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Dark Lady by Hujianing

Dear god yes.


Name: Matthew Posivy
Gender: Male
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Wieght: 174
Location: Toronto, ON
Hometown: Brampton, ON
Other Wikis: The Dead Space Wiki, The Assassin's Creed Wiki

My LinksEdit

Red Dragon Syndicate Guild Page

My Real Life SelfEdit


Posivius, My Death Knight

I'm a fun loving guy, to say the least. I love to talk, and make friends easily. If you met me, I would probably be on my way to school, work, doing parkour, playing Wow or other PC games, at the movies, or at Tim Hortons with the guys. I live just outside Toronto, with my parents and brother. I work at a corporation doing IT and web design and programming. I've been accepted to Sheridan College Institute of Advanced Learning and start my Computer Analyst Course in September 2010.

My personality carries over to my play style; you can often find me chatting away the day with friends, raiding, drinking in Dalaran's bar with the guildies, or leveling my lowbies. I play on the US server Andorhal, with my 70-ish mage Posiveck, 80 DK Posivius and lowbie shaman Kentok.

I have a page on the Fan Fiction Page. If you like Fanfic, I would love to hear your own or some feedback or suggestions!

Jeez. Enough about me...this is starting to sound like e-Harmony!

My CharactersEdit

Horde 32
#1 Ui-charactercreate-classes mage IconSmall Troll Male [69] Posiveck

#2 Ui-charactercreate-classes deathknight IconSmall Undead Male [80] Posivius

#3 Ui-charactercreate-classes shaman IconSmall Troll Male [18] Kentok

My BadgesEdit

Inv misc book 07 This user has a strong interest in articles on lore.
Inv misc head dragon blue This user prefers to raid.
Inv misc discoball 01 This user listens to Echoes of War: The music of Blizzard Entertainment.
Ability hunter pet netherray This user is exalted with the
Sha'tari Skyguard.
Achievement level 80 This user has reached level 80.
MaleIcon This user plays as a male character.
IconLarge Troll MaleIconLarge Troll Female This user plays as a troll.
IconLarge Undead MaleIconLarge Undead Female This user plays as an undead.
Mage-troll-m-60 This user plays as a troll mage.
Deathknight-undead-m-80 This user plays as an undead death knight.
Shaman-troll-m-1 This user plays as a troll shaman.
Trade mining This user plays as a Miner.
Inv sword 46 This user plays as a DPS.
Ability parry This user spent 1000 gold A LOT for Dual Talent Specialization.
Ability mount drake proto This user's character has obtained a Blue Proto-Drake.
Ability hunter pet raptor This user's character has obtained a Venomhide Ravasaur. Those 20 days just flew by...
Ability hunter pet netherray This user's character has obtained a Nether Ray mount.
Ability mount netherdrakepurple This user's character has obtained a Nether drake mount.
Achievement zone northrend 01 This user has explored all of Northrend.
Achievement zone outland 01 This user has explored all of Outland.
Spell deathknight classicon This user has created a death knight.
TBCLogo-mini This user joined during the Burning Crusade.
Inv scroll 01This user writes fan fiction.
Spell misc emotionsad This user misses raiding content with 39 other players.
Chrome This user uses Google Chrome to browse WoWWiki.

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