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Half-elves are neutral, they can choose alliance or horde, if they choose horde, they start in eversong woods, if alliance, elwynn forest.
Kalecgos half-elf
Faction/AffiliationHorde, Alliance
Character classesPaladin, Mage, Priest, Warrior, Rogue (RPG)
Racial capitalSilvermoon
Racial leader(s)Gaimus Goldleaf, Adelle Sunbow
Racial mountElven horse
Secondary language(s)(Horde) Orcish, Thalassian / (Alliance) Common
Average height4'7" - 5'11" (males), 4'5" - 5'9" (females)


Interacial breeding is generally frowned upon by human and elven society. Half-elves usually suffer bigotry from both their elven and human parents. The elven parents would often abandon their children. [1] (WRPG 48)[2] (A&HC #?)[3] (APG #?)Humans are jealous of half-elves' extended life spans.[3] (APG 11) Half-elves of Stormwind could take no more despise and left from the stormwind, home of their human parents. If the race of half-elves continues to suffer nothing but misfortune, they might decide that the Horde is the only place for them.[...] They sometimes find a home within the towns of the Horde. [1] (WRPG 180) [3] (APG 133) Faction of half-elves that serve the horde are bitter for their treatment, and now live with other elf race with similar mindset, blood elves. They were abused by humans too: some were imprisoned and executed by racist humans. Half-elves are lead by Gaimus Goldleaf who lead half elves to silvermoon. Though half-elves have merged well with blood elf society, they still appreciate their leader. Gaimus´ charisma speeded up consent, and possibly hes holy skills as Epic paladin warrior. Blood elves respect him as hero and avowed enemy of the scourge.


The half-elf race is already a member of the Alliance[3] (APG #?). Heritage places them in the Alliance at both sides, and many served in the First, Second and Third Wars. Most half-elves live in Stormwind and Elwynn Forest. Most humans have accepted them into society. They have always been accepted by dwarves and gnomes.[3] (APG 11, 12) [3] (APG 12) [4] (LoC #?) Half elves that serve alliance have abided their treatment and have finally been wholly accepted by Alliance. Though half-elves have merged well with human society, they still appreciate their leader, Adelle Sunbow.



Kalecgos has unique half-elf model, but its wide use is questionable. Old, masculine blood elf model (not pre-2.0.1) that had nearly human like features, could be used (at least as its base) as half elf model.

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