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Overview: Runepirates are a new hero class. Runepirates boast a variety of spells and abilities, and use their powers for their own, self-righteous purposes. Contrary to popular belief, Runepirates ARE NOT Death Knights with pirate weapons.

Resource system:

Not much is known about the Runepirate's resource system, but based on leaked pictures/abilities, it's safe to assume that the Runepirate will not be for mere casual WoW players. Certain abilities suggest that Runepirates use all of the current class resource pools. (Rage, energy, mana, chi, holy power, runes, runic power, combo points, soul shards, and focus.)

Known lore: 10,000 years ago, an almighty dictator known as the Lich King ruled Azeroth with an iron fist. The Lich King had millions of soldiers who rose back from the dead once killed in battle. For this very reason, the Lich King's throne was never challenged. However, after generations of living in fear, the people of Azeroth had decided to band together and create a rebel alliance. This makeshift pact, known as the Grand Alliance, was comprised of the various races of Azeroth; Humans, Gnomes, Dwarfs, Trolls, Goblins, Orcs, High Elves, Gnolls, Kobolds, Undead rebels, and all of the other races of the Eastern Kingdoms. However, even though all of the races shared a similar goal, the Grand Alliance eventually collapsed due to poor leadership and past tensions. The Grand Alliance quickly reformed into the Alliance, which consisted only of Humans, Gnomes, Goblins, and Dwarfs.

Even though the Alliance staged many offensives against the Lich King and his army, they quickly discovered that their casualties only increased the Lich King's power. Fearing the worst, the Alliance leader decided to build a fort on the southern coast of Stranglethorn Vale, which would come to be known as Booty Bay. When the fort was built, the Goblins and a few select humans decided to abandon the Alliance and claim Booty Bay as their own. When the Alliance leaders heard about this, all hell broke lose and the Alliance was cast into civil war. Eventually, the Alliance abandoned the war and fled north, to where they would construct Stormwind and Ironforge. With the Alliance defeated, the new citizens of Booty Bay decided to ignore the Lich King's laws and live on their own; each and every one of them swore their lives to piracy.

Roughly 200 years after the events in Booty Bay took place, the Lich King's grasp on Azeroth had not faltered. And while the Alliance and newly formed Orcish Horde were raging war on the Lich King, the people of Booty Bay were busy leading their own lives. Between rogue Troll attacks, the undead army, and Alliance soldiers, they almost never had time to recuperate and build up their own army. Many tried to step up and lead the people of Booty Bay, but none succeeded. That is, until Morgan Menethil came about.

Morgan Menethil was a feared hermit living in the outskirts of Booty Bay. It was said that he could communicate with the Gurubashi Trolls. Morgan Menethil was also a natural leader. He suggested that anyone seeking adventure should hop on his boat and be his crew... for Morgan Menethil was going to confront the Lich King himself.

After years of sailing on the open ocean, the crew eventually reached Northrend where the Lich King was waiting for them. An epic battle commenced, but the band of pirates were defeated. As Morgan Menethil's crew lay dead before him, he watched as the Lich King rose them from the dead and warped them into mindless Death Knights. It was then that the Lich King revealed his true identity - Arthas Menethil.

As punishment for their betrayal, the Lich King killed his brother and raised him as a Death Knight too. However, he then set them free, because Morgan was his brother. The Lich King banished them on their ship to sail the seas of Azeroth and plunder for booty for all eternity. So for 10,000 years, the crew and Morgan Menethil sailed the seas and plundered for booty. Since they have been at sea for so long, the Death Knights lost the majority of their rune knowledge and replaced it with various pirate abilities and slang. Realizing that they were no longer Death Knights, the crew adopted a new name: Runepirates.

After sailing the seas for so long, the Runepirates grew weary of the open ocean and found a deserted island in the far south, thousands of miles away from charted territory. They realized that the Lich King was dead through the use of a secret orb, and instantly felt sorrow. Even though he was evil, without the Lich King they wouldn't have found their new pirate abilities. From that moment on, they vowed to find a way to resurrect the Lich King. But the time they were in didn't have the magic necessary to resurrect him, so they dug secret catacombs in the island and fell into a deep slumber. According to ancient text that was scribed on their runeblades, they were to be reawakened "When Pandas inhabit the island on which you sleep."

This is their story...

Leaked Runepirate concept art:



Morgan menethil


Leaked Runepirate abilities:

Shiver me Timbers: Freeze the britches of an opponent, slowing their movement speed by 50% and decreasing their haste by 20% for 10sec. 30sec cooldown.

Pirate Oblivion: You go on a rampage, increasing size and stunning all nearby opponents for 5sec. While under the effects of Pirate Oblivion, you are immune to effects that cause loss of control of your character and are unable to be killed. Duration 20sec. 1min cooldown.

Rune Sword of the Pirate Lords: You call upon a mighty sword, temporarily increasing all damage you deal and augmenting your spells and abilities. [AUGMENTED ABILITIES NOT YET DETERMINED.]

Argh: Unleash a mighty pirate bellow, knocking opponents back 30 yards, dealing heavy damage, and increasing your movement speed by 100% for 10sec. 20sec cooldown.


Oh wow. There are so many things wrong with this idea. I literally cannot find a place to start. So many lore inaccuracies. The abilities are all terribly overpowered, the art looks like it was down by a four year old (Sorry, I don't mean to be rude. I apologize but it has to be said) and their backstory is just so awful. Rune Pirates are just Death Knights in Leather Boots and sashes. I am really sorry if I sound harsh. I truly am. Kamido

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