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We do have more plans for the Gnomes...we have big plans for some future Gnome areas... – Tigole
Leper gnomes
Faction/AffiliationThe Horde
Character classesWarrior, Rogue, Mage, Warlock
Racial capitalGnomeregan
Racial leader(s)"King" Grobnick
Racial mountClockworks
Primary language(s)(leper) Gnomish
Secondary language(s)Orcish
Average height3' - 3'8" (males), 2'10" - 3'6" (females)


The Leper Gnomes are considered their own race, mutated from their gnomish cousins according to Monster Guide. They have been given their own "racial traits" & culture in the book.[1] (MG 84, 85)

History Edit

When Gnomeregan was invaded by a horde of troggs unearthed from the Uldaman excavation, High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque ordered the opening the pressure valves of their giant, grinding machines and released toxic radiation (via an exploded radiation bomb[2] (APG 146, 147)[1] (MG 168)) throughout the city.[3] (WoWMan 174) Many more gnomes were killed than troggs when Gnomeregan was flooded with radiation.[1] (MG 84) Forced to flee to the safety of the dwarven capital of Ironforge, Mekkatorque had to deal with the guilt of his actions that day, actions brought on by his chief advisor's lust for power.[3] (WoWMan 175)

Even worse, though, many gnomes still within Gnomeregan's halls became horribly mutated and insane, changing into what are now known as leper gnomes. Leper gnomes vaguely resemble normal gnomes. Emaciated and sickly, their skin is bloated and green with gangrene, while their eyes glow with a color and light similar to that of the radioactive pools in their once beautiful city. Even worse than their physical mutation, though, is the perverse madness caused by the poisoning that twisted their bodies. While individuals among them may seem saner than others, all are irrevocably twisted. Leper gnomes claim Gnomeregan as their own, and, led by Mekgineer Thermaplugg, defend its halls with horrible constructs and their own prowess. They continue their battle against the troggs, who are more dangerous now due to the radioactive goo that clings to their rock like skin. Perhaps the worst enemies in their minds, are true gnomes, whom they blame for their current existence. They regard High Tinker Mekkatorque as a demon, and his followers not much better. They regard all other creatures as intruders and quickly put them down. Many theorize that Thermaplugg is attempting an alliance between the two underground races, in an attempt to strengthen his own forces and finally defeat the troggs.[1] (MG 84)

The HordeEdit

That underground race is the Forsaken (referring to their capital). One day, gnome scouts discovered a race with a similar mindset. They sent their ambassador Ganoosh to the undercity to offer an alliance between the Forsaken and gnomes. Sylvanas discussed with Thrall and Cairne, and accepted their offer. When leper gnomes heard that the horde accepted thier offering, they immeadiately abandoned their dark iron allies. The Horde was in need of engineers, and leper gnomes needed new allies to help them with growing threat of the Alliance. The Forsaken also offered their help to find cure to leper gnomes sickness, but leper gnomes do not find it as an sickness, but an new change. Meanwhile, the Alliance assassinated their belowed leader Thermaplugg. Leper Gnomes lusted for vengeance, and crowned Grobnick Greatgear to their new king. Now leper gnomes seek too seize control over their city, and put end to arrogant Alliance.

Starting ZoneEdit

Their capital and starting zone is in another, instanced, horde aligned zone in Gnomeregan, like burning crusades zones (bloodmyst isle and Eversong woods.) Their capital is steampunk styled(you know gnomeregan...), and has Gnomish mechs and leper gnomes as guards. It resembles bit Silvermoon, it is highfalutin and organized. Leper gnomes territory has bit more "meaner" look, there is for example auto-cannons in houses roofs and some zones are stained with smoke. Most of their zone is underground (like in Azjol-nerub), but has also outdoor subzones. They have teleporter similar to blood elves to teleport to horde aligned leveling zone. (the teleporter is already in-game, its same that is needed in Rig Wars quest). Gnomeregan instance is still available. It might be confusing, but it represent time before leper gnomes joined the horde, like in blood elf starting location npcs cry their extinct sunwell, while it is reignited in 2.4 and like you can kill Nefarian, while he is dead in lore, no broblem.

Racial traitsEdit

Easy to Carry
Spell magic featherfall Your mounted speed is increased by 10%.
Engineering Specialist
Trade engineering 15 point skill bonus to Engineering.
Nature Resistane 
Spell nature resistnature Increases nature resistance by 10.
Reactive Mutagen
Spell fire elementaldevastation When activated, your size is increased and temporarily grants you X% of your maximum health for 20 sec.

Grobnick Greatgear <The King>Edit

Grobnick is leper gnomes racial leader. Grobnick watches over his city in his balcony in his spider tank, with Steam golems as his personal guardians. Steam golems have charge and thunderclap, and they have silver skinned model and cosmetic steam aura. Grobnick fight is similar to Zelfan.


Leper gnomes currently use reskinned gnome model, but when they become playable, they have slightly different and unique model. Like before bc high and blood elves used reskinned nelf model, now they have own model.

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