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AllianceNPC 32Tanavar Glaivestorm
Starcaller Propain
Title <Starcaller>
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 80
Health 26,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Darnassus

Tanavar GlaivestormEdit

Tanavar is a powerful Night Elf warrior who has played a key role in keeping Azeroth safe for centuries. From the War of the Shifting Sands, to current day battles in Ulduar, tales of Tanavar's heroic triumphs have reached even the farthest ears. He holds true to the foundation of his Kaldorei beliefs, yet accepts the younger races and yearns to teach them great things. At the same time, Tanavar is a humble Kaldorei, and realizes that he has to as much to learn as he does to teach.

Birth and Early YearsEdit

Tanavar was born 1,200 years ago in Azshara. He was born with amber eyes, and believed to hold great druidic power. However, his prowess with a blade and physical combat even at a young age could no go un-noticed. Hailing from a family of druids, his father being Ilithril Glaivestorm, Commander of the Kaldorei forces under Fandral Staghelm, it was believed that Tanavar was one with his feral spirit, and that he still draws his power from the natural forces, but prefers to enter combat wielding mighty weapons, and chose no to learn the art of shape shifting. Even the restrictions of plate armor seem to be a non issue due to Tanavars natural strength. During his training and early servitude, Tanavar formed a strong bond with a druid by the name of Kaylai Moonbreeze. Love was not the only quality these two shared, as both were natural born leaders and will one day lead their people now that immortality has passed. The two keep their relationship fairly private and never let it get in the way of their respective duties. Regardless, it is well know that Tanavar cherishes Kaylai, and would sacrifice himself if it were necessary to save her.

The 7th LegionEdit

War of the Shifting SandsEdit

Tanavar's first service in a great war was during the War of the Shifting Sands. Here, he served under the careful watch of his father and showed great promise. On a scouting mission, Tanavar and his patrol split apart from Valstann Stagelm and came across a large Silithid hive. When they failed to communicate with Valstann and his scouting party, the headstrong warrior decided to charge the hive and decimate the silithid inside. Desipite thier large numbers, the silithid were no match for the band of soldiers, and fell easily to their blades. Valstann, was not so lucky and he and his party were ambushed by General Rajaxx and waves of the insectoid menace. Tanavar continued to show great promise during the following months and grew in the ranks of the Kaldorei forces.

Battle of Grim BatolEdit

Although not part of the Alliance at this point, Fandral sent Tanavar and his trusted squad to Grim Batol to aid the Alliance in the defeat of the Dragonmaw Clan. It was here that Tanavar got his first true taste of leadership, and he and his party lead a strong Alliance force to the defeat of the orcs, and the end of their blood-lust.

The Battle for Mount HyjalEdit

After proving himself as a leader at Grim Batol, Tyrande assigned Tanavar and his forces to defend against the attacks lead by the Dreadlord Anetheron and the Pit Lord General, Azgalor. The waves of demonic and undead horde seemed like dust in the wind to the powerful Kaldorei forces, who cut through them like a hot knife. Tanavar charged eagerly at the Dreadlord, knowing that his cause was noble and Elune would bless him in battle. The two fought ferociously, yet Tanavar never lost ground. The demon may have had powerful chaotic spells, but Tanavar's ferocious attacks were overwhelming and disrupted the Dreadlords casting. FInally, Tanavar countered, shattering the demon's fel armor, cleaving him in two. Azgalor proved to be more of a challenge. He could not control the battle as with Anetheron, as Azgalor was simply physically stronger. Tanavar called upon the spirits of past Kaldorei warriors, most notably Lord Ravencrest. In a furious burst of rage that was felt by all on Hyjal that day, Tanavar splintered the Pit Lord's glaive, and sliced the demon clear across the throat, wounding him mortally. His mission, had been accomplished. Unfortunatley, Tanavar's father was called out of the Emerald Dream for the battle, and was mortally wounded during the fighting as well. After his death, Tanavar sought recluse in Feralas with is old love, Kaylai.

Conquests in OutlandEdit

Tanavar was called upon to fight the Burning Legion once more when Illidan, Kael'thas, and Lady Vashj were found hiding in Outland. Despite their powerful fel magic, the might of Tanavar and his strong-willed warriors was too much for the serpent queen and noble prince to handle. After battling through Serpentshrine Cavern and the Tempest Keep, Tanavar marched on the Black Temple, home of Illidan himself. Tanavar's forces made quick work of Illidan's lackeys, and faced the once noble night elf atop his now dark lair. Illidan was as powerful as he was mad, and caused more damage to his forces than Tanavar had ever seen. Titanic felfire elementals hurling boulders of molten rock, shadow parasites draining his comrades life forces. Yet through it all, Tanavar remained strong, knowing that his madness, his power: was his undoing. Through his wild and ferocious attacks, Tanavar caught a fault in Illidan's defenses. He kocked the half elf, half demon beast back, where he was caught in the arm by Maiev Shadowsong. Illidan recoiled in pain, and at that moment gasped, as tanavar's blade piereced his rune covered chest. After a long, intense battle atop the once holy temple, the betrayer fell and finally felt the blade of justice. Unfortunately, Kael had escaped to the Sunwell Plateau, and began working on summoning Kil'jaeden to Azeroth. Luckily, Tanavar caught the Deceiver in the middle of exiting the portal, and managed to defeat him before he was able to reach full power.

Conquests in NorthrendEdit

Dark whispers began permeating from the dpeths of the ancient Titan city, Ulduar. After Brann Bronzebeard confirmed the God of Death was behind the corruption of the great city, Tanavar set out to the Storm Peaks and began to chip away at the Old God's forces. After freeing Ulduar's keepers from his corruption, Tanavar's forces along with the combined power of the keepers, defeated the dark one, Yogg-saron. After the corrupt Loken was slain, a distress signal was sent to the Titans, and world of a celestial herald has reached Tanavar's ears. This "Algalon" heralds the end of worlds, and Tanavar's forces had no time to spare. The reply would be sent within the hour, and the forces banded together to defeat Algalon, the Observer. This was the act that dubbed Tanavar "Starcaller" by the Archmage Ronin of Dalaran, leader of the Kirin Tor. Now waiting in preparation for the battle against the might of the Scourge and the Lich King, Tanavar and his Alliance force are competing in the Trial of the Grand Crusader. Recently, their force have completed the trial and an unexpected visit from Anub'arak without being defeated by any of their monstrous challenges. This earned Tanavar's force what Tirion Fordring described as "A Tribute to Insanity," awarding Tanavar with a most noble Alliance steed, and the axe of the great warrior Anduin Lothar himself. The Lich not prepared.

Brotherhood of the HorseEdit

After competing in the Trial of the Grand Crusader, and hearing tales of Lothar and the Brotherhood, Tanavar has become inspired to reform the Brotherhood of the Horse. After the tyranny of the Lich King is ended, he will return to Azeroth and begin his search for its most powerful knights, from all corners of Azeroth.

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