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The History of the Exiled

The BeginingEdit

"I was a hero once.... It was the geatest day of my life; my little brother and sisters cheered so much they lost their voices; the day I was chosen to be a Hand of Argus sworn to do battle with the forces of Darkness. Though I was not born on my home world I was proud to take up the mantle of one of its Defenders. And the day we were forced to flee Draenor, our new home, was the day I lost myself."

Nagalaas Lightsworn, was born in Nagrand would become one of the youngest Draenei Warriors ever to enter into the Hand of Argus. The elder brother to four younglings; they lost their parents during the one of last Orc Raids on draenei settlements. His father and mother told him to flee with his siblings to run as far as possible, to hide and wait for them to catch up. His parents never caught up. Agaisnt all odds, hounded by the Fel Orcs and their demon masters & the various dangerous fauna of Draenor and even the destruction wrought upon the world when Nerz'hul opened serveral rifts to the Twisting Nether; Nagalaas and his siblings survived. Eventually Nagalaas and his siblings found their way to a small well hidden settlement in Zangarmarsh. There they hid themselves along with a few other Draenei who managed to survive. With the Prophet Velen to guide them it seemed that at long last they were safe.

"It would not last."

Tempest KeepEdit

Nagalaas, with his siblings finally safe, began training to protect his siblings and his people from the various threat Outland possessed. His talents with the sword were soon recognized and he was offered a postion in the Hand of Argus.

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Azeroth and the Argent DawnEdit


The Light of DawnEdit

The Return Home, the Lich and the EyeEdit

Of the Obsidian and MaddnessEdit

The Crusade and the VerdictEdit

What Lies BeyondEdit

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