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The PG curse started as a general negative mentality. It recently has changed to question game mechanics.

The PG curse is simple enough, and virtually everybody could at least empathise: a successful drop for Peegee's class occurs. Peegee naturally wants it. He however rolls a 6 while competing warriors rule a 50 or 60 or even 96.

The CurseEdit

This is of course normal game mechanics due to the nature of random numbers. The PG curse comes into play when you consider that virtually every one of Peegee's epics from Molten Core were won uncontested. Meaning whenever there is another warrior in question, Peegee will invariably lose to another warrior. Peegee might outroll other competing warriors, but the PG curse prevents actual victory.

The PG curseEdit

The events involving Peegee bidding on loot are illustrated below:

1. Peegee sees a class drop for warriors. It is an upgrade for him for whatever reason (Tier 1, ZG loot, AQ20 loot, etc)
2. Peegee has the DKP for it or it is random loot (given since if Peegee cannot loot this doesn't apply)
3. Peegee, regardless of DKP amount, will have to random 100. Competitors either random 100 or random numbers potentially allowing defeat (ie it is possible for Peegee to lose the roll). This is not a given but seems to happen in every case of PG curse.
4. Peegee will announce to his party members: "Watch and witness the PG curse".
5. Peegee will roll a number less than 50. Often it is a number less than 20.
6. Regardless of what the random cap is for the other individuals, the winning warrior will roll a number supremely higher than Peegee. Ex: Peegee rolled a 6 for Helm of Might while the winner rolled a 76.
7. Peegee will lose yet another upgrade piece.


Naturally one will argue that Peegee was either extremely unlucky (if one believes in luck), or that it is just the chance mishap that Peegee rolled a 6. Or a 2. Or a 27. However Peegee has a different persective:

Roll seedEdit

Peegee now believes that upon creation of a character, a 'seed' is implanted which affects loot distribution. Similar to loot seeding where it is believed that the master looter or the first person who enters an instance or the first class that enters an instance affects the loot distribution of the generated loot table, Peegee now believes that character creation affects rolling 'luck' in subsequent attempts at looting. This of course is unsubstantiated, but at the same time, so is loot seeding.

Regardless, more experimentation persists.



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