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About Me Edit

I've been part of the community since about 1998 when my friend got me started with the Angels of Armageddon (~AoA) in Starcraft. It's driven a lot of new things for me, including learning new website design skills and programming talents. I'm now part of the Valhalla Legends clan when I'm talking about or misc. programming interests.

I was recruited into the third push of the closed WoW beta in June, 2004. My first character was an Orc Warlock named "Ogrimmar," and was part of a guild called Death Watch.

I'm currently a senior at Arizona State University majoring in political science and psychology. Graduation date: May 2006. It's almost slipped more than once because of WoW.  ;)

I'm also working on some projects that I hope to use some day to change the face of WoW. In a positive way, of course.  ;) So if you're a talented programmer, please feel free to drop me a line.

Current Characters Edit

Alliance 32 Diaris, a level 60 Night Elf Rogue on the Illidan server (PvP), in the Midnight Raiders.

Alliance 32 Ithalen, a level 17 (shut up) Human Warlock, also on the Illidan server.

Horde 32 I have a couple horde characters (a Tauren Druid and an Orc Hunter on Durotan (PvE), but I don't remember their names, and they're lowbies).

WoWWiki Community Teams Edit

  • Leader of the Stub Team. This team is responsible for scouting each of the links that has no page associated with it and noting that it is a stub (or policy stub).
  • Member of the Commentators team. This team is responsible for monitoring major page changes and ensuring that they are final-draft quality, including formatting updates and potentially rewrites.
  • Member of the WoWWiki:AMA. This team is responsible for mediating members involved in disputes and making decisions regarding issues involved in discrepancies of opinion (for example, during an editing war).

Contacting Me Edit

  • E-mail:
  • AOL Instant Messenger: DarkTemplar AoA
  • MSN Messenger:
  • Phone: if you're a girl send me your picture. Based on your relative cuteness you may get my phone number of the phone number of a cosmetic surgeon in the area. Tempe, AZ area only, please.  :P

Yes, I am just kidding about contacting me by phone.

Programming Interests Edit

My main language is C#, although I'm experienced enough to work in Java, C/C++, Visual Basic (any edition), JavaScript/HTML/XML/XSS/CSS/web stuff, and I can read and understand Perl and PHP. I have some experience with MySQL and Microsoft Access in terms of relational database queries.

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