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January 31, 2009

Hello guy's, I was formaly "Dragonnagaofthewater" here on WoW wiki but i'm cool now, I was such a douche fanboyish kid moron back then, sorry for my childish behavior back then, the ban did an great job.

I'm a hardcore gamer and as many of you people here we love WoW. I own a Sega Dreamcast, NGC, PS2, Wii, Xbox 360 (Elite), Dell XPS 720 (PC). Also a quite few of games, i'm a sega based gamer.

About World of Warcraft. HardCore horde sided, generally a nice player, i prefer PvE and RP-PvE. Intrested in in-game lore as Rol I play wow because it's the best MMO-RPG ever with the deepest MMO experience ever and it never can be too deep or realistic for me. Also becuase of the best Art & Lore department the game history.

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