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Inv misc stonetablet 05
  • Molten Bar
  • Item Level 85
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • "Seems to be in the process of melting."
  • Sell Price: 5Gold

A Molten Bar is an alloy bar made of Elementium, Titansteel, Eternal Fire, and Coal. It is used to make Dragonite Bar.


This item is crafted by Miners with a Mining skill level of 500. The miner must be at the Black Forge to smelt it.

Materials required:
Inv misc pyriumbar
5x [Elementium Bar]
Inv ingot titansteel blue
10x [Titansteel Bar]
Inv elemental eternal fire
10x [Eternal Fire]
Inv ore tin 01
100x [Coal]

Molten Bar as an IngredientEdit

Molten Bar is used in the following recipes:


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