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Idea for a race of creatures in Azeroth. (Not meant to be playable)


[Description of Race:] Devout disciples of Neptulon the Tidehunter, one of the four Old Gods' elemental chiefs. Neptulon, lord of the deep seas, can summon the full fledged power of the oceans and all matter pertaining to water. Calling themselves Neptics, these proselytes of Neptulon specialize in water-based magic and regenerative abilities in melee combat. They usually possess higher than average mana pools and although tend to be weak in hand to hand combat, their numerous spells can rain down the power of ice and water on their enemies, as well as heal wounds quickly back to health. Neptics take the form of a mix between a water elemental and translucent human mage or sorceress. Neptics, since the time of their awakening in the time of the Old Gods, have stayed natives of Islus Novera, the small group of islands west of Middle-Azeroth. The abundance in fish surrounding these isles have allowed for the complete self-sustaining of the Neptic people and none have been seen far from their homeland. Although appearing as simple elemental-based humanoids that worship the ancient forces of the ocean, the Neptics have shown to be extremely well off in their defenses. Previous attempts by human bandits and pirates hoping to raid these islands were utterly crushed by Neptic sorcery and ferocity in combat. Isolated from the rest of Azeroth, the Neptics continue to stay true in their devotion to Neptulon, ruler of the Seas, and carry on with their simple fishing village lifestyle. The races of Azeroth tend to ignore Islus Novera completely, as the presence of a mighty being brews beneath the passing ships, a presence of an old elemental ruler.

Islands of Islus Novera, displayed far right of Eastern Kingdoms: 49038826.jpg

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