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Hello, I'm new to WoWWiki, but I'm certainly not new to WoW itself... I've been playing the World of Warcraft for 4 or 5 years now, with all of the struggles and laughs along with it. I enjoy WoW, and take a disliking to people who hate it or criticise it.



My Main CharacterEdit

Name: Nasholtz

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Class: Paladin

Talent Tree: Retribution (10/5/56)

Biography: First raised within the gleaming glades of Elwynn Forest, young Nasholtz had always aspired to become a Paladin. He looked up to his father and his mother, of both whom were well known. His father had been a great Warrior, while his mother was a Priest of Discipline. To compensate for who they both were, Nasholtz procured the idea that he could become the true hybrid of a Warrior and a Priest. A Warrior of Divinity, a Knight Protecting the Light, a Paladin. Firstly, he began his training with an older Paladin, his name long forgotten, who taught Nasholtz the ways of the Holy Light. However, these were only beginning techniques, and Nasholtz took them for granted. He thought that his power was greater than it actually was, and with his audacity, drove himself into the Plaguelands far North. Here, his powers were to no avail... Being a boy the mere age of 13, he became afflicted with an excruciating disease within the Plaguelands, along with seeing the horrors of those cursed lands. Although he was only sick for one day, it changed his way of life forever. The absolute pain that he encountered with this disease warded him away from the Plaguelands, and instilled an ultimate fear and hatred for the Plaguelands and all of its inhabitants, both living and dead.


Travelling back to his home of Northshire, he aspired to train to his very fullest, to truly touch the power of the Light. He was not seen by any of his companions nor family for 1 entire year. Once the year came to a close, Nasholtz appeared from behind the great wooden doors of the Abbey. His friends almost instantaneously noticed changes within his form. Nasholtz had grown a mustache and beard, yet his hair maintained the golden blonde that it was. His arms were no longer slightly scrawny and weak, having increased in size, but to no large margin. His shoulderplates were ornately decorated with golden runes and had runecloth hanging down from curls within the plates. The arcs of his shoulderplates were shattered, but with pure light gleaming from the cracks. Small pieces of the armour that were formerly attached to the shoulders were now hovering above the shattered parts. The rest of his divine armour was also decorated with complex runes and designs. He carried a great Claymore upon his back, of which he had inscribed "Al Shams" on the hilt, which shone from the crystals within its mighty edge.


From the very day he emerged from the Abbey and from his year-long, extensive training, he swore absolute vengeance upon the Plaguelands. With this vow, he added that he would purge the very land itself, removing every trace of the plague and its origins. He swore that he would drive his sword into the origin of the plague and undead, and burn all of the unholy blight with divine fire. Now he calls himself Divine Vengeance. He is over-confident at times, yet can be calculating and silent at others. He promises to bring Light upon the land once more, and to purge all sins from himself.

Other Characters:Edit

Nidhiki - Level 41 Frost Mage

Muat - Level 37 Fury Warrior

Sartose - Level 23 Marksmanship Hunter

Nexras - Level 62 Unholy Death Knight


Avak - Level 30 Destruction Warlock

Overview of CharactersEdit

Okay, I know, I've said that I have played WoW for 5 years, yet my characters are mostly unacceptable... This is because I've never really bothered to level any of my alts to 80, although I've had temporary motivation to do so. I, most blatantly, play my Paladin the most, and I am currently available to run ICC 10 man and ICC 25 man.


Favourites of what? I'll list them out into categories...


Inv axe 113[Shadowmourne]

Inv sword 39[Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]

Inv axe 120[Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter]

Inv mace 82[Torch of Holy Fire]

Inv axe 51[Mooncleaver]

More to come soon.

Characters in Warcraft LoreEdit

My overall favourite would have to be Uther the Lightbringer, he has so much history behind him and, when I was younger, I aspired for my Paladin to be like him (Oh, how ambitious I was...)

Others include Kel'Thuzad, Arthas Menethil, Grobbulus, Antonidas, and Krasus/Korialstrasz.


1st Favourite: Temple of Ahn'Qiraj - It's just so exciting! All of the boss models are amazing, especially the Prophet Skeram, in my opinion. Along with this, the loot from it just has the great, nostalgic feel to it.

2nd: Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj - Pretty much same as the Temple, along with the loot.

3rd: Blackwing Lair - Nefarian is also one of my favourite dragons in Warcraft lore, and I give him kudos for his amazing raid. The tiers that drop there also have a nice nostalgic feel to them as well.

4th: Naxxramas - Both the old one and the new one, the models are great along with the voice acting. Some of the weapons look odd but cool at the same time. Kel'thuzad is also one of my favourite characters in Warcraft lore.

5th: Eye of Eternity - It's just an arena floating in an infinite space, which I find beautiful in some way. Malygos is probably my 3rd favourite dragon.

Custom Warcraft WeaponsEdit

I thoroughly enjoy creating weapons of my own in Warcraft; I'll link them soon.

Inv sword 65

Inv sword 141

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