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Hi im 13 years old and im from Sweden in northern Europe. I like to create things and im a creative guy. So sorry for bad english. Well, this is my speculation/idea for World of Warcrafts third expansion which i think is the Emerald Dream.

I forgot my password on Nerox and used fake email so i will contiune to edit on Xerx95. --Xerox95 (talk) 23:07, 22 June 2008 (UTC)

World of Warcraft: The Emerald CorruptionEdit

A new threat has awokened in the distant realm of the Emerald Dream, can the mortal races defeat an ancient evil that has risen in a realm that never has been touched by civilization?

The Lich King has been banished forever, the mission in Northrend was succesful but with great losses. Heroes have died and much has changed in the world. Death Knights now walk in the cities, the Order of the Silverhand is revived, the Ashbringer now has a master and Malygos now sees that magic can be done for good. But the Druids have desperate tried to fight the Nightmare in the distant Emerald Dream, a parallel-world of Azeroth. Mal'Furion himself has asked the mortals for help long ago, but without success. This time the threat doesnt come from a known enemy in a known world, this time it comes from a plane where the balance of nature rules, only to be destroyed. This time the Horde and the Alliance is forced to fight an unknown enemy in an unknown world that has been untouched by civilization - untill now.

The mortals have finally listened, but it might already be to late. The Nightmare has spread and now almost covers the whole dream. If the Nightmare corrupts all of the Dream and even the Dragon-Aspect Ysera, then all hope is lost as the massive armies of this Nightmare will invade from all the corrupted Dreamportals of Azeroth.

In Mount Hyjal the Furbolgs have begun to return from the dark caverns of the Barrow Deeps and rejoin there remaining friends on the surface. The Barkskin Furbolg of Mount Hyjal and the Barrow Deeps once lost there Shaman lord. It led to panic in the tribe and the Barkskin furbolg were shatteed. But then Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind came and healed there corrupted Shaman. Since that they have too begun to worship Elune and there tribe has been reunited again. The Barkskin Furbolg feels that the world has changed and there beloved Emerald Dream is almost destroyed. Now the last furbolgs seek to join the Horde and the Alliance to fight the Nightmare and save their beloved Realm of Dreams.

On the other side of the world the Forsaken opened the gates to Gilneas. They expected to find some humans that had left the Alliance. They were going to taste there new poisons, diseases and plauges on them. But they didnt find many humans there but Worgen. But the Worgen here were diffrent and they discovered that they were led by the famous Night Elf Velinde Starsong, the kaldorei that once got the Scythe of Elune from a higher power and used it to summon the Worgen who she could not control. Velinde Starsong has been trandformed into a Worgen but says hat the Woregen are now friendly and seek to venture to the Emerald Dream. Apparently the Emerald Dream was there homeworld and they wish to travel back to it, and to the Horde and Alliance luck they know something that might have to do with the Nightmare.

But the Dream has also atracted the most powerful archers of Azeroth - the Rangers. Attracted by the untouched nature of the Emerald Dream they will do everything to heal it from the Nightmare and protect its untouched and intersting wildlife. The Rangers are now trained in all of Azeroth and their kind has never been more successful. The Rangers are led by Alleria Windrunner who has managed to return.

But maybe with all these allies the mortal heroes will still fail to destroy this unknown enemy. Maybe its already to late...


  • Explore the Magical Plane of the Emerald Dream, an parallel-world of Azeroth.
  • Use your spells and abilities to create advantages both in combat and in travel, and much, much more.
  • Play as the Furbolgs - World of Warcrafts first Hero Race.
  • Learn the Secrets of the Wilderness and Master the Arts of Archery through the Ranger - World of Warcraft second Hero class.
  • Level up to 90 in the Dream of Creation, master new abilities and learn new talents along the way.
  • Create Weapons, Relics, Arrows and much more with the Woodworking Proffesion and gain new material and reagents through the Logging skill.
  • Help the Horde and the Alliance construct Outposts, Towns and Strongholds in a realm that has never been touched by civilization before. What faction will forge an new empire first and crush the other one?
  • Player housing introduced! Buy or construct your own unique house or create great Guild Halls together.
  • Restore the Ancient Gateways of the Emerald Dream, assiting your fellow adventures in Azeroth.
  • Several Changes to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.
  • Explore new Dungeons, can you uncover what evil that lies behind the Nightmare?

Independent Faction & Hero Races Edit

In World of Warcraft: The Emerald Corruption we will introduce the Independent Faction. It currently only has two races, the Furbolgs and Worgen, because they fit into to the story and no other creature does that. Anyway some lore behind this faction. They are neutral and will not fight against the Alliance and the Horde. The races of Azeroth (and some other realms) feel that these factions need them. They feel that this is the chance to prove that we also are a strong people. They know that the Horde and the Alliance will need more help then ever, because no its time to deal with the REALLY BAD guys.

As i said before, Furbolgs/Worgen and all other playable races (planning to introduce the others in expansions and patches). So you may think that this will create seriously inbalance. People have always wanted a third faction but it breaks the games balance. I mean all other factions have 5 races and the Independent Faction has 2 currenlty. That means that the new faction will have very low population, Blizzard will need to create new towns, new quests and rework the battlegrounds. This isnt free, this costs money and takes time. So i thougt "Wouldnt it be cool if you could play as a neutral race, like furbolgs and goblins, and then at a certain level choose your side".

So these new races will stay neutral untill level 10. In lvl 10 the neutral race must complete a quest-line. This quest-line lets you choose if you want to fight for the Alliance or the Horde. So at level 10 you choose to join either the Alliance or the Horde through a quest-line. In the neutral secondary starting areas there will be an Alliance town and a Horde town. After you have choosed your side you can go to one of these towns to balance your reputation.

Furbolg Edit

One of World of Warcrafts first neutral races.

Before the third war the native Furbolg of northern Kalimdor lived a peacefull life together with the mystical Night Elves and the wise Ancients. But when the demons returned to Azeroth once again and a new war started and their way of life changed forever...

The demons corrupted the peaceful Furbolg and the tribes were shattered and driven mad by the quick corruption of the forests. No one had time or could ever have a chance to save them.

The last surviving Furbolg fled down to the ancient Barrow Deepths beneath the mountains of Hyjal and the world tree, Nodrassil. There they would live in the shadows for years, eating spiders and drinking from a mystical well of life. Some however stayed on the surface, hidden in the beutiful Mount Hyjal.

The Night Elven Wardens of the Barrow Deepths had heard about the mad Furbolgs and suspected that the exiled Furbolgs were corrupted, mad and a threat to them. They wanted to destroy them as quick as possible. Both for their own survival and for natures survival. The Night Elven Wardens corrupted their beloved Well of Life which they needed to survive.

But one day the High Priestess of Elune Tyrande Whisperwind came, in search after the slumberingen Druids of the Claw. Mal'furion Stromrage followed her and Tyrande found the group of sick Furbolg. The first sign of their corrupted well was that their Shaman Lord was sick. The underground tribe of Furbolg had shattered because of this. They quickly cleansed the well and returned with some of its magical waters to heal the Shaman Lord. After some time the tribe was reunited and they begun to worship Elune. Tyrande later released Illidan and Mal'Furion saved the Druids of the Claw from madness. After Tyrande killed the Wardens and Watchers of the Barrow Deeps prison the Furbolg made it their home and capital city.

About 9 years later, after the defeat of Illidan the Betrayder and the banishing of the Lich King, kaldorei Druids began to search for these exiled Furbolgs. It was an order of Tyrande. They reminded the Furbolgs about the druidic arts and revived them plus revealed that the Third War had ended long ago and that was the day when some Furbolgs left the Barrow Deeps.

And three years later they have allied with theoir surface Barkskin Furbolg brethren and the Barkskin Tribe shines once again under the rule of the Priests, Druids and Shamans.

However after studying whats happened and the history of the Horde some Furbolgs think that the Night Elfs has done many stupid things and turned away from their intelligence and wisdom. They also think that it was wrong to ally with humans, crushers of the forests.

Instead many sees their destiny into the Horde with the peaceful and still wise tauren and orcs and trolls. They are however suspicous at the Undead Forsaken and the Blood Elves but can accept them as they live on the other side of the world... The orcs have accepted to reduce their destruction of the forests of Ashenvale but the Night Elf will never forgive them and hunt every Orc untill the end of the world.

Recently Furbolg Druids has felt the Emerald Nightmare and its threat and now they have allied with the noble Alliance and the honorable Horde.


Hunter Druid Priest Shaman Warrior

Hunter Druid Warlock

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