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The pact is made.


Dragonsworn are fierce warriors descended from a bloodline of Dragonkin. Skilled in the art of battle, these fighters rely more upon strengthening their connection to their heritage than becoming proficient masters of weapons and armor. They are their own best weapon and armor and can strengthen their natural weapons and armor through their talent trees. The three talent trees available to the Dragonsworn are Natural Weapon, Natural Armor and Resistance. Being gifted as an heir to one of three colored dragon, all Dragonsworn have similar abilities and talents, yet each unique to the randomly selected colored dragon that is revealed to them in their level 10 quest. Being a Tank than doesn’t need to rely on weapons and/or armor to destroy your foes makes the Dragonsworn a welcome addition to any party. These fighters don’t rely on rage either, but mana to help fuel their battle. Whether choosing to be a weapon wielding Resistance Dragonsworn, able to buff your party against status effects and curses to an armorless or weaponless mauler using bite, claw and breath attacks. The Dragonsworn puts up quite a fight for the Tank position.

“Resistance” talent tree-

Protecting your allies in battle is as much of a goal as attacking and destroying your foes. This talent tree utilizes the strength and power of the Dragonsworn and equips him with the tools to buff the party against anything that comes their way. Not only does the Dragonsworn himself gain a ridiculous amount of resistances through enhancing this talent tree, but he also learns how to cast mass buffs to keep his party safe and alive. His main abilities in this talent tree will all fall into three main groups: buffing himself, buffing his party, and buffing a specific target. Through the talent tree he can learn and enhance his abilities.

Self / Party / Single Target

Not only will the Dragonsworn learn talents to be able to permanently increase his resistances, but he will also be able to learn spells that he can buff himself with in and out of battle. One of the most important is the ability to buff himself with auras. These auras would radiate different effects that would enhance party members or hinder foes. Dragons are always naturally resistant to many different things, and this is a great way to showcase how being a descendant of a dragon has huge benefits to not only the Dragonsworn resistances, but that of his/her party.

“Natural Armor” & “Natural Weapon” talent trees-

These tree are constructed in a similar way, one focus’ on weapon enhancement and one focus’ on armor enhancement.

Natural Armor-

The Natural Armor talent would help to provide addition effects and buffs to the Dragonsworn armor. By increasing his/her own hardness of scales, or enhancing their natural crown “helmet”, the Dragonsworn can learn moves like Headbutt that could be an enhancement to daze a target by strengthening your natural crown. It could also provide your helmet with additional armor rating, bonus intellect, bonus spirit., etc.

Dragonsworn - Talents per Talent Tree

I combined the natural armor/weapon into one tree and added a dragon hatchling familiar that the dragon spirit gives you, to assist you when you receive your dragon color after your level 10 quest. The hatchling can be summoned and dismissed and killed. It can also attack a target with a small fireball as it flies along side the Dragonsworn. It can be trained through a talent tree or remain a hatchling if not trained.

Natural Armor – Talent Tree (may sound weird but, DKs look different too)

11 pts. – Crown Your head and face become more draconic looking as you strengthen your defense and bonus armor to your helm. It also unlocks the Headbutt ability from your trainer. This is a damage ability that has a stun effect.

21 pts. – Claws Your hands and forearms become more draconic looking as you strengthen your defense and bonus armor to your hands and wrists. It also unlocks the Ripshot attack from your trainer. This attack is a damage attack that reduces armor.

31 pts. – Tail A draconic looking tail grows from your body as you strengthen your defense and bonus armor to your legs. This also unlocks the tail attack from your trainer. This attack can hit multiple targets around the Dragonsworn with a knock-back effect.

41 pts. – Breath You gain a breath weapon damage attack with an added effect based upon which dragon spirit you align with.

51 pts. – Wings (optional add) This talent could be added as the talent trees grow with level increase. Wings sprout from your body and increase your defense and bonus armor to your cloak and chest. You are able to fly short distances. (see:Heroic Leap)

Resistances – Talent Tree

11 pts. – Nullblast A negative energy blast with a 1.5 second cast time that deals damage and has a small chance of removing a positive buff from an opposing target. The damage and percent chance of removing buff would increase through training.

21 pts. – Quarantine Instant cast that would remove all poison and disease buffs from the Dragonsworn. This talent would also buff the entire party and increase their resistance to poison and disease for 10 minutes.

31 pts. – Brush-off Talent that would buff the Dragonsworn with Brush-off for 5 minutes. All damage dealt to the Dragonsworn that is less than 5% of his total health would deal zero damage instead.

41 pts. – Galvanize Talent that would remove all negative buffs from the Dragonsworn. This would also buff the entire party and increase their resistances and resilience for 10 minutes.

Spirit Familiar – Talent Tree

11 pts. – Whelp Your spirit familiar grows into a whelp and walks on the ground beside you. It adds a melee attack and well as having a fireball attack. You are able to learn some abilities through training for your whelp.

21 pts. – Human Form Your spirit familiar is now able to morph into human form. In human form, your familiar is able to equip weapons and armor and can tank alongside you. You can also learn additional abilities trainable for both it’s human and whelp form. Whelp in human form obeys direct orders and is concidered as pet.

31 pts. – Mount Your Whelp increases in size and strength and you are now able to ride it as a land mount after training your riding skill. When you are not mounted, it can attack like a pet. It can be summoned or dismissed.

41 pts. – Invoke the Spirit You invoke the spirit of your familiar and join together to morph into a dragon of your aligned color for 60 sec.

51 pts. – Drake (optional add) Your Whelp grows into a Drake and increases in size and strength. You are now able to ride it as a flying mount after training your riding skill.

Notable dragonswornEdit

Skass, bastard son of Lord Preston and princess Calia Menethil (yes, she had her eyes on deathwing). Because he has humans common sense, he did not join black dragonflight, infact, he is one of the only "dragon" who is not member of any dragonflights. He now lives in unknown place training new dragonsworn, but the Horde and Alliance are trying to put him to Lordaerons throne as puppet ruler to gain peoples acceptance and support to fight for control of undercity and its regions.


For centuries, the great dragonflights have noted the potential of younger races. In a few select cases, they choose a creature of another race to be one of a select few with the privilege of directly serving a dragon or an entire group of dragons. Such devotees dedicate their lives to the protection and service of their dragonflights, and reap the benefits of the great knowledge and power that their draconic masters share. Rumors say that the first dragonsworn were the forefathers of the dragonspawn race. This is, of course, just a rumor.

Each dragonflight treats its dragonsworn differently, and grants them slightly different boons for their service. The patron dragon for a dragonsworn of the bronze dragonflight might give a faithful disciple a relic from the War of the Ancients, whereas a dragonsworn of Nefarian might be taught the basics of how to manipulate the deadly power of shadow flame. While these rewards might sound tempting, dragons live a long time, and most of the flights barely notice the passing of years. It’s possible for a servant to dedicate his life to a flight without any real notice or recognition — especially for the shorter-lived races, such as humans.

The legends tell that while these dragonsworn were always extremely rare, they may have been more common in the past — but there is a large gap in the records where such disciples are practically unheard of. It is the green dragonflight that revived the tradition of bringing allies of other races into their ranks, and a few of the other flights seem to have followed suit. Regardless of which flight was the first to resume adopting humanoid followers, dragons take more and more dragonsworn into their service; in some cases the reasons are obvious, but it remains a mystery why certain flights (such as the blue) would begin to trust other races now.[1] (DF 60)

Dragonsworn in the world Edit

Traditionally, the most well known dragonsworn are druids in service of Ysera; that is not to say that all druids who walked the Emerald Dream were chosen serve the green dragonflight, but many were taken into Ysera’s service in the thousands of years they slept. Most of the typical servants of each flight have an occupation that matches the interests of the flight: Blue dragons favor talented magi, but a trustworthy priest or paladin might also gain their interest. Of course, some people are chosen simply for their dedication — while the bronze dragonflight may not have any particular tie to a warrior, he might impress with his strength and loyalty. All potential dragonsworn show some magical proclivity, though.

Night elves were the most common dragonsworn in the past, due to their immortality. In fact, this immortality actually allowed some elves to outlive their draconic teachers; such night elves were highly respected by the dragonflights they served. Though lifelong loyalty was once the quality dragons valued most, now the black dragonflight looks for adventurers who show potential for great power; perhaps it hopes to bring the next Medivh into its ranks. The other flights fear that a traitor entrusted with their secrets could be an unparalleled danger, but nevertheless a few dragons have begun teaching the younger races. However, few adventurers are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to earn the trust of an entire flight.

More dragonsworn are in the Alliance than the Horde, primarily because night elves are still the most common dragonsworn of the flights (other than the black), but also because most red dragons won’t have anything to do with orcs after the Second War. Most disciples of the dragonflights aren’t affiliated with either faction, but a few belong to other organizations, such as the Argent Dawn or Cenarion Circle. Dragonsworn serve as the eyes and ears of the dragonflights in locations dragons may not wish to travel, and some infiltrate other groups to gather information. Since the average adventurer probably doesn’t even know that these people exist, most dragonsworn find it easy to keep their service a secret, knowing that many would not understand their dedication. While night elves, magi, and others with knowledge of the dragonflights may see an association with dragons as positive, warriors who fought against the red flight in the Second War probably would not. Some dragonsworn might seek to teach others about the ways of the dragons to dispel the hatred of those who lost family and friends to blacks or reds, but most prefer to lie low and keep to themselves.

A devotee of the Aspects might join a group of adventurers to better serve her flight, perhaps to find a magic object or just learn more about the world. In such a situation, knowledge is the greatest weapon; she may learn secrets and magic unknown to the rest of the world.[1] (DF 60,61)

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