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Left to Right: Geraldine, Pemberton, Monongahela, Zando. (You can also see Zando testing the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor on its page!)

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World of Warcraft Info

I've been playing since March of 2006, mostly on Eitrigg Server, Alliance. I run a 76 Warrior named Pemberton, an 80 Warlock named Zando and an 80 Priest named Monongahela - all humans.

I run a guild named "Stimmers" for my wife and a few family members.

In March 2008 I started a Troll Priest, Gando, on Antheron PvP, but I put him in the garage when the Isle of Quel'Danas opened up.

Personal Info

I'm an older WoW player. I've been married since 1999 and I've got three kids, all born between 2001 and 2004.

The Guild name "Stimmers" is from the term for the repetitive behaviors of autistic people. My middle daughter child autistic, and WoW gives my wife and I something fun to do together that doesn't include finding a special needs babysitter. :)

Here on WoWWiki

I've been editing since 2006 on here, but my proudest contribution is the Timeline (World of Warcraft) page. I had been looking for a history of WoW as it applies to the experience the players have being fans, a way to keep track of milestones both ingame and out. After no one else added anything like it, I realized that if you want something done, you've got to do it yourself. Being a huge fan of history, it's nice keeping note of what is big so other players can think "Hey, when was World of Warcraft on Jeopardy?" and find out.

Characters and Character Background

While I don't play on an RP server, I still have my characters worked out a little!

Master Sergeant Pemberton, Human Warrior

My first character, started in March of 2006. I chose Warrior for the sheer heck of it, figuring Warriors do tremendous damage. I leveled him straight to 60 with no alts - that's my playstyle, as I say below. He dinged 60 in August of 2006, then he became a weekend instancer/raider as I started up Zando.

Pemberton's profession is Alchemist/Herbology. Back in those early days I thought that sharpening stones were made with alchemy, so I chose it as his profession. I soon realized that I was wrong, but the ability to make my own healing potions as a Warrior was too good to drop.

The name Pemberton comes from a day I spent in my birth town of Toledo, Ohio when I was fifteen. My stepmother was getting her haircut so I took a walk up and down a nearby street named [Pemberton], and thought it was a pretty cool name. Seventeen years later, that occurred to me at the character select screen after installing WoW.

Character Background

Pemberton's parents, who lived in Tarren Mill, had sent their only child to spend some time with his Uncle and Aunt, blacksmiths in the town of Lakeshire, Redridge. Pemberton got along fine with his Aunt and Uncle, but his older cousin Zando spent most of his time locked up in his room.

It was during this visit that the plague of undeath hit Lordaeron. Pemberton was deeply angered by this, and the moment he came of age he left for Northshire Abbey to seek his fortune for the Alliance. While still keeping in contact with his Uncle and Aunt, he hates the town of Lakeshire with a passion and has never returned.

He has a dislike for night elves, but trusts them. He just doesn't like elves standoffish and mysterious ways.

He is a proud wielder of the Dragon's Call, which he found after defeating the Shade of Eranikus in the Sunken Temple of Atal'Hakkar. He had a hand in revealing the Lady Katrina to be the Dragon Onyxia, and wielded the Dragon's Call against her in an epic battle to destroy her. Pemberton's proudest moment was handing the head of Onyxia over to the authorities in Stormwind.

When the Dark Portal was opened Pemberton was there on the front lines, however once conquering the continent he found himself in need of a break and spends most of his time fiddling about in Alchemy, specifically transmutation.

One of Pemberton's greatest fears is that his parents have turned into one of the Forsaken in the undead plague, and has never learned what happened to them.

Zando, Human Warlock

I started Zando the day after Pemberton dinged 60, which was the level cap back then. I had added up all the things I hated about doing instances - running back after a wipe, repairs, waiting for others to arrive, and decided to create a "Utility 'Lock".

Zando is a Miner/Engineer, and with his destruction spec, soulstones, summoning, repair bots and jumper cables he's willing to help any party get through an instance.

The name comes from when I would play Ultima 6 and Ultima 7. I always named my Character "Mr. Aardvark" or "Zander". The first was too long and "Zander" was taken, so Zando it was.

Character Background

Zando had barely noticed the arrival of his cousin Pemberton in Lakeshire. Pemberton had actually been gone to seek his fortune for a week when Zando finally noticed Pemberton's place at the table was empty. Zando didn't dislike Pemberton, he just hated his own life and was often brooding over it. He generally had spent most of his time moodily putting up with assisting his father's Blacksmith shop, but when alone in his room he would pour over the books on Goblin Engineering that lined his shelves - and the books on demonic magic he kept under his mattress.

One night after drinking at the Lakeshire Inn until a late hour with his (few) friends, he stumbled home and in his drunken state decided it was a good idea to summon an Imp. After a few false starts he preformed the incantation correctly, and the demon Azyal appeared there in his room. However, Zando was completely unprepared to handle the small demon, who set about hurling fireballs. The house was soon consumed in fire, but Zando and his parents escaped as the townspeople rallied to put out the fire.

One of the first to the scene was the Warlock Sandahl of Stormwind, who immediately recognized what had caused the damage and banished Azyal back to where the demon came. In the light of the flames of the burning house, Sandahl gave Zando a very stern lecture - right in front of Zando's stunned parents.

Late the next morning, Zando's father woke him in their rented room in the Lakeshire inn. Sandahl had taken him aside and told him how impressed he was with Zando's potential - most Warlocks require a great deal of training as a Mage first before they manage to summon an imp. He had given him the name of a trainer at Northshire Abbey. Zando's father then told Zando that he always knew his son disliked the family business, and that he knew about the books Zando kept so secret. Zando left that day with his parents blessing.

He took to training like a fish to water. Pemberton even sent a care package to help Zando get started. Though still the quiet sort, Zando finally feels like he is doing something in his life.

Zando's parents recovered from the fire and grew to be very proud of their Warlock son. They held a lavish party for Zando when word came from the Dark Portal of his hand in destroying Gruul the Dragonkiller. Zando now has a good relationship with his parents, though they insist he dismisses his demonic minions when he comes into the house.

Zando stays in contact and now has a good relationship with his cousin Pemberton.

Ambassador Monongahela, Human Priest

Everybody needs to run a healer eventually, so here's mine. I used a leveling guide and got him to 60 in a record (for me), five days playing time! I started him up and had a Mage port him to Exodar, just to start the game somewhere different.

Monongahela is an Enchanter/Tailor.

The name "Monongahela" comes from the Monongahela River, which ends here in Pittsburgh.

Character Background

Monongahela left to become a priest at the behest of his father, but chickened out upon arrival at Northshire Abbey, before even speaking to Deputy Willem. He wanted to see the world, not to be nailed down in Stormwind assisting the needy. He ran off and took on a job as a shiphand to see the world, traveling all over Azeroth.

The ship was en route to Darnassus when the Draenei's dimensional ship crashed, and was in the party sent to shore to investigate. Seeing that they were followers of The Light, he warmed to the Draenei and told them his story. It was through their encouragement that he resumed his training as a priest in Exodar and became a diplomatic contact assisting tham in integrating the Draenei into the Alliance.

Having had his calling reignited, he has traveled all over Azeroth assisting the cause of the Alliance, and is held in high regard everywhere. He thinks there is good in the Horde, if they would only stop attacking the Alliance to see it.

Monongahela uses the same provisioner Pemberton and Zando hired, and met them through her.

Geraldine, Human Provisioner

What? Don't your bank alts have a background?

She's a Warrior, like Pemberton, so I don't get tempted to level her.

I imagine that she handles multiple adventurers accounts in Azeroth, it's just only my own that I'm aware of her dealing with.

I'm always for looking for more outfits to dress her in - chalk it up to being forced to play Barbies with my older sister. :)

Character Background

Geraldine is simply a woman who has contracts with many adventurers (most notably Pemberton, Zando and Monongahela), to handle provisions and funding. She keeps things in the bank for them and keeps an eye on the auction house. She hates getting crates of fish in the mail.

Play Style

I like to group with random people. I don't mind PUGs too much, even when they don't finish an instance. (I do hate players who get vocally pissed about that though - we're not all raiders.)

I like to run a character to the top before starting another. I ran my first character, Pemberton, straight to 60 before starting my Warlock. My reasoning was that if I stopped playing WoW I wanted to get the full-game feel in). I have a few alts, but I don't play them much.

I adore running instances, but alas with small kids and the fact that I work night shift I don't get to run them nearly as often as I would like to. *sigh* UPDATE: All hail the new Dungeon Finder, the off-primetime player's friend! Hooray!

Guild History

I joined The Blaque Companie on Eitrigg back when I was new - I didn't even realize I'd joined a guild! It was a small guild and the others were never on when I was, but I stuck with it through level 50 when I jumped ship and joined E N D E R.

E N D E R was a HUGE guild filled to the brim with teenagers. It wasn't so bad until I dinged 60 and each time I signed on my chatbox would go purple with "can you run me through" msgs. I left and joined a small guild that a few ingame friends had invited me to named Forestsong.

Forestsong started to grow, then we merged with another guild to form:

Dirty Deedz (named after the Barov Deeds quest in Scholomance). I was promoted to officer, and Dirty Deedz grew considerably until some of the leadership decided to split. At this point I decided to take a break from WoW for four months, returning in November of 2007.

In January 2007 I joined the Nacho Ninjas, but left a few months later on good terms - I just felt like the guild was getting too big and guildchat was being spammed with loot from bosses I'll never see.

I'm now a proud member of the Archangels of Chaos!

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