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This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

As many others before me, I am also trying to make and present my expansion ideas. I hope, you´ll like them and I´m looking forward to discussing about them...

The Emerald Dream Edit

  • Related areas: The Emerald Paradise, Verdant fields, etc.
  • Access: through portals in Twilight Grove, Dream Bough, Seradane, Bough Shadow and an area in Crystalsong Forest
  • New races: either no new races, or a new neutral faction will be created with furbolgs as a new race.
  • Hero classes: Dream walker
  • Proffesion: ? - tattooing a character will increase his/her armour, resistences or other basic stats
  • Level range: 78-90
  • Main antagonist: The Nightmare - creation of an Old God, or the Old God itself
  • Main faction: The Cenarion Dreamers - a faction led by Malfurion Stormrage and the spirit of Cenarius

Dream walker Edit

  • Something between a druid and a mind-mage
  • Will use Tranquility, instead of mana/rage/energy or runes. Tranquility will be something like the opposite to Rage - it will be regenerated only out of combat.
  • His main strenght will be the ability to regenerate mana of the other players in group (something like a mana-healer)
  • Will be concentrated on bows and crossbows
  • Will be able to wear cloth and leather armor only
  • Will be able to reach the Spiritwalking state. In this state, Dream walker won´t be able to use physical weapons. However, he will be also 75% resistant towards physical damage. Additionally, in Spiritwalker state, his Tranquility will regenerate also during combat.
  • Talent tree will be divided into Mind (mana regenerating abilities, mental shocks, mana draining, meditation and mind-controling spells), Dream (spiritwalker state and some combat-enhancing abilities) and Nature (typical druidic spells)

The South Seas Edit

The Shards of Draenor Edit

  • Related areas: other remaining (and inhabitted) parts of former Draenor
  • Access: through other portal(s) from Azeroth and by rocket(s) from Area 52
  • New races: ethereal and maybe arakkoa, both for the neutral faction
  • Hero classes: Blood Mage or Nether Assassin
  • Profession: ? (Astrologer :D )
  • Level range: 88-100 (can you imagine a character lvl 100 with tier 18? :D )
  • Main antagonist: the essence of Sargeras - the last surviving (but still extremely powerful) part of once mighty titan

Other areas Edit

Locations, that should be added into an expansion (but didn´t fit in any):

  • Northeron
  • Amani Swamps (the area beyond Zul´Aman)
  • Unknown region to the east of Grim Batol
  • Unknown region to the east of Burning Steppes
  • Mount Hyjal
  • Mountain region to the south of Un´Goro Crater

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