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Two New Playable Races Edit


In the beginning, numerous small encampments of Naga dotted Kalimdor. These clans, or "tribes" as they called themselves, were somewhat peaceful. I say somewhat because they attempted to stay away from everything else. These small coastal villages were often populated by as many as 200 Naga. The largest tribe was on the northern tip of Kalimdor, just above Winterspring. This was the main city of the Naga, Nuldoria. The city was home to 500 Naga, all of them kind to each other, and willing to open their arms to any new Naga visitors.

The Burning Legion, in their world takeover, attacked Nuldoria, killing many Naga. The king of the Naga, Lanzak Silverfin, fled the city to Teldrassil, warning them of the coming Legion. The Night Elves, believing it was a trick to take over Teldrassil, did not believe the broken king and queen. So, Lanzak and his wife, Anza, fled to Orgrimmar. There, the Orcs and Trolls took their word of the invasion, and allowed the remaining 70 naga to take refuge in Orgrimmar.

Today, remembering the kindness of the Orcs, the Naga happily joined the Horde when the call went out to find aid against the vile Nightmare.

Classes-Warrior Shaman Warlock Mage Rogue Hunter

Mounts: The Naga would ride Deer


The Pandaren once lived in peace, and harmony with all of nature. They were peaceful, and, having faith in all that lived, cast aside weapons and warfare, believing in the goodness of the other races. Unfortunately, when the Legion invaded the Pandaren were defenseless. Hundreds of them were killed. So few remained. The only ones who aided them in their time of need were the Humans, who gladly took them in, and aided their weak back to full strength. When the Legion attacked again, the Pandaren were ready for battle, and won a great victory for the Alliance. When the call went out for an additional race to aid the Alliance to victory over the Nightmare, the Pandaren, remembering that the Alliance helped them in their time of need, happily joined the Alliance, to conquer the Emerald Dream.

Classes-Warrior Paladin Shaman Warlock Druid

Mounts: The Pandaren would ride Camels.

New Classes Edit

Necromancer-A good Spellcasting class, they could rez players and could draw servants from beyond the grave. Wield: 1h Swords, Daggers, Wands, 1h Maces Wear: Cloth, Leather(at lvl 40) Available to: Horde races

Knight-A Hero Class, they would be achieved at lvl 90 after a long and difficult quest. They would be a cross between a Paladin and a Warrior. Very good tanking abilities, with limited healing and spell dmg. Wield: Swords(1h/2h), Maces(1h/2h), Bows, Polearms, Thrown, Unarmed Wear: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate Available to: Alliance races

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