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Mannel bois where created long before World of warcraft.

The name: Mannel bois stands for: Manner bois, but with the "korean R". Kolea!

The moto of Mannel Bois: Mannel will always prevail! (manner will always prevail)

Creation of Mannel bois: Sten was known as Jesus_jugend, one of swedens best ladder players and Belk, one of Swedens best wc3 players, highranked. These two hardcore players are the mind behind mannel bois. Belk and Sten also called themself mannel bois during the starcraft period.

Mannel bois where also active in Shadowbane, long before WoW, where they where called "the elite guards of skye" by the highest ranked guild on the server, Mannel bois did so well, even tho they had so low numbers of members, that they got world famouse in a "blink of an eye".

In World of warcraft, Belk, Nocturn and Sten created Mannel Bois for some hardcore grouping. that was before their was many lvl 60's. They recruited some other Mannel material people who could really play thier class and prevail the mannel!

And in the end, they merged with glowing mind (mek, stabil etc) to become <Mannel>, a guild based on core/skilled people.

Old quote:

Mannel Bois Whats the status of these guys?

I think they're only subbed to Skye so they can farm money and have a place to sell junk items, if they are part of Skye truly...they must be some sort of elite bodyguard unit or something"

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