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This article is fan fiction.

The contents here in are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

1st Age of Lucifer and the War of the AncientsEdit

Lucifer arrived on Azeroth about 16 years before the Great Sundering, one of the major catastrophes of the planet. When he arrived, he chose to take on the form of a Highborne elf and lead the Kal’Dorei to glory under God’s name. During his reign, he formed a relationship with Azshara, the Queen of the Kal’Dorei, and ruled them in total equality and fairness, treating the Highborne and the Night Elves with the same amount of respect and dignity, a feat unheard of at the time. Lucifer ruled over the Kal’Dorei for many years, bringing about the 15-year-long Age of Lucifer, but then, something horrific would happen that would change the entire world of Azeroth forever.

After several years of benevolent rule, Sargeras, the malevolent ex-Titan leader of the Burning Legion, found out about Azeroth, and proceeded to conquer it. Sargeras sent images of peace and prosperity to the Elven people if they accepted him. Sadly, even through Lucifer’s tireless work to reform the Kal’Dorei, he could not offer the same promises to his Elven people, at least not immediately. However, Lucifer was smart enough to know evil when he sees it. He warned the people that Sargeras was lying to them, but they did not listen. In time, a rebellion by zealots who wished to accept Sargeras took the throne and expelled Lucifer. Queen Azshara joined them, and participated in the construction of a portal to summon Sargeras from the Twisting Nether.

Being the dedicated angel he was, Lucifer organized a counter-rebellion against the elves that wished to bring Sargeras to Azeroth. However, Sargeras was aware of the great power Lucifer held, and ordered his demons to travel to Azeroth and speed up construction of the portal. Lucifer was left with no choice but to destroy the Well of Eternity, the source of power for the portal. Lucifer quickly obliterated the Well, destroying the portal, but it also caused the continents to fragment and a gigantic eternal vortex to appear at the site. Lucifer, seeing the seriousness of his grave error, decided to live in exile, under the very vortex he created, now dubbed the Maelstrom, in quiet sleep until 10,000 years later, when Lucifer would rise up again and begin the 2nd Age of Lucifer.

Self-Exile and 3 Wars of AzerothEdit

Lucifer had little direct impact on the flow of history during the 10,000 year exile, but in the later years of his exile, about 9,980 years after the Great Sundering, the nations of Azeroth had begun warring with each other again. Lucifer was occasionally awoken from his exile, due to the battles raging above. When he first woke up, he awoke to see the native Humans fighting an extra-terrestrial band of savages, known as Orcs. He did not directly interfere in the battle, and instead watched as the 2 races fought against each other. The Orcs won, and the Humans were driven northward, to Lordaeron. At the end of the war, Lucifer decided to provide the Humans with a new city, and created the city of Lordaeron out of thin air, in the middle of Tirisfal Forest, for the Humans to dwell in until they could fight again. Lucifer also formed a wide river between the lower lands and Lordaeron, providing a barrier for the Humans to stay safely behind as they regained their power and prepared for the day when they would rise again.

A couple years after the First War, Lucifer was awoken once more by the sounds of war, and this time, he chose to directly impact the war’s outcome. He covertly provided supplies and support for the Humans, and assisted them in retaking their beloved city of Stormwind from the Horde. It is unsure if the Humans would have been able to take Stormwind back without Lucifer’s help, but it is certain that the Humans owe Lucifer their thanks for the help. However, even with this monumental victory he provided, Lucifer was not biased only for the Humans. When some of the Orc clans evacuated the Eastern Kingdoms, Lucifer guided their ships to the foreign land of Kalimdor, where they set up a settlement that grew into the city of Orgrimmar. After this, Lucifer proceeded to return to sleep, keeping himself in exile until he dubbed Azeroth ready for his re-emergence.

After another few years, the drums of war were figuratively drumming right next to Lucifer’s ear. Upon the start of the Third War, he woke up once again to see the Humans and Orcs fighting once again. At this point, Lucifer was getting annoyed at the constant wars, and decided to end this once and for all. This time, Lucifer took the side of the Horde, determined to help them be freed from the tyrannical grip of Mannoroth, the Legion lieutenant who first enslaved the Orcish Horde. He gave Thrall, the Warchief of the Frostwolf Clan and one of the few Orcs who was not corrupted into serving the Legion, the guidance and powers to effectively free the Horde of Mannoroth’s Blood Grip, and keep them safe from the Humans by sending the remaining Orcs of the Eastern Kingdoms off to Kalimdor, to live in solitude with the other Orcs as they grew in strength, ready to make their claims on this planet.

Eventually, he possessed Thrall’s war hammer and guided him to Mannoroth’s hiding place, at which point Thrall and his ally Grom Hellscream fought against him. Thrall’s war hammer was destroyed in the process, and Lucifer was forced to instead possess Grom’s axe. Grom attacked Mannoroth with the axe, and this time, Lucifer was prepared to use his holy powers to destroy Mannoroth. When the axe dug into Mannoroth’s skin, Lucifer quickly escaped the axe and entered Mannoroth’s body, causing it to disintegrate from the inside out due to the intensity of Lucifer’s holy aura. Lucifer believed that now would have been a perfect time to re-emerge and reveal his presence once more, but unfortunately, Grom was killed in the resulting blast of holy energy when Mannoroth died, and Lucifer immediately dashed his beliefs that Azeroth was ready once more, due to the fact that he inadvertently killed a hero of the Horde. He returned to his exile once more until he would be woken up again, only a couple years later, when Lucifer would rise up from his long exile and attempt his conversion of Azeroth one more time.

Lucifer’s Reawakening and the Scarlet CrusadeEdit


Lucifer's Rise to Power and the Forsaken EmpireEdit

After he left the Scarlet Crusade for bigger and better plans, he chose to enlist in the Forsaken Empire. He put on a new disguise of being a freshly-raised undead, ready to fight for the Forsaken. He began as a new recruit to the Forsaken Militia, and then rose sharply through the ranks until he would become Sylvanas’ new advisor, all in the period of 7 months. During his time as her Advisor, he secretly manipulated her to carry out his mission for him, much in the same way that Onyxia, disguised as Lady Prestor, manipulated the Regency of Stormwind to fulfill her goals. In time, his strength and power within the Forsaken grew immensely, and with it, Sylvanas’ attachment to him grew as well.

As he maintained order in the Forsaken, so too did he maintain close ties with Sylvanas, making sure she was well taken care of, as well as “entertained”. Eventually, Lucifer, or “Premier” as he chose as his nickname during his stay on Azeroth, became Sylvanas’ consort, serving her in politics and in the bedroom. After about a year under her service, Sylvanas openly announced her love for Premier, and proposed to him. After another couple months, they became married, and Premier became the Dark Lord of the Forsaken, now remolded into the Greater Forsaken Empire at his behest. They seceded from the Horde and absorbed the Plaguelands into their nation, taking over most of the Northern continent of the Eastern Kingdoms, excluding Quel’thalas. The Forsaken had grown into a strong Empire in only a month, but Premier knew that he had to do more to make his Empire thrive and prosper.

Upon his secession from the Horde, he opened diplomatic ties with the Alliance, who grudgingly accepted this. He also kept diplomacy with the Horde open as well, serving as a neutral country favoring both the Alliance and the Horde. He commonly spoke of the Forsaken Empire serving as a center of commerce and negotiations between the 2 spiteful factions. As successful as the Forsaken were in diplomacy, it was not the case in the royal bedroom. As time went by, Sylvanas’ and Premier’s marriage had deteriorated, and eventually, they issued a mutual divorce. From the divorce, Premier inherited the full Forsaken Empire, and became the sole ruler of the Undead. He then issued a warrant for Sylvanas’ arrest, and threw her in the dungeons below Undercity, for her “betrayal of the Dark Lord”. Even today, she continues to fester and rot in the dungeons below, being tormented personally by him (in his spare time) for her crimes.

The Shifting Sands and Beginning of the 2nd Age of LuciferEdit

After the shifting of the Forsaken Empire into Premier’s hands, he immediately set to work on a new organization dedicated to peace and diplomatic resolutions to international disputes. This society was known as the League of Azerothian Nations, and this organization succeeded greatly in obtaining peace, quelling such issues as the Lumber Harvest Dispute in Warsong, and the Frostwolf Clan Wars in Alterac. Through this, the Alliance and Horde had improved relations greatly, though they were still at ends with each other. Premier knew that more than just settling disputes would be needed to keep the peace, and he arranged a peace conference between Thrall and Wrynn, hopefully to come to an agreement. Sadly, this did not blow over very well, and the flames of war were only fanned from this encounter.

However, the war that would engulf Azeroth did not come from the Alliance and Horde. Instead, a race of insectoid beings known as the Qiraji had awoken, and lived only to serve their lord, C’thun, an Old God from days past. From this upheaval, Ragnaros and other servants of C’thun began to wreak havoc on the world, being completely merciless in their onslaught. C’thun also began to reach out to the beings of Azeroth, manipulating them for his own gains. Premier lost many servants to his maddening whispers, and he soon felt it necessary to declare war against this Old God and his minions. He rallied the Alliance and Horde to help his cause, and began the war against the Silithids, forever to be dubbed “The War of the Shifting Sands” or to the people of the Forsaken Empire “The Divine War”.

Premier was heavily devoted to defeating this ancient evil, sending all of his forces to the Blackrock Mountains, poised to defeat Ragnaros, so his way to C’thun would be clear. Premier fought with his army against the Firelord’s minions, and he created a massive wake of destruction and doom in his path, leaving only the ashes of once-powerful elemental soldiers. Through perserverance and the will to save all from evil, he proudly and majestically presented himself before the Firelord, and ordered him to stand down, lest he face “Complete and utter annihilation”. Ragnaros ignored his statement, and attacked Premier, but his attack would fail, and in a matter of minutes Premier was able to douse the flames of Ragnaros and banish him back to the Elemental Plane.

After the valiant defeat of Ragnaros, Premier was clear to attack C’thun’s avatars, the Qiraji. He marched with his army on Silithus, the heart of the Qiraji homeland, hoping to rid Azeroth of C’thun’s presence once and for all. He charged into the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj and slaughtered all Silithids and Qiraji in his wake, being merciless in his relentless advance. He eventually made it to the Temple, and entered it headlong, killing all lieutenants of C’thun. He even managed to kill the Twin Emperors through duplication of his person and attacking them both simultaneously. Before long, he made it to C’thun’s throne room, and fought against him without hesitation. He killed him in nearly an hour, and Azeroth was finally free from his grasp.

The Burning Crusade and Rise of the 2nd Age of LuciferEdit

After the defeat of the Silithids led by the Old God C’thun, the armies of the Forsaken could relax at home. Peace settled into Azeroth as the Old God’s grip on the world weakened, and the Alliance and Horde were negotiating a peace agreement. However, a couple years afterwards, the Burning Legion had reactivated the Dark Portal, and began an invasion to Azeroth. Premier knew what had to be done, so he amassed the forces of the Forsaken once more for a counter-attack on the Burning Legion, sending them in through the Dark Portal. The armies of the Forsaken emerged to find another dimension, filled with demons and other malevolent beings. The world was dubbed “Outland”, and a settlement was immediately formed from the ground up, as armies rushed through to fight in what is now known as the beginning of the 2nd Divine War.

Premier made sure to keep a steady stream of supplies and reinforcements flowing into the Dark Portal, to provide assistance to those on the other side. At times, he would occasionally provide aid to his forces (as well as those of the Alliance and Horde) personally, arriving solely to destroy many powerful enemies near their main bases, such as the Doomwalker and Lord Kazzak, on his own. Obviously, Premier’s notoriety throughout Azeroth grew from this, as he gained the title “Demon Slayer”. Stories were told all over about his valiant efforts to keep Azeroth safe from harm, involving tales of him subduing Fel Reavers, killing Pit Lords, and purifying Corrupted Orcs. Children would even receive bedtime stories about how every time you disobey your parents, a little piece of Premier’s power disappears, and because of this, he would eventually become powerless to stop the Legion’s dark invasion unless you behaved.

Many months after the forces of Azeroth have gained a foothold in the Outlands, they had made an agreement with the Sha’tar to combine their forces for an attack on the Black Temple. Naturally, Premier felt as though he must aid these forces, and led them on the attack against the Black Temple. With his powers and strategic planning, the majority of the Black Temple was taken within hours, leaving only the summit. Premier ventured to the summit alone to find Illidan Stormrage meditating in solitude. Premier ordered Illidan to cease this senseless aggression, but Illidan refused to back down. Premier was left with no choice but to destroy Illidan, and did so in a matter of minutes. Premier then cleansed the temple, and made it holy once more, handing it over to the Sha’tar once more.

After the threat of the Illidari was taken care of, Kael’thas Sunstrider and his Sunhawks had launched a massive attack on Shattrath, damaging the city heavily. Premier quickly responded with a swift and decisive assault on Sunhawk key locations across Outland. Eventually, they were pushed back to Tempest Keep, at which point Premier charged in and eliminated any and all Sunhawk opposition. Premier then stood before Kael’thas, and ordered him to stop this mad crusade for power. He promised Kael’thas that he would provide all the arcane magic his people needed if he backed down, but Kael’thas did not budge. Premier then attacked Kael’thas, and violently fought him for a fairly short period of time. Premier killed Kael’thas soon after and returned Tempest Keep to the Sha’tar. Finally, Outlands was rid of the Legion’s presence once more, but Premier had one last matter to attend to.

Though the Outlands were finally freed from the Legion’s grip, the fight now had to be won on Azeroth, as Premier detected a strong concentration of demons and other Legion minions on the Isle of Quel’danas, the home of the once-majestic Sunwell. Premier fought long to cleanse Quel’danas of all demon presence, and was eventually led into the Sunwell itself, to fight the most powerful demon in the Burning Legion: Kil’jaeden, High Lieutenant of the Burning Legion, Master of the Fel. Premier was able to stop him before he could escape the Sunwell, and fought with him mercilessly, doing all he could to quell this threat. Eventually, Kil’jaedan was weakened, and was banished back into the Twisting Nether, never to see Azeroth again. Finally, the threat of the Burning Legion was over.

Wrath of the Lich King and Maturity of the 2nd Age of LuciferEdit

As the 2nd Divine War raged on, the Lich King silently plotted his conquest of the world until the decline of the first era of the 2nd Divine War, in which he began his attacks on the Alliance and Horde alike. After the Lich King’s invasion of the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, Premier decided to use this attack as a way to end the war between the Alliance and the Horde, and united them under one common banner to defeat the Lich King. Premier held conferences and diplomatic negotiations between the Alliance and Horde in his nation’s capital, in the hopes that he might help them strike a deal. To further bolster his armies, Premier covertly altered the minds of the Lich King’s great champions, known as Death Knights, so they could easily break free of his grip, and divert their efforts to helping the united forces of the Alliance and Horde. This tactic worked, and soon after the Horde and Alliance set up bases on Northrend with which they could stage their attacks.

It was apparent that the 2nd Divine War was far from over, so Premier readily diverted his forces from Outland back to Azeroth, sending them to Northrend to confront this grave threat. He provided ample support to the Alliance and Horde during this war, and in return, they provided support for him, especially when the Forsaken Civil War broke out. Thankfully, this Civil War was easily thwarted, and Premier’s forces could still focus on Northrend. Eventually, they took over much of Northrend, excluding the pocket of Scourge-controlled territory known as Icecrown. This would be rectified very easily, however, when Premier’s forces tore down Angrathar, the Wrath Gate which stood between them and Icecrown. Premier’s forces flooded in and established bases deep in Scourge territory, ready for the final push.

A few months afterwards, the forces of the Alliance and Horde were literally knocking on the Icecrown Citadel’s door. Premier, Tirion Fordring, and Saurfang the Elder were ready to invade. Premier remained behind the main invasion force, willing only to use his powers on the Lich King only. However, the Lich King was prepared for this, and instead of letting Premier’s forces march into the Citadel, he sent the forces of the Scourge out to attack them in front of the gates. Naturally, the Scourge were easily vanquished, but then the Lich King saw it fit to fight them himself, alongside his most trusted lieutenants. Premier ordered the army to stay out of the fight, and then he attacked them all swiftly and decisively, showing no mercy.

The lieutenants of the Lich King were easily defeated, and all that was left was the Lich King himself. Premier charged at Arthas, and engaged in one-on-one combat with him. After nearly an hour of swordplay, spellcasting, and show of force, the Lich King killed Premier, but then Premier returned from the heavens in his angelic form, and struck him down with all his force, as the Lich King’s corpse fell to the ground. Premier then proceeded to pick up the Helm of Domination, and told Tirion that he would have to keep the Scourge in control, so he donned the crown and became the new Lich King. To this day, he remains the Lich King, but he has retained his individuality, uncorrupted by the original spirit of the first Lich King.

Pre-Cataclysm and Zenith of the 2nd Age of LuciferEdit

The integration of the Scourge into the Forsaken Empire, however, was not the end of the wars that would plague Azeroth. The Maelstrom began to churn, and a great evil was said to arise very soon. It did, and that evil was Connor Shadowbane, an ancient evil long ago who was created by the Old Gods to bring chaos to Azeroth, and became the most powerful being known to Azeroth. He chose to attack the Forsaken Empire first, hearing about Premier and his rule over them, deciding that eliminating the most powerful threat to his victory would be wisest. He engaged in a heated conflict with the armies of the Forsaken, and then against Premier himself. Premier almost lost, but then the unexpected occurred. Emily had escaped from Hell, and with her, millions of demonic servants. She arrived on the battlefield seeking to enter Premier’s loving grip once again, as she sent her demonic forces against Connor, occupying him while Premier dealt the final blow to end his reign of terror once and for all.

Premier was skeptical as how to react to Emily’s return. He almost decided to take her back, but then he felt the strength of her new demonic aura. He stated that he could never be in a relationship with a demon, and refused to take her back. She was enraged by this, feeling betrayed after she had helped him to banish Conthus from Azeroth. Emily brutally, and foolishly, attacked Premier in one-on-one combat, in which Premier quickly won. He then decided that the risk was far too great now to keep her soul intact. He decided to destroy her soul once and for all, freeing himself of the burden of Emily’s continued existence. Premier finally felt a peace and serenity he had never felt before, and this motivated him to continue his good works across Azeroth.

The Age of Lucifer had reached its zenith at this point, as world peace ensued, and diplomacy was at an all-time high. As the League of Azerothian Nations grew, so did the potential for everlasting peace and harmony. However, the people of the Forsaken Empire were still at ends at joining the League of Nations even after all these years, and the Forsaken Council finally decided against joining it. Premier was downhearted at the Forsaken Empire’s unwillingness to join the League, and because of this, he unfortunately could not lead or maintain it any longer. A couple years after these events, Neltharion, now known as Deathwing, was rising up from his home of Deepholm, as the elements raged across the globe, wreaking havoc wherever they went. As a result, Thrall resigned from the position of Warchief of the Horde in order to help the Earthen Ring keep the Maelstrom in check.

Premier attempted to take his place, joining in the elections for a new warchief, doing all he could to make sure he would win. However, the Horde found in favor of Garrosh Hellscream instead, enticed by his promises of a swift end to the Alliance, and the start of a new era for the Horde. Garrosh, intending to keep his promise to his people in the Horde, immediately declared war on the Alliance, blaming them for the Cataclysm and awakening Deathwing. The Alliance was not hesitant to respond with force, invading Horde territory and destroying as many Horde bases and towns they would find. The Horde responded in kind, attacking Alliance harbors and villages, crippling their supply lines. The peace that Premier worked so hard to maintain has shattered, and the Alliance and Horde were once again at war.

Cataclysm and Continuation of the 2nd Age of LuciferEdit


Present DayEdit

Today, Premier rules the Forsaken Empire alone, living in peace and harmony as he continues his efforts to convert the denizens of this wayward planet. He promises that one day, Azeroth will finally be one with God, and then the universe will be purified and sanctified. The Kingdom of Heaven will most likely descend upon Azeroth, like with the previous universes, and God will rule over the Warcraft universe like all others. Premier has stated that he would not like to leave, even after his mission is finished in this universe.

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