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Made-Up Items Edit

Dragonite is a very hard metal, white in appearance, and requiring a great deal of heat to make (as well as a large amount of raw materials).

Materials required for 1 Dragonite Bar (first step):
Inv misc pyriumbar
5x [Elementium Bar]
Inv ingot titansteel blue
10x [Titansteel Bar]
Inv elemental eternal fire
10x [Eternal Fire]
Inv ore tin 01
100x [Coal]

Smelt at the Black Forge. You will now have a Molten Bar.

Materials required for 1 Dragonite Bar (second step):
Inv misc stonetablet 05
1x [Molten Bar]
Inv ingot mithril
50x [Dark Iron Bar]
Inv ingot 08
50x [Truesilver Bar]
Inv elemental primal fire
25x [Primal Fire]

Once again smelt at the Black Forge. You should now have a Synthetic Dragon's Heart.

Materials required for 1 Dragonite Bar (last step):
Inv stone 05
1x [Synthetic Dragon's Heart]
Spell shadow demonictactics
25x [Heart of Darkness]
Inv scroll 02
10x [Scroll of Strength VI]
Inv elemental primal earth
10x [Primal Earth]
Inv elemental primal water
10x [Primal Water]
Inv elemental primal mana
10x [Primal Mana]

An alchemist will have to use Transmute Dragonite to proceed with this last step. You should now have 1 Dragonite Bar.

The tooltips for the items created:

Inv misc stonetablet 05
Inv stone 05
Inv ingot adamantite

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