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-Razdunks dream-

  • Deathwing: Goblin....arise...
  • Razdunk: What? I´ll be right out, just give me five more minutes.
  • Deathwing: Arise mortal!
  • Razdunk: HURK! Im up!
  • Deathwing: And awaken to the nightmare! This world and all its people shall bow to me! And Will worship me as i reign over these lands! The wings of my children will cover the sky. The races of Azeroth will serve as slaves and food for my kind. Fire and ashes will rains for the skies....and raze your cities to ground. High above the death and destruction of your world i will sit upon my throne. Surveyving the lands of my domination. And thanks to will all become reality- I will bring darkness and chaos to the inhabitants of this world once again! All of creations will tremble at the return of DEATHWING!

-Blackrock mountain-

  • Blackwing: Master, i have news to report on some matters of importance.
  • Deathwing: Speak! For your sake things had better be going as i planned them.
  • Blackwing: They are, master. Sister Onyxia has gained the favor of the Stormwind nobles and has succeeded in diverting the kingdom´s attention and military to the Horde.
  • Deathwing: And what of the Chromatic experiments?
  • Blackwing: The goblins have been slaved long and hard but your ultimate creation is nearly finished.With the additional power of Infinite dragonflight the production of your ideal race will soon begin. As we speak, general of your new armies, Chromallus is created in laboratories below our feet.
  • Razdunk: He will be a force without equal, my master.
  • Salandria: My very own dragon! Ever since i was a child i have wanted one and now it´s about to happen! I´ve come so far and done so much prepare and i´m finally about to have a dragon of my very own! I´m so excited!
  • Deathwing: Yes, Salandria. Thanks to your contributions of the siphoned energies of the Naaru and the recovery of my scale the mage Rhonin used to destroy demon soul long ago i can make my return and seize power of this world once again. With your help my perfect dragonflight will soon rule over these land.
  • Blackwing: But father, shes merely a blood elf! Not one drop of our black flight´s blood runs through shes body! She is not fit to hold such prestige! I have worked for years creating the Chromatic dragonflight and-
  • Deathwing:-And you have failed again, Nefarian! Repeatedly time and time again! This blood elf has done more to further my goals than you ever have, whelp! With the recovered scale of Rhonin she has even reformed the demon soul into this sword: Demon edge. Care to witness it´s power, son?
  • Blackwing: Father, what are you doing?!
  • Deathwing: Removing the weakness from MY dragonflight!
  • Blackwing falls to ground beaten, covered with blood*
  • Deathwing: In my world...there is no place for failures.

Instance Edit

Mount Kajaro: Deathwings lair has always been in volcano, and his primary lair in Azeorth is unknown. He worked with goblins thousands of years ago, but then goblins betrayed him. Now he has come to have his revenge, and has invaded Mt.Kajaro and sends dragons to storm Undermine.

  • Bosses:
  • Mogul Razdunk, opportunist, founder and ruler of Ventur Trade Company. Assists Deathwing agains his own race, for a price.
    • Lacerate like bleed, Sawblade and Scatter Shot.
  • Surprise, surprise:Deathwing
    • First, he sends 3 waves: 1. Chromatic (highly resistant), Infinite (Stuns) and final is Twilight dragons (drain life). He is like onyxia, fights, flights and breates flame and lands again. He also has powerful knockback and he eats players like C´thun

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