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This article is a player character biography page for Vaalin of Wyrmrest Accord US created by Premier Solivoda. The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
Please make sure player character articles are named properly - see the player character articles policy.

NeutralNPC 32Vaalin (RP Name: Lucifer Morningstar II AKA Yuri Solivoda)
Angel-demon hybrid
Title Premier of the Forsaken Empire, the New Morning Star, The Dark Angel
Gender Male
Race Archangel
Level  ?? Rare Elite (Boss)
Character class Multi-class, most resembles a Paladin
Affiliation Knights of Jehovah
Position Servant of Jehovah, Premier of the Forsaken
Location Various locations in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.
Status Eternal, Killable
Relative(s) Jehovah (father, alive), Satan (Evil twin, alive)
Alignment Lawful Good (Usually), Chaotic Good (When passionate), Chaotic Neutral (When solitary), Lawful Evil (when angered), Chaotic Evil (Only when he is really REALLY pissed)

This article is fan fiction

The contents here in are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

DISCLAIMER: I Understand my stories are far from actual lore, especially considering they contain stories from worlds outside of warcraft, My Powers in story are far-fetched but are used for the entertainment of those who follow. As a treasured friend of mine once said "I do everything in my power to say, Its my story, I can do as I will. It will never be real lore, but its the entertainment that me and my friends get that counts." And those who would troll either of us, might as well silence themselves and resume their lives of fatening food and porn

Character Biography


Lucifer is a very complex individual, with no one true personality. He has shown no characteristics of his true self, assimilating himself to the environment around him. This can serve to his advantage or disadvantage, depending on the environment he resides in. However, his usual alias, Yuri Solivoda, shares the same general characteristics as the stereotypical “Russian Communist”, without the anti-religious stance. He has claimed a Russian origin in every single universe he has been to (except universes where Russians are not present), claiming that their representative religion, “Russian Orthodoxy”, is the closest to the one true faith he can ever find. Lucifer is one of the few angels curious about mortal life and society, almost to the point of an alien’s fascination with an indigenous species (which, from a certain point of view, is exactly the case). His general attitude is compassionate and fatherly to the “lesser mortals” he encounters, and when they defy him, he becomes angry and normally bullies and abuses them with little mercy. When the mortal apologizes (And they always do, he makes sure of this), Lucifer accepts their apology, hollow or not, and forgets the offense they made as if it never happened. Though he was forged completely from the original Lucifer’s good, he does have an evil side, one which is powerful, but is usually kept in check by his good side, unless the balance is disrupted by outside forces. Though he is a master of manipulation, he is not immune to being manipulated by another being. In fact, he has been manipulated many times by many creatures. When he is manipulated, his infinite will is not his own anymore, and he almost becomes a slave to the manipulator. The only being who cannot manipulate him is his brother, Satan, who has been denied access to Lucifer’s will by God Himself, unless Lucifer is hibernating or in a comatose. He can also be indirectly manipulated if his mate or closest friend is in danger, and at which point he will do anything to save him/her, even rebel against God Himself. He is also vulnerable to possession in his mortal form, but can only be possessed by the strongest of ghosts and demons. Through the corruption and sin he has commonly encountered across the Plane of Existence, Lucifer has become nearly the textbook definition of a “Badass”, making obvious of his philosophy and attitude that no one is a friend and that he “stands alone”. He has become reclusive, shady, and unwilling to associate himself with anyone except his Lord. If he has any friends, the one person he considers closest to being his friend is Jehovah, who provides loving support for him in these darkest of times. Though Jehovah tries steadfastly to restore Lucifer to his former glory, Lucifer remains unaffected. He has abandoned most of his friends and family and he has dedicated himself to achieving his own goals, no one else’s. Thankfully, he has found a loving companion named Emily, and already he is on the road to recovery, thanks to her support.

Origins and Prelude to Warcraft

Lucifer has had a rich and long history, visiting many realms, learning much along the way. It has been established that he is 14 billion years old; though records indicate that he, as the original Lucifer, is at least 33-37 billion years old. There are only 7 known specific universes which he has visited so far, however there is evidence to believe he has visited thousands more. The universes he has spent time in have always accepted God as the Almighty, and God has established His Kingdom in all of them. While Lucifer sends varied amounts of time in different universes, the deadline for full conversion of a universe is 144,000 years, after which that universe will be visited by God Himself, and the universe has one last opportunity to accept God as the Almighty. Should that universe refuse His Rule, that universe experiences the apocalypse, and is wiped from existence. Along with Lucifer’s prime directive of converting the universe to God’s Word, he must also adhere to 3 secondary objectives: forge a relationship with an indigenous female of that universe (so that he may connect to the Universe on an intimate level, giving him ease on his mission), achieve a high ranking position in that universe’s society (allowing him to command the Universe, and direct it into the path of God), and gain many loyal friends and allies (To assist him in converting the Universe to God’s rule). According to the most recent records of his journey, Lucifer has never failed in converting a universe to God, no matter how long it took.

War in Heaven and the Great Schism

Billions of years ago, before reality as we know it existed, there was only Heaven and God, and His angelic servants. However, one servant, named Lucifer, who was God’s most favorite angel, had a dark ambition to take over Heaven and rule existence as if he was God. In order to achieve this goal, Lucifer began a rebellion against God which would be known as the War in Heaven. For this trespass against God, Lucifer was split into 2 entities: One made of pure good who would continue to serve as God’s favorite angel under the name “Lucifer II”, and one made of pure evil, who would be dubbed “Satan”. Lucifer II proceeded to battle his “brother”, per request from God, for what seemed like a century, and ultimately won at the end. After the victory, Lucifer II sent him to Hell upon the orders of God, where he would live out the rest of his immortal life as ruler of the damned. For Lucifer’s deeds, God has judged him as more than just an angel, but a holy emissary with which God could spread His Divine Word across the Plane of Existence. So, God granted Lucifer his freedom, as long as he spread God’s Word to all existence.

Interstellar Armageddon Universe

Lucifer came to this universe as his true form of an angel, and he appeared before the Premier of a dying Soviet Union and told him that there was hope for the USSR. He took over the Soviet Union and Christianized it, giving it the blessings of God Himself. However, America did not like this, and redesigned itself into a fascist, satanic Empire. This began World War III, and sadly, the Soviets were not faring well. However, Lucifer foresaw this inevitable defeat, and led a secret project throughout the war to construct a starship which would evacuate all Christian survivors and refugees from the planet. He dubbed the new ship “Novaya Nadezda”, meaning New Hope, and took the Christian survivors aboard the ship on a 100 year journey to a new planet in a far off system. He ruled over them in peace and seclusion for over 500 years, and then the American Empire discovered them. Once the Americans discovered the Soviets were still alive, they brutally attacked their ships and outposts without mercy. In response to these acts of aggression, Lucifer began a 7-year war against the Americans, known as the “War of Tribulation”, and he commanded the military of the Soviet Christian Union in a campaign to crush the Americans. The Americans were far superior to the Soviets at first, due to the vast military might of the American war machine. The American Empire sent fleets of warships armed to the teeth with heavy weaponry, pulverizing the Soviet defenses. However, in the later years of the war, Lucifer designed new weaponry that would be more than a match for any American ships, using his own powers as the fuel for them. He used this new fleet to travel to Earth and eliminate the inferior American defenses, beginning an invasion and resettlement of the Soviet’s home planet. Though American resistance was fierce at the start of the invasion, Lucifer was eventually able to defeat the American resistance and reclaim Earth for Christianity. He then began the long road of tracking down and brutally annihilating the Antichrist, who was revealed to be the one who originally created the American Empire, forming it from the ashes of the Illuminati, an ancient secret society dedicated to the worship of Satan. Once Lucifer found the Antichrist, he engaged in an epic battle with the Antichrist, but eventually he defeated him using the power of God, and executed him. At that point, the universe had been converted to Jehovah’s rule, and the Kingdom of God descended from Heaven and set foot on Earth. Lucifer left shortly after the New Kingdom arose, and went on to continue his mission and move on to the next universe.

Tiberium Universe

His life here began as a child born to the Russian representative to the United Nations in the 1970’s. As he grew up, he learned much about diplomacy and global issues. In the 1990’s, a wayward meteoroid carrying an unknown substance called Tiberium crashed on Earth, and after a matter of months, this unknown substance consumed half the world. Lucifer took over the United Nations and reorganized it into a military union of nations known as the Global Defense Initiative, whose main goal was to stop Tiberium from spreading. However, GDI had a contender. A new organization that wanted to utilize Tiberium, in the so-called “Next step of human evolution”, known as the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the self-proclaimed Messiah Kane, rose up against GDI, halting their efforts to contain Tiberium. Naturally, Lucifer deduced Nod as a threat to global safety, and made it GDI’s second priority to defeat Nod and all allies of Kane. After 50 years, the war against Tiberium and against Nod still raged on. However, Lucifer made a daring and almost foolish move in his haste to end the Brotherhood. He fired an Ion Cannon at Kane’s hiding spot, Temple Prime, while he was well aware that a large deposit of Liquid Tiberium lay below the temple. This set off a chain reaction across the globe, killing millions, and it also alerted an alien race known as the Scrin, supposedly the ones responsible for seeding Tiberium on Earth in the first place, to arrive on Earth, and harvest the rich “Ichor” deposits. Lucifer wanted to try and make peace with the aliens, but one of his subordinates fired the Ion Cannon at the flagship in a panic, destroying any attempts at peace between the 2 civilizations. The aliens, of course, took this as an act of aggression, and proceeded to invade Earth and destroy all indigenous species while still harvesting the Tiberium present on Earth. Lucifer was astonished at the damage the aliens caused upon arrival, and believed that there was little hope left for humanity. However, thanks to the development of sonic weaponry, and Lucifer’s holy powers, Lucifer prevailed after 7 years of warfare, and defeated the aliens, uniting Earth under one common banner of peace. Now that the Scrin were gone, Lucifer focused his remaining forces on the destruction of Nod, slaughtering their forces and killing their leader, Kane. At that point, the universe had been converted, and the Kingdom of God descended from Heaven and set foot on Earth. Lucifer left shortly after the New Kingdom arose, and went on to continue his mission and move on to the next universe.

Star Trek Universe

In this universe, Lucifer took control of a faction known as the Borg Collective and took their Queen as his mate. During this time, he turned the Collective from a Hive Mind of vicious drones into an army of Christian Crusaders to spread God’s Word throughout the galaxy. His efforts were daunted at first by the bad reputation the Borg had received after their decades of forced assimilation of countless races. Eventually, he was able to let people know that the Borg have changed, and many people welcomed the Borg with open arms. He succeeded in his endeavor at first, but then he encountered the United Federation of Planets, a strictly atheistic society. First contact with the Federation resulted in a stand-off between the USS Enterprise and Lucifer’s Flagship. The Enterprise was heavily damaged and the Federation soon after declared war on the Borg. Lucifer pitted the Collective against this determined faction for many years, hoping to eventually convert them to God’s Word. He failed to convert them, so he was left with no alternative but to destroy them. He had amassed a super-powerful fleet of ships, led by his flagship, to head directly for Earth. The Federation saw this impending threat on the horizon, and called for help from allies. The Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, and Cardassians amassed themselves to defeat the Borg. Unfortunately, no matter how many reinforcements they would call for, it would do no good in the long run... Upon the fleets arrival in the Alpha Quadrant, Lucifer smited everything in his path, leaving nothing untouched. He arrived in the Terran system, to the sight of thousands of ships. He destroyed them all in a matter of hours. After the battle, he forcefully converted the Federation to Christianity, and the galaxy was united under God’s Word soon after. At that point, the universe had been converted, and the Kingdom of God descended from Heaven and took root within the galaxy. Lucifer left shortly after the New Kingdom arose, and went on to continue his mission and move on to the next universe.

Other Universes Lucifer II Has Visited

The following is a list of universes which have been confirmed to exist, and which Lucifer has visited, but little or no information on the universes in question is available:

Star Wars Universe

Little information on this universe. It is confirmed that rather than Emperor Palpatine taking over the Galaxy with the Galactic Empire, Lucifer II killed the Emperor before his rise to power, and made sure the Republic would continue. He became a dark jedi, and spread the doctrine of Jehovah's connection to the Force, eventually converting the Galaxy.

Invader Zim Universe

Little information on this universe. Only confirmed information is that Lucifer II was the Tallest of the Irken Empire during his time there.

Xiaolin Showdown Universe

Much information on this universe, but made into a short summary to save time. If you wish to learn more, contact Premier Solivoda for more information. Lucifer II arrived as a Xiaolin monk, and harnessed the power of the element Aether. Alongside the other monks, he fought against the Heylin side and reaped all of the Shen Gong Wu across the globe. He then destroyed the Heylin side, severing the link between Earth and the evil of the Heylin side. Earth was purified from this, and was converted.

Harry Potter Universe

Much information on this universe, but made into a short summary to save time. If you wish to learn more, contact Premier Solivoda for more information. Lucifer II arrived as a wizard, and was enrolled in the house Gryffindor. He formed a relationship with Hermione Granger and assisted Harry in his battle against the Dark Lord Voldemort. He was a champion of the Triwizard Tournament and Captain of the Quidditch team for Gryffindor, and soon later, the entire school. He was eventually able to kill Voldemort, and purify the world of evil, converting it.

Theorized Future Occurrences

Lucifer II is said to play a prominent role in the End Times of the Natural Realms. Though he has been successfully converting different realms within the Plane of Existence, actual Armageddon has yet to come for the Plane of Existence. The Final Battle for the fate of the Plane of Existence is said to take place in God’s most prized universe, our Universe, the Universe of Reality. Lucifer II, while he has no direct effect during the Rapture and Tribulation, will supposedly play a very important in Armageddon. Lucifer II is described to be Jesus Christ’s personal “bodyguard” while He is in Reality, annihilating any evil followers of the Antichrist that dares to attack Christ during the Battle of Armageddon. Lucifer II is also said to take place in the Epic Clash of Good and Evil, representing his Master in the 1 on 1 fight of Jehovah and Satan. Lucifer II will face off against his brother once again, and will undoubtedly defeat him. After this defeat, God will shackle Satan in the Chains of Damnation, and send him to dwell for eternity in the Lake of Fire with all of his followers.

Arrival On Azeroth

See: Lucifer II and Warcraft (Under Construction)

Out of Character Information

Vaalin is a player character who roleplays in a very strange way, bordering on the anti-lore. He roleplays using real life elements, such as Christianity, and has single-handedly designed a new style of roleplay, which he calls "Religious Fantasy Crossover Roleplaying". He claims it to be an offshoot of Meta-Gaming, and he is understanding about it's position as a "convtroverial style of roleplay". He is constantly attacked by "Lore Nazis" (His name for people who cannot tolerate others who warp the fabric of WoW lore), and persecuted for his roleplaying style, but he remains steadfast in his roleplay, finding people who are accepting of his style, and roleplays with them at every opportunity he has. Blizzard has commented on Vaalin's RP style, but has not suspended or banned him for it... yet.

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