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The Death Knight created by the fusion of the body and soul of Garrim Thunderforge and the soul of Grotak Darkfist.

NeutralNPC 32Garrim Ragnarôk
Ragnarôk the missfit
Title <Lost soul of the North>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Unknown, Wandering aimless around in Northrend.

Garrim Thunderforge (Work in Progess)Edit

Proud soldier of Ironforge, fighting for the Alliance during all three wars and a fine exsample of dwarfish strenght, discipline and pride.

The HuntEdit

In the aftermath of the third war, Garrim became a bounty hunter, preforming task for various employers. His last quest came from Muren Stormpike who wanted Garrim to hunt down a dangerous orc necromancer, Grotak Darkfist.

Garrim took a handfull of fellow soilders with him to track down Grotak, among them Tiza Battleforge, Juli Stormkettle and Harry Burlguard as he where stationed in Ironforge at the time. The company set out looking for Grotak, who was last seen in the Wetlands, in the northren part of the marshes near Dun Modr. They found a camp at the mountain foothills scattered with bones and rusty equipment, however a burnt out fire with still warm ashes, the party started searching the camp for hints of the wear abouts og Grotak but with no luck. Juli searched for magic residue and dicoverd the camp was full of dark magic. Harry stumbled upon a small skeleton finger pulsing with a grey glov, Harry picked up the finger as the whole camp vibrated, the bones and armor around the camp rose up and attacked the party. Tiza proceded to smite the undead with her holy battlehammer, Juli with her fire, the party quickly destroyed the undead threat.

As the last skeleton fell, a black flare shot out of the finger, flew high into the air before turning toward Arathi Highlands. The party got a heading, it was obivous the finger served as security for Grotak to know if he where to get followed. The party quickly rested for a short time, then set out for Arathi.

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