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Tim when he was level 24.

Assasenatorr is a level 60 night elf hunter on the Ghostlands server. Behind the in-game charcter, sits a 13-year-old Machinimator named Tim CW. He has made many machinima over time, particularly usually making a series. "Its because everyone wants to know what happens next. Continuity is a wonderful aspect" he says. His best sieries consist of: The Guild, Drugaznik's Journal, and protect and serve. Besides WoW, he also LOVES to play Halo3 and REACH. He usually gives himself fitting nicknames, such as "Katana", "Timski", and "Recon". His WoW character, in Machinima and out, has Visha's Hood. Even though the hood is COMPLETELY outdated for his level. He sees it as part of himself, displaying his oddness and eccentricity. If asked "Why cant you take that mask off?" He replies, "What mask?" "The one that's covering your face" "This is my face". Strangely, he wears a mask in real life, too! with fingerless gloves and is always seen wearing a skull wristband. He also makes short films which he likes to call "L337Shortz". His best one is entitled "a day at school" in which he pokes fun at the middle school he goes to. Whilst the School's name is "Henry E. Harris, he changes it to Henry F. Horris. In L337shortz, Some of the primary characters in his Machinima can be seen including David, Youcef, Bertha, and Wrigley.He likes both factions, Horde and Alliance, but has a problem with stupid 6-year-old Hordies who like to make fun of Alliance. He draws great inspiration from Machinima artists like WoWcrendor and Oxhorn. Tim loves muffins and killing orcs. Mountain Dew voltage is his favorite drink. His videos usually consist of Music he likes. Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Rage against the machine, etc. In the future, he plans on becoming a director, which he has to admit, is a hard thing to accomplish. He is seen usually with the Assasination Blade and the Runesword of the Tiger. Mainly because he loves Katanas. But in-game, he uses "Flame Wrath" which looks like some kind of pitchfork. Wierd.

SIGHTINGS: Durotar (Killing Orcs with Bosko)

          Goldshire (conversating with others
          Nagrand: Riding a flying mount
          PvP: EVERYWHERE
          Guild: Silent hand

OTHER TOONZ: Wolff (Worgen Rogue)

            Deathhoof (Tauren DK)
            Drungaznix (Goblin Mage)
            Bronzbaronn (Dwarf Warrior)


          Polski (Polish)

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