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Hey! I'm Nocturnal Abyss, and this is my little corner of the wikia! I've been playing WoW since late February, so yeah, I'm still a little new to the game, but not to MMOs. I've been playing MMORPGs for many years, now, and have always been interested in the lore the games I've played. WoW is no different. You'll find most of my posts and comments are in regard to this topic, as it is what makes a game worth playing for me.

Most of the time, you can find me on the Moon Guard server, as I am also an avid RPer. On the Horde side, you can find me as Gor'amn (Goramn in game), Zuul'grum (Zuulgrum in game), Kurtal or Raez, and on the Ally side, look for me as Toggin or Malos! Always feel free to say, "Hi," and random RP is always more than welcome!

Thanks for checking me out, and hope you have a great day!

Why does it seem that both the best and the worst times of ones life are spent doing absolutely nothing?

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