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Akron Edit

General Information Edit

- Level: Noob

- Location: Every place an emerald dragon can spawn.

- Type: Undead(Mage)



 Akron <Obscurum>

Attacks and Abilities Edit

- Conjure Water

- Conjure Food

Strategies Edit

Well, first of all, this is an easy kill, but here's what i prefer as warrior:

Make a macro:

/target Akron

/cast Bloodrage

/cast Intercept

/cast Pummel

/cast Hamstring

Now, just pwn him as fast as possible, he has absolutely no skill, and no armor, so it should allmost be instant kill!

Quotes Edit

- Noob

- Cmon partax, yure imba


Notes Edit

His name comes from "akon"; as a black musician, hes very talented singer, wich can be heard frequently on the teamspeak channels.

The Cmon partax, yure imba refers to the Insane warrior of the same name(partax). The warrior had a long day, and when akron wanted to go kill world spawns, partax declined. But after some minutes, Akron had to use another way to lure partax into the world spawn killing, wich ended in "Cmon partax, yure imba"

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