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Neutral 32Vyankruil Gryphonheart
Human ScarletArmor
Title Field Marshal
Gender Male
Race(s) Human
Level 78
Character class Paladin
Affiliation The Alliance, The Scarlet Crusade (Formerly)
Location Unknown
Status Unknown
Relative(s) Eroeyain Gatthailen (Brother), Chrisana Wilson (Wife), Vyan Gatthailen (Father), Luci Gatthailen (Mother)
Mentor(s) Eroeyain Gatthailen

My brother was a good man. His heart was pure, and his sword quick.

Quoted from Eroeyain Gatthailen, Vyankruil's brother, opening up to a close friend.

Vyankruil Gryphonheart was a brave soldier. He fought in many battles, and died valiantly.

Part of the Scarlet Crusade formerly, he rebelled against their rule after he realized how corrupt and vicious they truly were.

Vyankruil had his name changed after he rebelled from the Crusade for obvious reasons. His given name was Vincent Gatthailen. He changed his name in honor of his father, Vyan Gatthailen, who died from the hands of the Forsaken (Also why he joined the Scarlet Crusade).

Before his affiliation with the Crusade, he married Chrisana Wilson, a brilliant priest. They loved each other, but the events that would occur later would end it.

After an apology to the King, he was re-enlisted into the Alliance's ranks. In his later years, he was promoted to Field Marshal for brave service.

Eroeyain taught him to fight. After many lessons and grueling exercises, he became a valiant soldier. He was stationed in the Grizzly Hills like his older brother.

The Blood RavagerEdit

A cold day in the harsh lands of Blue Skies, Vyankruil was slaughtered by an orc by the name of "Gruillkarr", or 'The Blood Ravager' as he's known to be called. Eroeyain smote down the beast that slaughtered his brother five days later, in a heavy assault in the Grizzly Hills focused at Blackriver.

Eroeyain loved his brother, and was struck with sadness and anger when he died. But, Eroeyain continued his war efforts to avenge his brother. Eventually, he achieved this.

Turning of TidesEdit

Through recent events, it has been discovered that Vyankruil may or may not be dead. Eroeyain is now on a search to find him.

Family, Friends, EnemiesEdit

-A list of Known or Important Characters in Eroeyain's Life-

IconSmall Human Male Vyan Gatthailen, Deceased

IconSmall Human Female Luci Gatthailen, Deceased

IconSmall Human Male Vincent Gatthailen, Deceased

IconSmall Human Male Eroeyain Gatthailen, Alive

IconSmall Human Female Chrisana Wilson, Alive

IconSmall Night Elf Female Shaycind Crystalwaters, Deceased

IconSmall Night Elf Male Kalish Crystalwaters, Alive

IconSmall Night Elf Female Sarris Crystalwaters, Unknown

IconSmall Orc Male Gruillkarr, Deceased

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