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The House of Wrynn is the ruling house of the kingdom of Azeroth. The family survived the First War, and were restored to the throne of the kingdom, after the end of the Second War. The kingdom was renamed Stormwind after the Third War. The Wrynns had minimal ties to other houses, though their friendship with the House of Menethil (the ruling house of Lordaeron) prior to their destruction at the start of the Third War is well-documented. The House of Wrynn remains in control of Stormwind, though Anduin (who was acting King after his father's disappearance) ruled through co-regents.

Known members Edit

Status: †: dead, ?: unknown

   * Human male King Landen Wrynn - Father of Adamant Wrynn III and King of the nation of Azeroth prior to the opening of the Dark Portal.
   * Human male King Adamant Wrynn III - Father of Llane Wrynn I and King of the Kingdom of Azeroth prior to the First War during the opening of the Dark Portal. Died the year after the initial orcish assault on Stormwind Keep.
         o Human female Queen Varia Wrynn - Wife of King Adamant Wrynn III and mother of Llane Wrynn I. 
   * Human male Lord Meneron Lightsword† - Father of Gereon III. Slain by Orgrim Doomhammer.
         o High elf female Archmage Arienna Goldensun? - First wife of Meneron and mother of Gereon III. 
         o Human female Mary Crowdien† - Second wife of Meneron and mother of Garaton. 
   * Half-elf male Lord Ariá'Thelas Gereon III Lightsword - Lord of Kingshire.
   * Half-elf male Sir Garaton Lightsword - Knight of Kingshire.
     Ronald Lightsword - Richelle Fordragon
             Thomas Lightsword - Whitney Renild
                   Thomas J. Lightsword - Anne Lightsword
              Arienna Goldensun - Meneron Lightsword - Mary Crowdien
                               /                      \
                              /                        \
                       Gereon Lightsword          Garaton Lightsword

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