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This article is a player character biography page for Loozin of Moon Guard US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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- Loozin
HordeNPC 32Loozin
Title <The 8-Ball>
Gender Male
Race Goblin
Character class Death Knight
Affiliation Horde
Position Former Goblin Alchemist, Mercenary, The unluckiest goblin in the world.
Location Orgrimmar
Status Alive



Where once was a healthy, green goblin, now stands a pale and mottled undead creature. With wide, vibrant ears and a shiny bald head, this goblin was a typical specimen of his race. Now, the person he has become is all too apparent. His undeath-ravaged face and glowing, pale blue eyes belies his calm and open demeanor. His body is wiry and muscled. Loozin has a tattoo of his namesake over his right arm.

Loozin wears a tattered black leather coat with an embroidery of his namesake over the back. He wears his coat over tight, well-fitting dark plate armor. Loozin keeps specialized alchemical and engineered weaponry within pockets concealed underneath the coat, ready to be used in battle at a moments notice.


Loozin can be described as carefree, easy-going, snarky and a tad reckless. Loozin tends to be like his namesake; just rolling along, taking lifes punches in stride, and very often getting in peoples way. A very intelligent and logical goblin, Loozin will often view problems with a scientific mindset; though like a typical goblin, this usually involves some sort of powerful explosive or elixir as an answer. Undeath has done little to change his mindset.


Early LifeEdit

Born to a family of powerful and feared goblin warlocks in the Undermine, Loozin grew up in a shadowy, secretive, sinister environment. Yet this life would not be for him. At an early age, Loozin discovered his interest in alchemy and science, and found that he had a natural talent for it.

His parents would have none of that. As advisors to one of a Trade Princes influential barons, they waited until Loozin was successful in setting up his alchemical shop. At the peak of Loozin's business enterprise, hired goons were sent to "buy him out", in a sense. His life in danger, Loozin had no choice but to flee the isle of Kezan and set up elsewhere.

Loozin made his way to Booty Bay, but was far less successful. He was unable to compete with the established alchemists of the port city.

Loozin heard of an opportunity of a largely untapped market in the far-off elven lands of Quel'Thalas. With the last of his savings, he constructed a small zeppelin for himself, though due to the poor materials he was forced to use, it crashed just as he reached the elven lands. He was aided by a wandering ogre; one of the remnants of Gul'dan's Horde during the Second War. The two became fast friends.

The lands were beautiful and peaceful, and Loozin found no immediate competition. He found the ideal location for the shop. He had finished constructing his new home and business, until one day he heard a knock at his door...

The Undead Scourge had begun it's invasion of Quel'Thalas. At Loozin's door, an army of Scourge waited. As the goblin and his ogre companion was torn apart by ravenous undead, the forests echoed Loozin's screaming last words.


Dark RebirthEdit

The Scourge necromancer leading the assault upon Loozin's home found potential in their goblin opponent, and believed his ingenuity could be used to aid the Scourge. Loozin was raised into undeath at that moment, and his knowledge and skill became theirs to command. Later on, Loozin was chosen to become "promoted" to the ranks of the Lich King's Death Knights. The undead goblin was sent to Acherus, the Ebon Hold to receive his official rank.

Like all of the Death Knights of Acherus, Loozin was forced to serve the Lich King for a time in his evil, slaughtering the Scarlet Crusade and Argent Dawn of the Eastern Plaguelands as ordered. At the final battle of Light's Hope, Loozin regained his will. He joined the newly-formed Knights of the Ebon Blade, finding a new purpose beyond a simple business enterprise. Loozin found that he made a far better hero than a businessman.

Loozin later traveled to Northrend to aid the Knights of the Ebon Blade in their war against the Lich King. Even undeath, Loozin found that he missed his ogre friend. And so using his scientific knowledge along with the arts of necromancy he had learned, he constructed an abomination named Snoozin, after his dear sister. He would ride upon it's back in battle as he did his ogre companion.

As the war came to a close, Loozin played a minor role in the fall of the Lich King. The Knights; now a part of the Ashen Verdict, fought many fierce battles within Icecrown Citadel to gain a foothold at it's main entrance, Light's Hammer. Loozin assisted his fellow knights with his runeblade prowess and alchemical concoctions, all atop his constructed abomination companion. During a particularly fierce battle against the Scourge, Snoozin fell, and again Loozin was without a close companion.


After the Lich King had fallen, Loozin became a traveling free agent. Hearing of his people's new allegiance with the Horde, as well as the fall of Kezan, Loozin decides to sign on with them. The Goblin Death Knight finds himself traveling constantly, battling horrors old and new. He unofficially counts Orgrimmar as his home. With the rise of Deathwing threatening the very world itself, Loozin finds no shortage of thrilling adventure, battle, knowledge to be gained, and interesting things to blow up!

On the 8-BallEdit

Loozin's namesake originated from his most successful product throughout his time as an alchemist in Kezan; a powerful 8-gauge explosive. A brilliant fusion of engineering and alchemy, Loozin rose to Undermine fame with his creation. The black, round casing featuring the number eight eventually became his calling card. Though Loozin no longer attempts to market his product in undeath, he frequently uses it in battle. Loozin's goal in life (and death) is to perfect his creations, using knowledge gained throughout his travels.

All explosives used by him on and off the battlefield bear his logo.

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