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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.


The New Scoure Edit

It has been two years since the Lich King Arthas fell at the hand of the heroes of Azeroth. Deathwing too, has been calmed and brought to peace. But in this time of chaos, in which all of Azeroth had been fighting both each other as the forces that threatened them, an unlikely new foe has arisen. In the lush area of Desolace the war between the Gelkis, Mauradon and Magram centaur has come to a conclusion none would have foreseen. For the Magram centaur have turned to powers far more dangerous than the other clans realized. Underneath the Valley of Bones, the great centaur graveyard, they have been building both an army and an empire consisting of their ancestors. In between the two Dead Goliaths the world has opened a gate to a vast underground area. With the help of their necromancers, and those of the Burning Legion, the Magram Clan have formed; a New Scourge.

  • End Boss: Khan Kel’Arthus of the Magram Centaur
  • Level Cap raised to 90
  • New Hero class: The Primalist
  • Two new class specific sanctuaries:
    • Moonglade for the Druids
    • Island of Dread for the Primalists
  • New World: Centaur Underworld
  • New Secondary Profession: Heraldry
  • New Items
  • New Pets
  • New Mounts
  • New Companios

Centaur UnderworldEdit

A vast underground continent containing several very dangerous zones and only a few Alliance or Horde outposts.

The Great Stairwell

This is the first zone one reaches after going through the portal in the Valley of Bones. It has the shape of a great double stairwell, delving deep underground, being the central zone it provides connections to all other underground zones. This is a contested zone in which Horde and Alliance warriors fight for access to the few underground resources and supply lines which will strengthen their army in the battle against the New Scourge. The Alliance outpost is named Modan Cyfail, meaning Heart of the Mountain, and was constructed in the wall near the east part of the stair by Dwarves and is guarded by them and the Night Elves. The Horde outpost is named Coalground, it was a small settlement founded by the Steamwheedle Cartel who wanted to start a trade-agreement with the leaders of the New Scourge. But when the prospects of trade appeared unfruitful they sold it to the Goblins of Kezan who govern it together with their Orcish allies. This zone also includes a battleground.


This is the most high level zone of the expansion and it doesn’t contain any settlements, only a single, nameless, neutral, Argent Crusade camp in the southeast with a flight master. The zone is inhabited by the greatest part of the Magram Centaur clan, about ten thousand of this clan live in this area, a number far greater than speculated by either the Gelkis Clan, the Tauren of Desolace and even Cenarius himself. This area contains a massive raid dungeon named Magram Metropol, in which the elite of the Magram Clan resides, under jurisdiction of their new Khan Kel’Arthus, and it stretches all the way to the top of the mountains in the northwest of Mulgore. In Thunderbluff one can actually see the dark mountain top and the balcony that springs from it.

And 4 other areas awaiting description and imagination.


The ability to customize the apperance of armor and weaponry, thus giving it a more unique look and certain, small, ability bonuses.

The PrimalistEdit

In the battle against the forces that shattered the earth, few warriors of Azeroth sought training and skill which could not be comprehended by most other heroes. Their quest to become the ultimate warriors, the ultimate heroes of their faction, led some astray. They became hermits, living in the wild, fighting the most dangerous and savage of all creatures. Yet soon, they themselves became one of those creatures, they became possessed by the beast within. This practice, more common to the Jungle Trolls, of whom some warriors long followed these ways, now spread to the other savage races. The Tauren and Orcs were easy to accept the ways their brothers brought them, though the Blood Elves, Forsaken and Goblin still remain wary of their ways. Yet not only the Horde followed these ways, some of the savage Worgen, who were long known to have been fighting their curse and the beast it contains, stopped their search for the cure, and just accepted the beast within. Under their guidance, some of the noble Dreanei and Night Elves too have given in to the beast they contain. Though the rest of the Alliance frowns upon the choice of the Dreanei and the Night Elves they accept it as a necessary evil.

Available races:

  • Starting Area:
    • The Isle of Dread, Feralas (same status as Acherus:The Ebon Hold)

In their quest line the character is seen evolving their limbs into more beastly forms, while, in the mean time, the history of the Primals is explained. They learn how to speak to certain forms of animals, like wolves, bears, tigers and owls, via a skill they acquire after a certain quest. They also have their own mount which is a very bewildered stallion.

They are a mixture between Warriors, Druids and Hunters and their main power source is primeval essence. Their Talents are;

  • Rage
  • Beast Control
  • Nature

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