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(Some of this is just something I put into an addon, MyRolePlay, so if you don't enjoy Role Play, do not read.)

-Appearence- The collosal Tauren standing before you is nearing his older ages of the near 60's, rugged yet humble weighing 437 lbs and stands tall and proud at 7 feet 10 inches. Seldome will you find him without his fishing attire, but if you do you will find him with two axes, one carved from bone back in his mercinary days, another crafted from fine steel, enchanted with a soul rending affect, both weapons old and battered from rough use. His bow, stolen from the depths of the Icecrown Citadel, after defeating Lady Deathwhisper, which has also seen it's fair share of blood shed.

The humble Tauren riddled with multiple a scar he recieved throughout his long, and endulging life time. His eye color being brown of one eye, and the other having no color at all, with a scar cutting from his horn through his eye to his lower chin. His fur, being cut, and patches of bare skin shows through. The Tauren stands with two rings, one through his nostrils and another on his left horn, both of which had been there since his encampment.

As for his fishing attire, you will find an hold weather-beaten raggety fishing hat, and a fishing pole which he obviously holds near and dear to. On each hand he weilds two rings. He bears the Tabard of The Frostwolf Clan, after the years of mercinary work he did for them.

His arrows, crafted from Saronite found within the Pit of Saron and tipped with Ice found in Ymirhelm.

-History- Torscin's history doesn't begin when he was born, it starts months before. Torscins father had been a Grimtotem Chieften, and his mother was a Shaman. Before their village was to go at war with the Minataur his mother and father gave their parting words. During the battle Torscin's father had been slain by the Minataurs Chieften. After the battle the Minataur clan continued to the Village, before the slaughter began Torscin's mother and a few others slipt to the saftey of Thunderbluff, even though they despised it, it was either take shelter there or be slaughtered with the others. Soon after Torscins mother gave birth to him, dieing right after, not even being able to see her baby.

His mother left him with their grandmother, his grandmother had no abilities as a shaman, so she raised him as a Hunter. When Torscin was only a ten years of age, his Grandmother died of old age, leaving him alone. Torscin decided to venture out of the Bluffs, leaving his life, and the very few people he knew behind. Although Torscin was alone his this new world, he was a bright, young adventurer. Doing small quests for little Tauren Villages that were scattered around Thunderbluff.

After gaining enough combat experience he was asked to kill a wolf that had been terrorizing the Villages, the wolf was battle-hardened, it had a bloody scent about him. So Torscin then spent time preparing for his greatest hunt, one that would be spoken around the bonfires for generations. Torscin set out for 3 days, tracking the Wolf, early in the morning while Torscin was packing his supplies into the back-sack set out, no more than ten minutes he found the Wolf, but the Torscin soon change from the Predator, to Prey.

The wolf jumped from behind, jawing at his neck only missing by a few inches, Torscin drew his rifle, and began to fire, missing his first shot and then reloading quickly, his second shot pierced the wolf's shoulder, the wolf pounced on Torscin, knocking his rifle out of his hands, reaching down for his axe the wolf bit at his face leaving puncture wonds on his nose, directing all his attention to the wolf, Torscin was finally able to throw the wolf off of him, jump to his rifle, and shoot one last time, put the wolf onto the ground, welping. The wolf wasn't dead, but was dealt a mortal wound and would have surely died, but Torscin grew simpathetic for the Wolf, and the wolf peered up, as if asking for help. Torscin picked the wolf up and carried him to an opening in the tree's, bandaged his wounds and sat him down.

The pair soon grew to love eachother, and set out to the Barrens where he had heared work was to be found out there. At this point Torscin was twenty-one years of age.

Before leaving his rackety home of sticks and mud, he was approached by a Dwarf, at this point the only race he had encountered were Taurens, he was dumbfounded when the Dwarf began speaking some odd language, obviously confused Torscin began to reach for his rifle to ward the intruder away but before he got to it, the Dwarf pointed to the mountains and motioned for him to follow.

The three then ventured into the mountains, what seemed to be a diserted camp soon became an ambush, Torscin and his trusty wolf, who was earlier named Scruff, were thrown by a huge Ogre and held down by a group of Humans, Scruff was able to slip away from the Humans and before one could shoot him down, Torscin was able to kick the Human in the back of his head and kill him. The Humans pounced back upon him and held him down, the Ogre approached and dealt a deadly blow to the head, knocking him out.

When Torscin came to, he was bound by thick rope, along with a Human, another Tauren, and a Female Orc.. Torscin was confused, trying to communicate he was finally able to make contact with the Tauren, he too, did not know where they were or what was happening. After further examination, he finally realized he was in a camp. From what could be seen there were two exits, no housing besides a few tents and one cabin large enough to house ten men. In the middle of the camp prisoners were pushed into a ring area, and forced to fight eachother for their own lives.

After the first day the Tauren that Torscin talked to, began to teach him the language Common, so he could communicate with others, Torscin proved to be a quick learner, and could speak the language, but broken.. His accent was thick, as if it couldn't be broken, but he could communicate which was all he wanted. Late one evening Torscin was unbound and was rushed to the circle. He was armed with a rough bow, and with a rusty dagger which couldn't have been used for much more than spreading butter. Minutes later a burly Orc warrior was tossed into the circle, along with a Gnome mage.. The gnome was curled into a corner, freightened of the towering Tauren and Orc, the orc was armed with a two handed axe with only one blade still in tact, he took his shirt of revealing scar after scar, three noticable ones which twisted from his back, to his chest. Then gnome was unarmed, but weilded magical fireballs which stunned Torscin for he had never seen such magic.

Then a group of hunters barged in through one of the entrences of the camp, with 4 boars tied together in a line, that's when the gnome broke down and went back to his previous corner, leaving the orc and Torscin to fight off the boars. When the boars entered the arena the orc let out a battle cry, and held his axe to his chest and yelled, "Blood and Honor, friend!" Torscin not understanding what this meant, readied his bow and let out a piercing shot right into a boars head, killing it instantly, letting out a huff he reloaded the bow looking for his next target, spotting it and then all of a sudden without warning the Orc charged into the battle, axe flaying around slicing a boar's leg off, and then finishing it off with a stunning blow.. Torscin proceeded to look for his next target, spotting one boar closing in on the Gnome, Torscin let off a shot, missing by a few feet therefore leaving the Gnome helpless for a moment, the Gnome turned his head and with eye's, gives the Boar a blast of fire, knocking it away from him a good ten to fifteen yards. Leaving one boar left Torscin feels the tusks of the boar right on his tail, jumping to his right barely dodging the deadly blow, and taking a risky shot at the Boar.. Luckily hitting it right in-between the ribs. The boar falls straight on his belly, and bleeds to death.

Standing triumphant the Orc, Gnome, and Torscin group to the middle. After they exchange words, a loud trump pierces the silence like a bullet in the air.. The Dwarf yells something in another language, the Gnome traslated it into, "Bring the Dragonmaw Orcs!". When the orcs entered the arena they we're clearly geared to the teeth.. All wearing plated armor, one with a staff, glowing. Another with a bow, and a bear at his side, and the other was slightly shorter than the others, but wielding two two-handed axes, crafted by bone as it seemed. The fight begun, both Hunters firing shots at each other, Torscin taking a shot into his hip, his shot landing not on the Hunter, but his pet.. The bear gives a roar, raging forward but the Orc Warrior interveins and yells, "I got the bear, you get that hunter!", Torscin replying with an obediend huff, raises his bow a fires again. This one landing right in the orcs knee-cap. Bringing him down, the Gnome mage fires another fireball, hitting him in the chest for a final blow. The Dragonmaw Orcs then made qucik qorkd of him, the Dragonmaw Warrior, flings his axe, completely severs his waist from the rest of his little body, then makes a lunge for Torscin knocking him back, and breaking his bow in two. The orc was heavier than though, may have been the plated armor. The orc acting savage as can be, flailing his arms, yapping his jaw, and tossing dirt and mud everywhere. Torcin finally pulls his dagger out, dealing several blows to his side, and chest.. Finally the orc is silence, and the Shaman is left to fend for himself. The shaman quickly sets his totems down, one fires a ball of flame into Torscin, weak but knocks him onto his butt..

Finally the Orc Warrior fighting the bears, deals a crushing blow, and finishes it off and stares at the Orc shaman, lunging himself into the air and cleaving his head off with one slice.

After all was finished, the same Dwarf yelled again, this time we didn't know what to expect since our intellegent gnomish friend had been cut in two.

Then we finally see him, a giant Ogre with two heads, one had war paint on his face, the other had spiritual beads made out of eye-balls around his neck, one wielding a hammer, the other with a shield. The Shield seemed to be made out of a giant tourtise shell, and the hammer was a primitive, yet powerful force. A large stick, with a boulder tied to the end. The Ogre duo came in fast and strong, bashing the Orc Warrior out of the way into the ground, and the hammer swinging fast almost hitting Torscin in the ribs. The warrior makes a quick recovery and jumps to his axe, the Ogre team proceeds to charge at him but they didn't realize that Torscin had been left, un touched, so he runs to the Dragonmaw Hunters bow, and loads it quickly, dealing 3 arrows into the back of the Ogre. The giant stops, and turns around.. The shamanistic head starts rambling off a spell, which then turns the Orcish Warrior into a bloodfrenzied beast, lunging at Torscin and slicing the muscle of his right thigh, falling to the ground and letting out a rough yell, he returns to his rustied dagger and attempts to stab the Orc standing over him, but the dagger fails and bursts into pieces, the Ogres laughing.. Then within a split second, Scruff, who had followed the slavers and had been waiting for the moment to strike, jumps onto the Orc Warrior, tearing away at his throat, when all was done the Orc lay upon the blood he had spilled that day, drowing in his own blood. Torscin sighs with relief, and happy to have a true friend on his side. The Ogre team charges with a shout, lunging themselves into a frezny and thrashing at the ground with the hammer. Scruff stands back, intimidated, but with one stern look of Torscin he comes back into the fight.. Scruff lunges himself onto the Ogre duo's chest clawing that the shoulders and belly, they throw him off and make their way to Torscin, taking his time.. Loads an arrow, aims for chest, and fires for the heart.

The battle has ended, Torscin and Scruff have won. As their prize they are shoved out of the camp, smuggled into a ship and left on a remote island just off the coast of Silverpine Forest. From there he was greeted by the stench of death, and wandered around the small island, only finding a couple trees, some fruit plants, and a spot where a fisherman used in the past. After looking at Scruff, he knew he had to get off the island, so they peered into the darkness, seeing a coastline, so they cut down a tree, collected the branches and made a makeshift raft to float to the beach.


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