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Instance ProgressionEdit

|DM East=
|DM West=
|DM North=

Each field can be filled with 'clear', 'part', 'skip', or for guild pages, 'farm' & 'NR' (not reached). For heroic instances: 'heroic clear', 'heroic part', 'heroic farm'. Fields are common abbreviations of instances. Because all instances are optional fields, it need only be as long as you want it.

On any heroic or normal partial, you may add "p" (for progress) to the end of the field and put the boss name on the line AFTER the field you wrote 'part' on, to link to that boss's page. If you use the progress feature on anything flagged other than partial or heroic partial, it will ignore it. Read the example for a visual.

If your boss has both a lore and a tactics page (Illidan, Kael'thas...; basically any major character), you may need to add (tactics) to the end if you want to link to the proper page.


|Mech=heroic farm
|Bot=heroic farm
|Arca=heroic clear
|MgT=heroic part
Instance Status
Caverns of Time loading screen BM Ability fire 32x32 Skipped
Tempest Keep loading screen Mech Inv misc bag 17 Heroic Farm
Tempest Keep loading screen Bot Inv misc bag 17 Heroic Farm
Tempest Keep loading screen Arca Spell misc warsongfocus Heroic Cleared
Magisters&#039; Terrace loading screen MgT Inv misc key 13 Heroic Partial
Tempest Keep loading screen Eye Inv misc bag 11 Farm
Caverns of Time loading screen MH Ability arcane 32x32 Clear
Black Temple loading screen BT Spell shadow auraofdarkness Partial
Sunwell Plateau loading screen SWP Inv misc orb 05 Not Reached

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