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The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Neutral 32Funden Orebeard
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Character class Death Knight
Affiliation Formerly Ironforge, Formerly Scourge, now unaffiliated.
Position Scourge Lord
Location Unknown
Status Unknown (thought to be deceased)
Relative(s) Father: Korril Orebeard, Son: Fundaenor Orebeard Friend: Khaz

Character DescriptionEdit

Funden is a dwarf, with a merry twinkle in his eye and laugh winkles around his mouth. Until he died. Now his eyes glow blue and his mouth remains tightened in a grimace. Funden would fight with a large axe and his rifle, whichever happened to fit the context best. He is determined and brave, traits the Scourge received with open arms.


Funden was born to an uninteresting life in the remote Dwarf city of Anvilmar. Although he often got into scraps with the other children, both Dwarven and Gnome, he was a relatively quiet child outside of the fights. He would often leave the city for a few days and camp in the wilderness outside of Kharanos. There he would explore and hone his tracking skills. When he was twenty one he became apprenticed to a relatively well known hunter named Borin. He studied with the hunter for a few years, but never seemed to have his heart in it. Eventually he was sent to the city of Ironforge. There, he met a dwarven warrior Kelstrum Stonebreaker.

He was immediately hooked, and learned how to fight with weapons from the other dwarf. Soon, he possessed the tracking skills of a hunter and arms skills of a warrior. He joined the army of the Alliance after the destruction of Lordaeron. He fought in the north for months, but eventually secured his transfer to Ironforge to be with a woman, named Cecilia Fordlam. They were soon married.

They lived happily for about six months and she soon bore him a son, named Fundaenor. Funden was called to Loch Modan and the Badlands to deal with Dark Iron activities. The problem soon became relatively controlled, although the problem would plague them for a few months after. Funden was called to the very northern end of Loch Modan to help with an Dragonmaw clan orc attack. The attack was repelled and the orcs cleared. However, Funden and three other companions were sent farther through the tunnel to the Wetlands. A new tunnel collapsed while they were inside, and a dark being came forth*. Khorin, a dwarven priest knew what the being was, but was hit on the head and suffered amnesia during a fight with the creature before he could say what it was.

The being struck down Funden and took him to the land of Northrend, where he was turned into a Scourgelord. He led several attacks against the forces in Valgarde and Dragonblight. There, in Valgarde he dueled and old friend, Karn. Karn, a paladin, held his own against the Scourgelord and dealt him what was most likely a mortal blow. Funden's body disappeared after the attack, but his Runeblade was left behind...

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