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    Okay 1st off hero classes:

1st class - Chronoknight - starting level 60 - weapons - pole arms, swords, axes, staffs, and wands Tank/Dps - armor type - plate, shields Able to bend time to there will they use magic like slowing down the enemy speeding up you party members <run speed, cast time, attack speed, stuff like that> and a spell that makes it so the damage dealing effects on the target like serpent sting would last longer on a target and debuffs on self and party have less time of effect like fear and stuff instead of 20 seconds it would be 15 or 10 and for cc aoe the spell would freeze time in an area making so anything in the circle thinking might look like a clock would not move even when hit. They can also a wield 2-handed weapon and a shield.

Story line - Time: 1st War - Nozdormu has been gone through time recruiting people to fight the infinite dragonflight and said he has an offer he can teach you how to control time itself. In return he asks you to return you return to the present and help him stop the infinite dragonflight. Then you are ambushed by "The Master" and tries to kill you escape but barley and when you come out of the time ways (present) you are greeted by the bronze dragonflight but your introductions are cut short the rest of the phase your defending the caverns and learning about your new found powers.

2nd class - Astralmancer - staring level 65 - Weapons - staffs, pole arms, wands, daggers, and fist weapons Healer/Dps -armor type - leather Being blessed to control and manipulate space and every thing in the universe they use there powers to heal other by summoning the power of all life in the universe and share some of it with there masters or destroy there enemies with the power of the sun, the moon, and the stars. Causing black holes the pull back enemies in an area and damage them with the cosmic energies with in them. Using the magic of the stars to protect them by making a wall of astral aura to reflect spells back at an enemy and give them a taste of there of there own medicine. Making it rain meteorites on to the enemies heads and restoring cosmic balance to the world.

Story line - The Nagas, Demons, Elementals, and the corrupted dragons are going for one final assault but this time they're ready. The Death Pact as they call themselves are going after Elune, The moon Goddess and she as the kind goddess she is refuses to harm the creatures she once protected so she is calling for help. She is looking for the pure of heart to be her champions so she can restore balance. While teaching them how to use there magic she dose not see the Death pact are approaching until it's to late and it's up to the Astralmancers to protect Elune's realm from the invaders and help the champions of Azeroth to restore the balance of the world.

Now onto Races

The Alliance

Pandaren - reason - once allies with night elves and good respect for dwarfs

Racial traits: Hold your liquor: Drinking Alcoholic beverages increases stamina, strength, also regains health and manna. I see you: Can see enemies in stealth A quick stab here and: Stab your right arm with a needle and you feel stronger <increases Melee Damage> Fluffy and Tough to boot: Has increased agility and takes less melee damage. I learnt from the best: Ranged attack is increased by 5%

The Horde Makrura

Racial traits: Rock hard shell: Spell resistance increased by 5% Just keep swimming: Swim speed increased by 50% Pinched a nerve: Stuns an enemy for 30 seconds Loyal to Boil: when you are at 10% or less health you can kill your self allowing party members to eat you for full health Something smells fishy: Can track all beast that are inside the water

story lines for races coming soon


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