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This article is a player character biography page for Nayeesha Chillshadow of Sentinels US The contents herein are entirely player made and in no way represent official World of Warcraft history or occurrences which are accurate for all realms. The characters and events listed are of an independent nature and applied for roleplaying, fictional, speculative, or opinions from a limited playerbase only.
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Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
Nayeesha Alliance 15 Sentinels IconSmall Night Elf Male Night Elf IconSmall Rogue Rogue 70 Enchanting:323 Mining:318 Guild:Guild:The Unsung Legends (Sentinels US) (Sentinels)
Name Faction Server Race Class Level Profession 1 Profession 2 Guild
AllianceNPC 32Nayeesha Ve'noa Chillshadow
Title The Crimson Moon
Gender Female
Race Highborne
Character class Rogue, Arcanist
Affiliation Lunar Armageddon, Shen'dralar, the Green Dragonflight
Position Ex-Grand Marshall of Auberdine
Location Northshire Valley
Status Active
Relative(s) Eldonis (Father), Shendala (Mother), both deceased
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

((Biography still being completed. Please be patient.))


  • Physical description: Standing rather tall for her race and gender (At 7' 3"), Nay is quite rough in appearance. Lithe, but very muscular, it is apparent that she spends most of her time in the wilds. She has a soft look in her face that is made awkward by the fire in her silver hued eyes and is sometimes covered by her near pure white hair.
  • Personality: Quiet and withdrawn, yet when approached can be talkative and welcoming, Nayeesha is an enigma to many. Almost as if she is two-faced, she has sides of her that she doesn't share with just anyone. It takes great lengths of time to crack into the shell that is her mind. She genuinely cares for others and has a compassionate soul as long as they do not remind her of things or individuals in her past. She is strong-willed, determined and committed to anything she sets herself to, even to the point of dying to see the goal accomplished. She can easily harbor grudges and rarely lets anything go, which causes her a lot of grief and guilt. However, her own ego is not so large that she doesn't admit when she is in the wrong and will go to any lengths to see her name cleared. Very confident, and intelligent, Nayeesha can sense fear and untruth in many things. Outspoken when asked, but quiet when it is time to be so. She enjoys just being in the company of others as long as they are not putting on a face for her. She also tends to have a snappy, very sarcastic sense of humor. She is also extremely respectful, but if you take her respect and shove it back in her face... be prepared to see a new side of her.
  • Special Possessions: The Cloak of the Green Nightmare, a locket of Elune suspended by barbed wire around her neck, an obsidian-like stone etched with some kind of family crest and eroded Highborne text, and an Ebon Shadowbag filled with numerous soul gems containing the souls of random enemies of the past such as Kur'talos Ravencrest ((Still unexplained how she has this))
  • Goals & Motivators: Nayeesha's main motivation is to keep herself from becoming one with chaos again. She chooses to do so by making sure she spends time around the less "seedy" side of the Alliance. Another factor in her motivations is her drive to redeem herself if she makes a mistake. Having a history such as hers has laid a heavy burdon on her spiritual well being, causing her to be very appologetic or highly motivated to change things when events or actions go awry. She has a deadfast set goal to completely set right what she helped make wrong in her past. Now, the only true "targets" she has are the fallen Green Dragon Lieutenants, and whichever Old God utilized Nanzhre in their scheme.
  • Battle Tactics: One thing in her life that has never changed, Nayeesha still enjoys the rush of adrenaline created by life endangering circumstances. Whether it be stunts, tense situations or her favorite: Battle. She prefers to consider herself a "Combat" assassin and even though she does not wear the heavy armor of her warrior comrades, she loves being face to face with the enemy. An expert at disarmament, she loves to bring her opponents offensive capability to nothing before eliminating them, yet she always keeps her eyes on the main issue at hand and keeps her cool during battle. Majority of the time, the only time you will hear her speak when in a battlefield situation is her "trash-talk" to her opponents. This tends to unsettle a lot of her traveling companions. Just keep in mind, she means you no harm.


Dire Maul


Early LifeEdit

Invitation to SuramarEdit

Born a Highborne in the fabled city of Eldre'thalas, Nayeesha Ve'noa Chillshadow had a promising future as an understudy in the Athenaeum. Her father, Eldonis Chillshadow, was a warrior who fought alongside the great white wolf known as Goldrinn and her mother Shendala was a high ranking official in the local government. A knowledge connessieur, Nayeesha went from day to day absorbing everything she could get ahold of and strived to become a individual of notable worth for her people. She excelled in her training in the hopes that if enemies ever assaulted Eldre'thalas, that she would be able to provide assistance the best she could. She traveled all over Feralas and into the region now known as Desolace to test her mettle against numerous obstacles provided by the local Priest of Ara-Hinam. Passing those tests with ease, Nayeesha was given permission to attend a grand gathering at Izal-Shurah in Suramar, the home of Queen Azshara herself. This gathering was to be overseen by some of the greatest minds in the Highborne society and Nayeesha felt the pressure from the opportunity. Suramar was a bustling city of grandiose proportions and just in the first few days, Nay caught herself getting lost on a few occasions. Eldre'thalas was a massive city as well... but nowhere near as busy.

Many of the commonfolk believed that the calling of this grand gathering of prodigies from around the land was to manipulate the public into a false sense of security. The majority of the Kaldorei knew something was up with Azshara as the Queen was not seen in public as often as she once was. Little did they know what was about to happen shortly in their future. The gathering turned out to be something none of the participants were expecting. Paraded into a collosieum in a large group before a massive audience, Nayeesha and her fellow prodigies were bunched together in the center of the ring and given an ultimatum by the Queen. Either offer their services to her new ideals or forfeit their lives. Caught off guard, the group resisted the rash proposal and Azshara ordered their executions. Azshara's servants flooded the arena and showed no mercy to any who resisted. After a thirty-four minute bloodbath and arcane light show, Nayeesha's group of 67 became a small group of twelve. Exhausted and outnumbered, they were given the ultimatum once again. This time, the group succumbed to the situation and verbally announced their loyalty to Azshara above and beyond their own kin, Nayeesha remained silent. One specific member of the group of prodigies, a lovely elf by the name of Vashj seemed most adamant about the oath, almost as if she intended upon doing so but took part in the bloodshed regardless.

Considered a waste of time, Nayeesha was given the chance to go home alive as her reward for making it through the bloodbath that day. Knowing something was wrong with their queen, she headed for Eldre'thalas with many things on her mind in tow. Going off the rumors and speculation she gathered while in Suramar and what she encountered at the colleseum, she believed something terrible was about to take place. Stopping back over in Ara-Hinam, Nayeesha deliberated her findings with the friend she made during her first visit, Shandris Feathermoon. The two of them being approximately the same age, shared like views on the topic and believed it best to keep their mouths shut but their options open. A few weeks passed before Nayeesha continued on home.

War of the AncientsEdit

It wasn't long before Nayeesha's fears about Queen Azshara were validated. Demons of all kinds poured into the world through a portal that Azshara's most trusted servants created for the purpose of bringing one specific being to Azeroth: Sargeras. At first it seemed as the majority of the turmoil resided in the capital and the more well known cities near it. However, eventually there was a sizable army of demons who had found out about Eldre'thalas, the "Unknown City of Great Arcane Secrets". Led by a foreboding demon named Doomlord Kazzak, the demon army had only the utter destruction of Nayeesha's hometown on their minds.

Kazzak the Supreme

Doomlord Kazzak

The leaders of Eldre'thalas were not caught unawares however, and Eldonis was tasked with the defense of the city. He hatched a very efficient means of protecting the only way into Eldre'thalas and set upon preparing his forces for the oncoming storm. At the onset of the battle, the defenders held their positions easily as the majority of their forces bent the arcane energies to their whim, incinerating and eradicating wave after wave of demons. Spurred on by Goldrinn it seemed only a matter of time before victory was in their grasp. Kazzak was not deterred however and using his own cunning mind, unleashed a powerful magic suppressor, removing the defenders capabilities of using their prescious magic. Knowing this was a very bad situation, Eldonis gathered together a small raid party to attempt an assault on the suppressor's location. Aided by Goldrinn, the party disappeared over the hills, clearing a swath of demons in their wake towards the device that was turning the tide in the demon's favor. It is known that Eldonis' and Goldrinn's assault was successful, as the arcanists defending the city were able to repel the advancing army once again, causing Kazzak to finally withdraw, although Eldonis, Goldrinn and the group that attacked with them... were never seen again.

Knowing that Eldre'thalas was now in a situation that could compromise the city altogether, Shendala (Nay's mother) sent for the assistance of the Kaldorei military, addressing Dejahna personally instead of the Queen. However, certain events prevented the High Priestess from ever seeing the letter, it ended up in the hands of Tyrande Whisperwind instead. As the recently annointed Majordomo of Azshara, Tyrande refused the request due to the situations developing in Suramar itself. She suggested that all able bodied elves withdraw from Eldre'thalas and head toward Mount Hyjal, with no explanation of why. Few went, most stayed, wishing not to abandon their homes. The city would never be the same.

After the SunderingEdit

Introduction to ChaosEdit

Surviving the chaos brought forth by the eruption of the Well of Eternity, Nayeesha sought the help of Shandris. After a few days in Mount Hyjal, she was approached by a druid of immense power named Nanzhre Snowsprint and was offered a new home in return for her services. Her home destroyed and her mother buried beneath the rubble of Eldre'thalas, Nayeesha agreed despite the disapproval of Shandris. However, Nanzhre was not what he seemed and Shandris returned to Hyjal... Nayeesha followed Nanzhre back to Feralas. It wasn't long before Lunar Armageddon, Nanzhre's cultish-like band of guerilla terrorists, began their plans of chaos. Nayeesha followed her orders to the letter, brainwashed by the ideal of the "greater good" Nanzhre had taught her.

Finding her niche within the group, Nayeesha showed her inner fire, rallying the rag-tag group of theives, murderers and other criminals into a zealous fighting force. However, this all came at a cost. Being in the position she was, she intimidated many who were involved with her and it kept her busy enough that she never pursued a private life. Slowly growing more and more bitter as the years went on, Nayeesha slowly became a recluse except when needed. This only served to further her intimidation factor as rumors spread throughout the Kaldorei race about the ever elusive and deadly Mistress Chillshadow of Lunar Armagedddon. For a time, there was even a bounty posted for people who had claimed to see her.

A Wanted CriminalEdit

Numerous acts of barbarism and chaos were committed by Nayeesha and she was quickly listed as one of the most wanted criminals by the Sentinel Order by the decree of Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage themselves. She eluded capture time and time again for over 5800 years, until one day an elf general who was in charge of a small and elite black ops squad of the Sentinels called the Requiem Dreamers, Tyranis Nightwolf, succeeded in outwitting her for the first time. Brought as far north as Ashenvale, the general decided to interrogate her personally. Through his own deductions, he believed Nayeesha to be a pure soul that had only been contaminated by the "vile one". Planting the mental seed in her to not completely trust Nanzhre, Runess released her discreetly.


When she returned, it was only a matter of time before she was summoned to speak with Nanzhre. The corrupted druid felt that it was time that he revealed his true intentions. As it turned out Nanzhre was in league with the Old Gods and had been out to corrupt the Emerald Dream by any means necessary, and Nayeesha was an integral part of his plan... from the beginning. He even spoke to her about the success that he had in doing so. Feeling like she was manipulated and following the hopes of Runess, she decided it was no longer in her best interest to serve Nanzhre, as she believed it herself that she was not evil at heart. Nayeesha secretly abandoned her post in Lunar Armageddon after an opportunity presented itsef and headed north to Nordrassil. She infiltrated the city and got as far as Tyrande's own bedchambers to speak with the priestess personally. In their discussion, Tyrande came to the same conclusion as Runess and pardoned Nayeesha of her crimes... to a point. Nayeesha was bound to a contract to serve the Sentinel Order for a minimum of 3000 years in retribution for her acts against her people. Nayeesha agreed and her service to Nordrassil began.

The Redemption Years, Nay's Part in the Long VigilEdit

Yet again, her leadership qualities manifested themselves in a great way. Tyrande, despite her fears of Nayeesha's background eventually promoted her to the Grand Marshall of Auberdine and entrusted her with the defense of the Darkshore region. Nayeesha held this position proudly and with distinction until the events of the Third War and the integration of the Kaldorei into the Alliance.

On the Front Line of HyjalEdit

Dredging Up the PastEdit

The humans and their bigotry towards other races and the Ironforge dwarves and their hatred of past mistakes blatantly persecuted Nayeesha for her involvement with Lunar Armageddon. Tyrande, now on a personal friendship basis with Nayeesha, stood up in defense of the Grand Marshall. However, Nayeesha herself succumbed to the pressure and grew sick of the constant harassment from her people's allies. Only 5 months after the defeat of Archimonde upon the summit of Mount Hyjal, Nayeesha Chillshadow, Grand Marshall of Auberdine and the Arbiter of Darkshore promptly resigned her position and disappeared from the public light.

The Crimson Moon, Myth or Fact?Edit

Months later... a strange figure began to make appearances both in Stormwind and Ironforge. Showing themselves only at night, clad in dark red armor and robes, the figure became known as the "Crimson Moon". Silently providing aid to both the dwarven and human races as they rebuilt from the destruction of the Scourge and the Burning Legion had brought, the "Crimson Moon" was seen as a saint by the majority of the populations of the Alliance settlements. Through the efforts of an ingenious human inventor, Hakai Kormyou, the identity of this bearer of good will and critical information was brought to light: A Kaldorei woman who was once shamed and ridiculed by both of the races she was now helping. Granted an audience before the leaders of the Alliance, the "Crimson Moon" was officially unmasked as Nayeesha. Her untrustworthy nature was no longer called into question and both Stormwind and Ironforge welcomed her with open arms. However, even though Tyrande wished for Nayeesha to return to their new home in Teldrassil... Nayeesha refused and remained in her new home, somewhere in the Badlands.

Current EventsEdit

Zevrim Thornhoof WoW

Zevrim Thornhoof

Return to Lunar ArmageddonEdit

Recently, Nanzhre's use of the powers he was gifted by the Old Gods succeeded in corrupting the Emerald Dream even further than before. The new realm, now known as the Emerald Nightmare, came from the druid's constant slumbers in the Emerald Dream. Nayeesha, failing at making any lasting connections besides Hakai, decided that she would do something that seemed impossible: Change the purpose of Lunar Armageddon. Returning to Feralas, she entered her former home of Eldre'thalas to find Nanzhre's new Dark Champion, Zevrim Thornhoof. Nayeesha struck a deal with Zevrim. If she won in a gladiator's duel with the Satyr, she would rejoin Lunar Armageddon and be reinstated as their Dark Champion as well as be given information on Nanzhre's whereabouts. If she lost, she would swear her undying allegiance to the Satyr. Easily wooed by Nayeesha's words, the Satyr accepted and by the time the sun set that evening, Nayeesha had reclaimed her position in Nanzhre's fold.

However... things had changed. Lunar Armageddon was no longer the small group with big intentions any longer. With the majority of Dire Maul under their control, and an alliance with the Twilight's Hammer Cult, Lunar Armageddon's pull was larger than ever. Nayeesha had hoped that when she went to see Nanzhre in Silithus that he would still be within the Dream. That was not the case. She arrived in time to be given command of the corrupted Green Dragonflight. Emeriss, Ysondre, Taerar and Lethon were all under her command... yet still followed Nanzhre's bidding. Gifted a cloak made from scales of the four lieutenants as well as some green dragonflight who fought the corruption and died. The cloak was accented by Mithril and an enchantment that allowed her to speak Draconic. Nayeesha donned it out of fear of breaking her cover, though this turned out to be a mistake as the cloak bound itself to her body and filled her with a power she did not understand. Now leaking the essence of the nightmare wherever she treaded, Nayeesha focused on a way to control the cloak itself as while it was active there were whispers in her mind that plagued her to no end. Knowing she was now in too far over her head, she reached out for help from someone who helped her long ago, Tyranus Runess Nightwolf.


The Green Dragonflight

Confronting NanzhreEdit

Runess himself had left the Sentinel Order due to a recent order from Staghelm that ended in the deaths of Runess' only brother and his second born son. Nayeesha approached Runess in his new home of Darkshire, where it seemed that the former glory of the General was all but evaporated. However, despite his alcohol addiction, Runess was still at the top of his game mentally and was glad to see Nayeesha seek him out. She told him her predicament and the two hatched a plan. Nayeesha would continue on in the Lunar Armageddon as if she was still a loyal follower and would initiate Runess as a new member as well. Runess' story would be the perfect cover for why the druid/hunter would want revenge against the Cenarion Circle. So, wasting no time, they began to make their move. Nayeesha inducted Runess into the fold of LA and they both began working in the shadows to "prove" themselves and their loyalty to Nanzhre. The corrupted druid bought it hook, line and sinker, believing that Nayeesha had returned to him and had found him a powerful ally. Nanzhre though, was still not a naive man, and used his powers to their extent to try and brainwash Runess the way he had Nayeesha so many years ago. If it wasn't for a small invention given to her by her human friend, Hakai, Nayeesha's plan would have been broken the moment Nanzhre spoke with Runess the first time in person. Their covert operation continued for the better part of a year while the Green Dragon Lieutenants under Nayeesha's command continued to wreak havoc, but not nearly as much as they would "unchained". Nanzhre was led to believe everything was going according to plan and was caught completely by surprise when Nayeesha and Runess took matters into their own hands and confronted him during a war meeting. Zevrim was incapacitated instantly and all that was left was the three elves. Nanzhre could not grasp why Nayeesha would betray him but still thought Runess was on his side. It turned out quite the opposite.

The fight between Nayeesha, Runess and Nanzhre carried on for hours. Just when the heroes thought they had the druid, he would make it seem so simple to evade their attacks. One problem added onto by the fact that with the elves immortality gone... Nayeesha and Runess were not as young as they once were and their age got the better of them. In a moment of weakness, Nayeesha was exposed to Nanzhre's whim, and Nanzhre having no conscience, decided to take advantage of it. Runess sacrificed himself to spare Nayeesha from the attack, snapping the rogue back to her senses and giving her a brief window of opportunity to end the ordeal...


Working Towards the FutureEdit

This tale of unknown heroes still continues today, as even with Nanzhre dead... the corrupted Green Dragons still roam the land, the Emerald Nightmare still exists, Nayeesha still contends with the symbiosis of herself with The Cloak of the Green Nightmare, and somewhere out there an Old God seeks vengeance for the loss of its greatest plan. Nayeesha has allied herself with a strong group of other heroes from Azeroth and beyond calling themselves the "Retribution of Arathor", to help them in their goals as well as end the corruption she once helped start. She has relocated her current residence to the waterfalls of Northshire Valley. Runess, now with a maimed leg, still lives in Darkshire and has become known as the "Requiem Hunter", a vigilante who will spare nothing to root out the corruption in the Alliance.

The Player Behind the CharacterEdit

About MeEdit

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I have been playing WoW since December 11th, 2004 and have been a diehard fan of the Warcraft story since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans was released in 1994. In the free time I have when I am not in the game on Nay or one of my other few characters, I enjoy participating in Martial Arts (I am a student of 13 years in Chin-ryu Shotokan), writing my own fantasy novel series (which I will have published when I have the funds to do so >.>), watching anime and hanging out with friends. My game schedule is difficult to explain since my real life career has an alternating shift. I am also the chairman of an Asian-lifestyles non-profit organization. I am a steadfast follower of Bushido and I consider myself an easy person to get along with.

The Lore of Warcraft is by far my favorite story overall. There is just so much in it that has been lifted from human history or popular culture meanwhile keeping it unique and enjoyable. I believe myself to be fairly educated in the lore of Warcraft and I do my best to create unique characters that fit within the confines of that lore. Feel free to comment on Nayeesha, I love feedback. Now for some tags that made me laugh, yet are true about me :P

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