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This article is fan fiction

The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft lore or history. The characters, places, and events listed are of an independent nature and are applied for roleplaying purposes only.

Introduction Edit

Written by - Maxtri/Nicolas Mazrigos EU

Now when The Lich King is dead, Deathwing has destroyed the world, yet more problems is happening, The Naga has risen their undead relatives, their mission is to curse everyone as they was for a long time ago... the Naga has returned...

Level Cap raised to 90, 2 new races, new raid's and dungeons, 1 new hero class, 1 new class, new spells, new proffesion, new secondary skill, new locations, skill in proffesions and secondary skills raised to 650 called "Proffesional", and loads of more stuff!

New RacesEdit

Alliance - Half Elf'sEdit

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Horde - OgreEdit

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New Hero ClassEdit


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New ClassEdit


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Azeroth ZonesEdit

Island of the Moon - Starting zone of the Half Elf's, it look's the much same as Stranglethorn Vale, when some Human's and Elf's was on a trip with a boat, the boat suddenly broke and sink into the ocean, 100 of the survivors woke up on an island, they named it Island Of The Moon, there they built the city, some of the survivors gave birth to the Half Elf's.

Isle of Xel'Gurub - The starting place of the mighty Ogre, the mighty Gurub Clan has ruled that island for years, but now... the island is nearly all flodded, the only regions that's left is left overs thats looks like Desolace from the once beatifull island that stod there.

Southern Maelstrom - The southern islands of the Maelstorm is just like the rest of Maelstorm, just a bunch of rocks, but its not that calm there on those islands, the islands is flodded by Naga's and the weather is nothing nice there, always raining and storms, so sight of sun, the biggest island there is Isle Of The Naga's, wich is named by the Naga's therselfs.

Island of Ter'Amun - The captial of the Naga, well its not easy to find there on the island, but its guarded by the most evil Naga, the undead Naga, their queen, Azshara, is the leader of the new rebuilt fortress of Ter'Amun.


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  • Ter'Amun:
  • Beach of Ter'Amun (79-81): The beach of Ter'Amun is very close to Ter'Amun, players must pass this instance to unlock the path to Ter'Amun Gate.
  • Ter'Amun Gate (80-82): The gates of Ter'Amun city, the gates is much guarded by the undead Naga soldiers, when this instance is completed, its just to get outside of Ter'Amun and get into the final instance of the series, Ter'Amun City.
  • Ter'Amun City (90Raid): Ter'Amun City is the final instance in the series, Ter'Amun City looks very much like Zul'Farrak, its just not sand that the landscape is, the landscape there is most covered by grass and rocks, the zones of the raid is:
  • The District of War: The part where the group is going trough an army of Naga.
  • Walk Of The Fallen: In the middle of the zone, the players is going to face Amun Commander Crêlok The Slayer, a boss with 7.500.000 HP, he drops the key to Ter'Amun citadel.
  • Ter'Amun Citadel: The part where most guards is, they are guarding the entrance and when you are in, you are facing more bosses...
  • Ter'Amun Keep: The last zone where the players is going to face Queen Azshara and her royal guards.

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