to use with my school friends while I waited to get Jystro into my coworker's guild. So I started Kijystri. I abandoned her to switch servers to Hydraxis, a new server at the time (which, again, I no longer play on).

Currently, she stands very idle.

Zehirli Edit

My first "Hey! I'm actually getting somewhere!" character. All my characters before this one stopped on or before level 20-ish. I leveled him with my good friend who leveled a hunter with me. I eventually got bored with him (I always do) and started a mage on the same server, who I later transferred and renamed Jystro (see above). My hunter friend, in the meantime, had gotten to 56 (and is now currently idle on that character). Zehirli was idle for a long time, but I recently transferred him to Muradin to play with a good RL friend who had moved away.

Currently, he is my main. I use him to party with my distant RL friend as well as a different, geographically closer one who decided to transfer his rogue to this server as well (after some financial persuasion).

Okay, so I've been playing since October '05, and I don't have a 60. I've got a serious issue with buckling down on a single character; I thought I might have escaped that fate one time when I was leveling Zehirli exclusively for a while, and another when I leveled Jystro from 32 to 54 in a matter of three weeks without so much as entering the world with another character, but it always catches up with me. I get too bored too fast, but hey, if I'm having fun on the way, I'm happy.

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