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Race: Night Elf
Class: Warrior
Server: Server:Azjol-Nerub_US
Guild: Magnum

Blacksmithing: 350/375
Mining: 375/375
Spec: 8/10/43


Top Dishonor kill farmer in Server:Arthas. Recently rolled a Horde character of the moniker 'Pgpull' in honor of his outlandish and idiotic pulling method (the Peegee pull). Currently is member of the Magnum guild.


Peegee's Blizzard gaming history began with Warcraft_II:_Tides_of_Darkness. Moved on to Starcraft, Warcraft_III:_Reign_of_Chaos and Warcraft_III:_The_Frozen_Throne, but not Diablo until very recent. While playing Warcraft III, Peegee stumbled upon Infoceptor and joined the community, typically lurking and reading about the strategies. Peegee never promoted a 'good manner' playstyle in his entire history of gaming -- he was an avid backstabber in Starcraft, and played 'UMS' maps. Ladder games were done as an aside, or at best as a joke.

When World of Warcraft first became live, a hasty plan to create an 'Infoceptor' guild was hashed out on the forums. Alas the only outcome of this was a guild of the name 'clan iC', of which five or six members joined, all but two of which were alts of players on another server. Peegee, being the most active member of the guild, was also the only representative. By level 35 Peegee demanded to be made guild leader, but due to not knowing how to transfer guild ownership, Peegee instead opted to quit his guild to join Myst Knights.

It was within Myst Knights that Peegee dinged level 60 at approximately 27 days played. At that point he had dropped Tailoring three times, Skinning twice, and Taken up mining so many times it might as well not count for anything. Other Peegee exploits of server fame is his '500g snowballs' -- Peegee would flood the Auction House with dozens of single snowballs priced at 500g. Other exploits included attacking horde naked at level 40 around Kargath, and a level 53 raid on Hogger done months before the Arthas St. Patrick's Day Hogger raid, along with RPish forum posts. Peegee could also be seen in Ironforge topless with a leather cap and Devout Leggings dancing about.

One of PG's most famous manoeuvres is the fabled Peegee pull. It is so famous that some Horde characters of Arthas are familiar with its term.

During the early months of 2005, Myst Knights started considering expanding their instance runs. Teaming up with FaTE as well as other small guilds, the alliance plunged into Molten Core in search of adventures and loot. They did not do well until after Peegee seemingly quit the game during the Spring of 2005. Disenchanting his Devout and Valor gear with cryptic guild tells of 'Wow Myrmidon's Signet disenchants into four Large Brilliant Shards!', Peegee logged out of Arthas and without hesitation deleted his fabled level 60 character. He promptly rerolled Horde to much approval.

Then he traveled to Hong Kong and spent ten weeks working as an auditor.

Upon return, Peegee demanded a restoration of his warrior (Screenshot). As he had disenchanted the majority of his gear, Peegee was restored naked. A further request for restoration of his Drakefire Amulet allowed Peegee to pursue his goal of returning to glory. Farming up a collection of green armor, Peegee pugged himself to a respectable 367 defence without the aid of any epic equipment aside from Stockade Pauldrons. Myst Knights at this point had transferred over to Server:Nathrezim. His application to the guild FaTE was quickly accepted, and he promptly maintained his chaotic playstyle.

FaTE had by this point managed to learn Molten Core to the point where Ragnaros attempts were imminent. It seemed that Peegee would be capable of amassing a great deal of epic gear, but unfortunately it would not be. Peegee was stricken with a series of incomprehensibly poor rolls. This persists to this very day, leading to what he has termed the PG curse. In short, all items which drop which are beneficial to Peegee will be preceeded by the comment to Peegee's party in the general format 'watch: PG curse/PG's curse/the curse of PG.' Next would be the summons to random 100, of which Peegee will invariably roll a number which is less than 50. Statistically speaking Peegee will be likely to roll a number lower than 20. Such a 'curse' has robbed Peegee of Helm of Might, Breastplate of Might, and Pauldrons of Might; all three loot attempts were against one individual and resulted in rolls which were lower than 30 in every case (Helm of Might was lost with a stunning roll of 6).

Earlier this year Peegee was assigned an afternoon shift which negated his raiding attendance. Consequently he was removed from FaTE. He promptly joined Decus Praesidium.

As of current date, Peegee's played time in the Arthas server approaches 100++ days. He currently has five pieces of might, Helm of Wrath and Bracelets of Wrath. He has managed to win a Spineshatter from BWL (likely uncontested but it was paid for quite handsomely in DKP) and tanks with the Aegis of the Blood God. Previous incessant roll failures coupled with yet another month of night shift prompted Peegee to purchase a second game and reroll Horde. He currently is guided in Huatok's guild OMG KITTY. The character is also retired, pending undetermined future where Peegee my delete all characters to have 11-20 characters in the Alliance faction.

Peegee is in possession of 9 alts: A paladin, druid, hunter, fury warrior, and 5 other fury warriors. He plans to delete one of the misc fury warriors to roll a shaman in the upcoming expansion. Peegee's alts all have the common theme of being 250++/300 tailoring for the purposes of Mooncloth Bag farming, a practice that averages 100g per week in spoils.

Early in 2007 Peegee joined the guild Gods on Arthas and was able to gear himself up really nice like. However once the BC expansion hit, Peegee found a terrible time in Karazhan. Inexplicably he would lag really terribly, out of the blue. Nothing could be done to resolve this, so Peegee opted to leave the game.

Seven months passed, and Peegee was summoned to the Azjol-Nerub server to tank for his friend. Yay.

Dishonor KillsEdit

As of current date, Peegee has 1,795 dishonor kills. He has constantly demanded evidence of any character with more dishonor kills with unanswered replies, prompting him to state that he is the unofficial (although likely actual) highest dishonor kill farmer on the server. This title is now moot due to the recent changes to PVP mechanics. The unofficial conclusion however is that Peegee is now the server's highest ranking character in terms of Dishonor.

Unfortunately no screenshot of the aforementioned 1795 dishonor kills exists. The highest recovered amount (1393) still exceeds all claimed amounts: WoWScrnShot_042706_120251.jpg

The motivation to farm Dishonor Kills came immediately upon the information of Honor System as a means to create a Ladder system. Peegee concluded accurately that he would have to forgo sanity and health, family life and work in order to be the top player in the server. Like Peegee's World of Warcraft days, he adopted a playstyle which was pointless and achieved no benefit (such as his lose streak characters in Starcraft). Peegee travelled around the Barrens running from NPC guards and smiting the civilians. It was simple, elegant, and it was a permanent, measurable result.

It should be noted that at the time when Honor Kills were establish that NPC guards dropped Runecloth (and probably money too). Consequently not only did Peegee farm Dishonor Kills, he made up his money in repair bills from level 60 gankers who would attempt to impede his progress. Despite this, Peegee successfully determined the best course of action in order to farm (on average) several hundred dishonor kills per hour.

Unfortunately Peegee's attendance to this end is quite limiting.

The methodology is listed below. The location is Mulgore's Bloodhoof Village:

- Peegee employs only the best Rough Arrow/Bullets to kill NPCs. Especially the ones sitting in a circle all being level 1. A series of gunshots merits 13-15 dishonor kills.
- Peegee will then run into the trainer camp and three shot the trainers. NPC guards will spawn.
- Peegee will kite them outside, two shot the quest givers, run towards the inn
- Peegee will kill the npcs outside, rush into the inn, kill the inn keeper, and rush upstairs
- Leaping outside, Peegee will swim around and then rush the fishing trainer
- Running around the large tent, Peegee will kite the NPCs and rush in, smiting the various vendor NPCs
- Running out, Peegee will loop around the compound, and will either repeat the above steps or kill the Kodo Rider trainers

After perfecting this, Peegee was able to continuously farm dishonor kills without once dying to NPC guard spawns.

Peegee currently participates in the battlegrounds randomly.


The Barov Peasant Caller was once employed by Peegee until he disenchanted it. Step one illustrated above could be done once every 10 minutes by Barov Peasants who would essentially run around the circle smashing down the npcs.

Alternatively Peegee once wanted to farm for Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire, thinking it was still at least a viable replacement (he disenchanted the Barov Peasants). He has since found it is not viable -- the Skeleton lacks hp and thus Peegee will have to tank the NPC guards which is tedious. Also Peegee once won the Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire and found that it doesn't function like a hunter/warlock pet, in that you can single target command the skeleton to attack a target (like a civilian). Thus there is no use for this item.

Trinkets yet to be tested include the Cannonball Launcher and Ramstein's Lightning Bolts. Ramstein's Bolts may prove to be too small an AoE attack, though the Cannonball has some promise. The difficulty of course is justify getting either of these trinkets when Peegee already has Onyxia's Pendant and a Darkmoon Card.

Gear Edit

See Armory Link.

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