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While the threat of the Old God, Yogg-Saron, has been averted, a new danger looms. Those who have been to Ulduar and lived to tell have received a message. It tells them to go to the upper wing of the Caverns of Time. Upon arrival, you can get a quest that will divine the true leader of the infinite dragonflight. It requires you to travel into the future. Assemble your best warriors (no 10/25 diff, gear diff. All Naxxramas gear should be fine, with full Ulduar, its do-able with 10. No tiered gear in this raid). You have been sent five years into the future. The Alliance and the Horde are strangely missing. You learn that a small band is putting up a fight against bronze dragons. After much trash fighting, you meet the leader, Mal'Ganis. You come to believe that he is behind the infinites, so your raid kills him. From the sky, a large dragon shows. He is the (needs name), "The Master". He tells you, though, that he serves another master. That is when He dismounts. The Lich King. He tells you what has been going on. He took contol of the bronze dragonflight. They all now turn into infinites. Arthas explains that he did this to lure adventurers away from the present so he could conquer the world. Now it falls to you to get out. This is a 40 man raid (recommended 40 with 80 gear, recommended 25 with full Naxxramas, recommended 10 with full Ulduar) though it can be done with less.


Most of these bosses are heros from the distant past reanimated. Some will be returning in Icecrown Citadel. Most can be killed, but in (IC), Illidan, Turalyon and Alleria will be defeatable, as they play a later role.

  • Turalyon (must choose between Lordaeron's people and the Alliance)
  • Alleria (will decide where her loyalty lies, either with Sylvanas and the blood elves or Varessa and the Alliance)
  • Illidan (plays a role in emerald dream)
  • Uther (not further role after Wrath, drops dead after Icecrown)
  • Ogrim (drops dead after Icecrown)
  • Dutoran (drops dead after Icecrown)
  • Bolvar (duh)
  • Saurfang the Younger (duh)
  • Singdragosa (well, duh)
  • Malygos (not returning, dead after the future)
  • Tirion (can't return)
  • Kel'thuzad (mega duh)
  • Lich King (of course he is returning)
  • (need name) (optional boss, not returning, he escapes)


Yes, attunements are returning. If you have the achievement, that attunement is gone.

  • Beat all other CoT wings (or at least Culling of Stratholme and Mount Hyjal)
  • Watch the Wrathgate scene
  • Defeat Kel'thuzad
  • Defeat Illidan
  • Defeat Malygos
  • Defeat Algalon or Yogg-Saron (not reallY an attunement, but recommended for gear)
  • Defeat C'Thun
  • Finish Tirion's Gambit

Quests and ReputationEdit

All rep earned from killing enemies will go towards a new Bronze dragon faction. Nozdormu himself offers all quests. If you hit exalted, you can buy an epic mount, Reins of the Infinite Drake (280%)


This boss is optional, like Algalon was. His attunement is rather difficult. To get to him, loot Ner'zhul's helm (not equipable). This starts a quest that will let you summon him. To loot this helm, during the Lich King encounter, Nozdormu must be allowed to die. If you manage to defeat the Lich King with The Timeless One gone, you can challange (name).

Legendary ItemsEdit

The Corrupted Ashbringer is lootable from Tirion on his hard mode. If you take it to his present self and tell him your story, he will purify it. You are the owner of an Ashbringer. The Twin Blades of Azzinoth are also lootable with upgraded stats. Tho'ridal is also upgraded. Atiesh is gone forever (you have Val'anyr). Frostmorne is not lootable in this instance (too farmable). None of Arthas' armor is lootable. If you down the Infinite King, you can loot a legendary mount (310%).


There is no tier in this raid. Its optional for a progression, like Vault of Archavon. Gear is good though. If 10 are fully geared in this and take Icecrown, it would be good enough.

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