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Rabid RPer, Shadow Council pimper, female gamer, hostess of the (in)famous Laughing Zhevra Nightclub on Shadow Council, FlagRSP lover, and filmer of Warcraft videos.

Rogue was my first class and is still my favorite, but I'm really taking to Shaman and Mages well. I'm a Horde girl, but Gnomes hold a special place in my heart.

Characters on Server:Shadow Council Edit

Horde 15 Ruzska: Troll Shaman (60) Tailoring (300) / Enchanting (150)
Orgrimmar's premier fortune teller, matchmaker, and events planner, Ruzska is a very social troll who believes in bringing solidarity and unity to all the Horde. She leads the guild of the the Eternal Path.

Horde 15 Undina: Undead Rogue (49) Skinning (300) / Leatherworking (250) (Tribal)
In life, Undina was a high-gold prostitute in Lordaeron, eschewing emotions, particularly love, to give her greater power over her clients. After succumbing to the Plague and acting as a slave of the Scourge, she freed herself from the Lich King's psychic grasp and decided to treat undeath as a second chance to set right all she had done wrong in life. She found love in the Forsaken Thrage, a former musician of renown, and they have married, but the Cold threatens to reclaim Thrage as a minion of the Scourge...

Alliance 15 Fierine: Human Mage (47) Herbalism (150) / Alchemy (175)
There's not much of her past that can be revealed, but suffice to say, she's a wicked woman.

Alliance 15 Chandni: Gnome Warrior (28) Mining (100) / Engineering (125)
At once knowledgeable of all things technical yet still dumb as a copper bar, Chandni can be seen running around spouting off rants about gnome supremacy and encouraging gnomes to "revolutionize" and rise up against the "oppressination of the Tall Ones." She spends her free time splitterizing the skulls of anything moving.

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