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HordeNPC 32Faldoin Blackwood
Gender Male
Race Undead
Level 27
Character class Warlock
Affiliation The Redeemed, previously Kingdom of Lordaeron
Position None, formerly nobleman of Silverpine
Location Mainly Tirisfal Glades, Undercity
Status Alive
Relative(s) Arugal (former friend), Jarel (manservant and friend), Elissa (wife)

Faldoin Blackwood was a noble of Silverpine before the Third War. He was killed, ambushed by members of the Syndicate few weeks before the Plague started spreading in Lordaeron, and thusly he is one of the few (if not the only) members of the Forsaken, whose body was infected by the Plague post mortem. Faldoin was never a minion of the Lich King. In his unlife, Faldoin, as with many others of his kind, has lost a great deal of his former personality. The hallow shell that form his current persona, has few goals other than his burning desire for vengeance and a lust for power, enabling him to gain said vengeance.

Early LifeEdit

Faldoin was raised within the village of Strahnbrad, even though he was born in Silverpine. The Lady and Lord of Silverpine - his parents - never shared the love a husband and wife should. At one point, just after the Lady had given birth to Faldoin, the tension between the two escalated to new heights, and so the Lady and her newborn son moved away from Silverpine. Faldoin's gift in the arts of the arcane was quickly spotted by his father, Lord Tann, during his weekly visits, who then proceeded to send the 12-year-old boy to Dalaran to study. Faldoin were not pleased with the idea of leaving home so early, and never truly forgave his father for this decision. As the years progressed however, Faldoin became familiar with his existence as a mage. He gained friends and respect amongst the magocracy. Among the notable people of whose acquaintances he made, was a young man like himself, by the name of Arugal. The two never became the best of friends, but nevertheless retained a sense of respect for one another - which eventually would lead to the downfall of one of them.

Assuming ControlEdit

Lord Tann grew old, and as it had always been expected, Faldoin eventually assumed his fathers governing position. However, Faldoin had been so focused on his life in Dalaran, that he had never even paid a single visit to his homeland after his forced departure. He had no clue as to what to do, and, adding to the frustration, weeks before the death of Lord Tann Faldoin had been offered a prominent place within the Kirin Tor. It was a dream come true, however, Faldoin knew that it would demand all of his time. Therefore, the choice stood between following his dream and abandoning his people or live a life he did not want to live. In the end, Faldoin did what he thought was right: He went home.

The Scourge InvasionEdit

During the Scourge invasion, Faldoin could do little to hold the undead hordes away. What little millitary that actually resided in the zone, was but a few war veterans, his own personal guard at Fenris Keep and the forces of Baron Silverlaine, and with rumors circulating that Silverlaine Keep had fallen to some unknown force, and that Gilneas had sealed the gates of the Greymane Wall, the situation was looking dire at best.

The RedeemedEdit

In his search for power, Faldoin heard a rumour about a newly founded faction, going by the name of The Redeemed. Led by the Death Knight, Azrael, this faction was supposedly formed as a way of uniting the numerous Death Knights rejoining The Alliance and Horde, seeking redemption for their acts against the living. Faldoin quickly saw the potential in supporting these rogue warriors, and presented Lady Sylvanas with his request of being sent as an ambassador to greet them. His request was granted, and with several Deathstalkers under his command, he left the Undercity in search of what he hoped to be a new source of power to fuel his vengeance even further...

A Strange CompanionEdit

Faldoin is followed everywhere he goes by the mysterious woman Karmiakel, a Forsaken mage of unknown origins. All there is known about the mysterious figure comes from a crumbled note, found attached to her name listing in the town registry of Brill:

Honoured Magistrate, it has come to my attention that a young woman was found buried alive under a coffin near Deathknell, and that she awoke a few days later a Forsaken. The Dark Lady has expressed her interest in this strange occurrence, and has tasked me with examining this further. I was told by the Census, that you would be the best bet of someone knowing the current location of this young lady. In a matter of days I will arrive in Brill, and in the meantime could I ask that you would perhaps be so kind to have excavated this information from your stockpile of records and have it ready for my arrival? I would be sure to mention your aid in this matter to Dark Lady when we next speak.

In advance, thank you.


Faldoin Blackwood, envoy to the Queen

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