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Level - 80
Class - Paladin
Race - Draenei
Realm - Saurfang
Achievement Points - 7940
Exalted Fations 43
Titles -
8/8 Tier 1 [Lawbringer Armor]
8/8 Tier 2 [Judgement Armor]
5/5 Tier 2.5 [Avenger's Battlegear]
8/9 Tier 3 [Redemption Armor]
5/5 Tier 4 [Justicar Raiment]
4/5 Tier 5 [Crystalforge Raiment]
8/8 Tier 6 [Lightbringer Raiment]
5/5 Tier 7.5 [Valorous Redemption Regalia]
3/5 Tier 8.5 [Conqueror's Aegis Regalia]
2/5 Tier 9.5[Triumphant Turalyon's Garb]
5/5 ZG set [Freethinker's Armor]
3/3 AQ20 set [Battlegear of Eternal Justice]

Armory Link -
Legendary Items
[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]
[Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros]
[Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]

Rare Items
[Corrupted Ashbringer]

Rare Pets
[Mr. Pinchy]
[Gold Medallion]

Rare Mounts
[Swift Razzashi Raptor]
[Fiery Warhorse's Reins]
[Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber]

Rare Achievements
Money achievement The Exalted
Money achievement Scarab Lord
Money achievement Hero of Shattrath

Overall Ranking: 44447
Region Ranking: 20017
Realm Ranking: 19
Guild Ranking: 1

Total Achievements: 633 / 1219

General Achievements: 48 / 55

Quest Achievements: 45 / 61

Exploration Achievements: 67 / 70

Player v.s. Player Achievements: 95 / 199

Dungeons and Raids Achievements: 169 / 386

Professions Achievements: 72 / 77

Reputation Achievements: 41 / 49

World Events Achievements: 96 / 182

Feats of Strength Achievements: 24

Classic Raiding Guilds
-Shadow Dragon Knights
-Altera Vitea
TBC Raiding Guilds
WOTLK Raiding Guilds
-Fallen Angels

Short HistoryEdit

Pre BC i started raiding with a guild called Shadow Dragon Knights. Simple guild, was clearing MC, BWL, ZG and AQ20. I then moved to Realm number 1 on elune, and 10th in U.S at the time and that was Alteva Vitea. We cleared all Classic Content as well as most TBC content. The guild leader gave up on wow, and the guild fell apart on the black temple, we were up to Mother. I then took a Xfer from Elune US, to Aman'thul and joined Molotov. With Molotov we cleared all TBC content untill the realease of Sunwell. Sunwell proved to be more then Molotov could handle and the guild fell apart. They later reformed but stopped raiding and were waiting for wotlk to come. I wanted to finish off Sunwell so i left Molotov and joined Resilience who later became Ghost on Thaurassan. We cleared Sunwell, however i never got my KJ kill... I'm still very upset because i worked on him for about 3 weeks, then i took a trip to Europe and they killed him when i was away. When i got back it was days away from WOTLK and they didnt raid sunwell anymore. I guess i can always go back now at 80 and finaly get my revenge on him. In wotlk i moved to Saurfang with the free Xfers. I made my own guild called Fallen Angels. We cleared all wotlk Content before the release of Uldur. It was at this time that work became very busy for me and i had no time to raid anymore. I gave leadership over to one of my officers at the time, and that proved a big mistake. The guild fell apart about 1 month later, to which i moved back to thaurassan to play with some friends in ClicK harder. Since the realase of TOC, i have moved back to Saurfang and changed my name from Pavlos to Tyrrion. With the new race change system i have now changed to a female draenei, and changed my name to Päv.


I’m looking forward to advancements in wotlk and in Cataclysm. I have become a huge fun of the achievement system. I tend to spend most my spare time working on the non raid ones, as well as some of the Feats of Strengh. I am proud of my Feat of Strengh achievements. They have taken me a lot of hard work and time to achieve, and its also great fun to be able to show them off over the armory. I'd like to be able to get my hands on some more of the rare mounts ingame, as well as finish off some of the old Tier sets like my T5. Getting my hands on Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings would be such a huge upgrade for my healing,and would also add to the orange collection. All in all I cant wait to see what is next installed for this great game.

To Do ListEdit

1. [Swift Zulian Tiger]
2. [Swift White Hawkstrider]
3. [Reins of the Raven Lord]
4. [Deathcharger's Reins]
5. [Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings]
6. Money achievement Insane in the Membrane
7. Money achievement The Justicar
8. Money achievement Battlemaster
9. Money achievement The Loremaster
10. Money achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been


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